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Posted: Jan 03, 2014

Anybody else have this happen?

Firefox, the mobile view (m.toodledo.com) works and loads OK.

Chrome, it doesn't work. It just hangs on "Loading Data..." with the gray progress rectangles going in a continuous pattern. I let it go for hours, nothing changed. There's no network traffic, it's not waiting on anything, it just seems to have forgotten what it was supposed to be doing.

I would much prefer to use Chrome, because it's faster than Firefox.


Posted: Jan 03, 2014


When using the mobile view (m.toodledo.com), I search for a task, then see search results. I click on a checkbox. To my surprise, the page auto-refreshed! It took away my search context, going back to the main view.

I wish that it wouldn't do this. Two reasons:

1) Sometimes I want to check a bunch of checkboxes at once. I started checking them all in a list, and to my horror, the page auto-refreshed and took away what I was trying to click on, replacing it with something else! This leads me to:

2) Sometimes I misclick and hit the wrong checkbox by mistake. Since the view gets wiped when a checkbox is hit, I can't go back and click the checkbox again to uncheck it.

The workaround is to repeat the search, drilling down as necessary, etc. until the view is restored. However, this is an annoyance, and shouldn't be necessary.



Posted: Aug 20, 2013

I often make use of the memo field within a task, to write down additional information I need for that task, to avoid losing it due to the line length limit in the task list.

Here's a UI problem with the mobile interface (m.toodledo.com):

Click on a task, to go to Task Details.

Click on "All Tasks" to go back.

You are back at the top of your task list! Where you were in the list, is gone. This is frustrating if you have a very long task list and don't remember where you were in the list.

Please add a context restoration feature, to go back cleanly? Ideally, when going back, it would restore as much state as possible, remembering exactly where the user was, when they earlier chose to go forward.

This happens both on phones and on full computers, so I know it's not just a particular browser.



Posted: Jul 20, 2013

Nice. It eventually synced, but it gave me quite a fright. What is the retry interval that it uses? It seemed to have gotten stuck.

Please consider adding a "Sync" button, so that the user can initiate a new attempt to sync, without having to wait out the retry interval, or risk waiting forever if the connection is lost in such a way that it never succeeds but never times out either (I see this a lot with browsers on bad Internet connections).

I didn't want to refresh the page, lest it lose the information in there. I had entered data that had not yet made it up to the server. If I were to reload, wouldn't I lose that?

Posted: Jul 19, 2013

Hi there!

I'm using the mobile interface, and it's rather nice.

Unfortunately, it has trapped my data.

A small pink bar at the top says "Offline. Sync Pending".

However, I'm online, and although things are slow, they are still working just fine. There was a momentary glitch on my end a short time ago, though.

There's no "Sync" button that I can hit!

How can I convince the mobile interface to disgorge its data, and make another attempt to upload it? It seems blocked/stuck, and there's no way to ask it to please make another attempt.

Please help? It has a lot of data entry I made recently, and I don't want to lose it.

There really needs to be a "Sync" button, or some way to give the user a chance to tell the page that the Internet has been fixed, and please try to upload data again, instead of holding it back for who knows how long.



Posted: Jul 12, 2013

Nice, glad these two things are on the list!


Posted: Jul 12, 2013

I wouldn't mind seeing an EV certificate here.


The paperwork is the whole idea: to better prove your identity to the issuer. Since there are fewer allowed issuers in browsers, and the good browsers (not MSIE) do not allow local administrators to add their own trusted issuers, it provides reasonably good proof that you aren't having your certificates rewritten behind your back.

However, maybe it's overkill for this site. If somebody sees my to-do list, all they will learn is that I have a cluttered life, nothing earth-shattering there....

Posted: Jul 11, 2013
From Topic: Best Android App(s)?

I just tried ToodleTasks and it seems to get the job done.

It has some display bugs, among other things, the current screen is oftentimes redrawn on top of an older screen (and slightly shifted about half a centimeter down and to the right, oddly enough). Nevertheless, it works, and feels responsive.

First, I had tried Pocket Informant. Bad idea. AVOID it. It's slow, cumbersome, unreliable (often just seizing up entirely). Unfortunate, because I heard from others that it used to be a great program. Then, they tried to do too much (including launching of their own cloud service, as if there weren't enough competing data sources already), and defaulting all newly added events/tasks/etc. to use it by default, very sneaky way to fool you into storing your data there instead of where you had intended! Not good.

I'm happy with ToodleTasks for now, despite some display glitches, it seems to work well.

Posted: Jul 11, 2013

I rather like the new "mobile" Web interface!


Because I've had bad luck with slowness of the original Web interface (see my other rantings elsewhere on other posts), the mobile interface is now my bookmark of choice, even on the desktop. It's fast and responsive. It's pretty much exactly what I need.

Minor usability suggestion: in the search bar, if user types in some input, please pass that input to the "Add Task" button.

