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Posted: Jul 21, 2009

I'm a new user of TD, just signed up today. I have spent a good part of this week trying to find an elegant cloud replacement for Thinking Rock, which is my current GTD desktop app. I have been through RTM and Todoist, but they didn't have nearly the flexibility necessary to properly implement GTD. So far TD has met all my expectations and proven to have a shallow curve to get everything set up exactly right (and an excellent forum/search function to boot, for those not-so-obvious solutions). So that's my rave review.

To get to the point, I believe not being able to multiple-select is a major flaw in the interface. Although using a search is sometimes possible, it is often not, and it's usually not worth the time invested in figuring out the proper search criteria. For instance, I frequently want to use multiple select to give many currently unrelated tasks the same tag. This makes future searches easy, but the first time it is impossible.

I agree with previous posts that a solution to the design conflict of two checkboxes could be easily resolved with a little creativity. Even a crude or ugly form of multiple-select would be indescribably better than none.

Thanks and keep up the good work. As I searched through the forums (I found answers to 5 or so problems I faced as a new user this way) I was struck by the level of responsiveness of the development team. It seems that todo lists and GTD apps are very personal things, that haven't been fleshed out very well on the desktop or the web. To tackle this challenge and appeal to all users while keeping your original vision is quite an accomplishment.