Reason is, I often type in a task, not thinking to add it first. If it's found, great. If it's not found, then I have to hit "Add Task", and then, because that page begins blank, I've lost my line of typing.

It would be rather helpful to have the search text preserved, so that I could add a task under that name, without having to retype it.

Also, when searching for a task, please provide some positive confirmation that the background search has completed. Currently, the screen just stays there, gray. It would be very helpful to have "No Search Results Found" or something like that, on the gray page, so that people would know that their search has completed.


Posted: Jun 25, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.8


Would it be possible to apply the performance improvement to the Web client (the main page at toodledo.com) also?

I made the mistake of copying some tasks from journals at work into ToodleDo, thinking that it would be able to handle the job of keeping track of them for me, but unfortunately, it seems to not scale very well. I'm hitting a performance wall. I don't want to use it for tasks because by the time the page finishes loading, I could have written it down faster on pen and paper.

I just waited over 90 seconds for my page to load, Chrome said it was unresponsive and wanted to stop, but I told it to keep going. Eventually, ToodleDo gave up after 2000 tasks. Unfortunately, the task I was searching for wasn't one of the "lucky 2000" to be considered as part of the search, so I got no search results at all. It's unfortunate that search results would not be filtered before being sent to the browser, which results in a huge amount of data being transferred needlessly.

Posted: Jun 07, 2013

Wow, I was just about to post this, but did a page refresh and it all came back.

My task list in ToodleDo was seriously messed up, and unusable:

* No left column, so I couldn't change view

* No top bar, so I couldn't create a new task or search

* The "Outline" button was the only button visible at all

I was dreading this at first, thinking it is one of those "simpler and flatter is better, let's hide everything you need until you mouse over the secret area" redesigns. Glad it's not! Please never do this. I was struggling to figure out how to create a new task.

Thanks for fixing it!


Posted: Nov 29, 2012

When I saw the update on iTunes, I got a bad feeling. Glad I came to the forum here, to confirm. The App Store's recent reviews are also overwhelmingly negative.

What strikes me is the sheer arrogance of this. Why take a good product and ruin it? Why has the developer not responded? Pages of pages of bad reviews, and still no reply.

Please explain why a good color scheme had to be faded to gray.

Please explain why a good page layout had to become cluttered.

Please explain why these changes had to be made at all. I can understand making back end bugfixes and improvements, but why ruin the front end?

What's going on here? Did I make a mistake in entrusting my personal to-do list to ToodleDo?

Posted: Jun 12, 2012

I just upgraded to Pro again. I had let my earlier subscription lapse, but now I'm back. The reason is the fast response here, from these forums.

Even if ToodleDo has some limitations, it's nice to see that they're being addressed, and triaged for future work.

Just wanted to say thanks for quickly responding to the questions that I had posted earlier, in the Questions forum.


Posted: Jun 07, 2012

Thanks! Is it possible to use the Status pulldown, instead of having to apply a tag? Can additional words, such as "Abandoned", be added to the Status pulldown?

Posted: Jun 07, 2012


I'd love a way to indicate a task as Abandoned.

It would work like Completed, in that it would disappear from the active view.

However, I feel like I'm lying to myself, when I check as "Completed" a task that's became irrelevant or that I've given up on, because I never did complete it.

Anybody else feel this way?

I don't want to delete the task outright, because it would be nice to maintain some record of it.

Then, an option to view abandoned tasks could be added, just like how there's an existing option to view completed tasks.

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

Nice, thanks!

My annual renewal's coming up in a month or two, and this is #1 on my list that will determine if I renew or not.

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

Thanks for the update.

The site has just become unusable for me, unfortunately. It takes upwards of 5 minutes to load the page, and I have to keep dismissing Chrome's "JavaScript is running too slowly, kill this page?" prompt.

Running with other browsers or other computers doesn't help.

Is there a way to use ToodleDo without having to enable JavaScript? That would fix the problem neatly. The problem isn't my Internet connection or anything like that, because the iPhone app works great and is very fast and efficient. It's on the same wireless network.

Please, please, try to find some way to keep the page loading fast.

The old site, before the "redesign", didn't have this problem at all. I'm sure I can't be the only person who has noticed this!

Posted: Dec 12, 2011

OK, but the problem didn't happen before, until the "redesign". It was beautifully fast before then. If Toodledo has scaling issues at 1500 tasks, that's something to be concerned about, because I'm sure there's people with more tasks than that.

I use Toodledo to gather tasks and prioritize them all for me, and being able to see the "All Tasks" view is important, because it's by far the most useful.

Would it be possible to establish a limit on the number of tasks shown per page, perhaps 100, and then give people little arrows they can push at the bottom of the page, to advance to additional pages? It's what large search engines like Google do.

Posted: Dec 09, 2011

I have a large To-Do list, about 1500 active tasks (it's a very long list that dates back to PalmPilot days).

Ever since the "redesign" of the website that took place a few months ago, the main Toodledo webpage has been loading extremely slowly.

Chrome pops up the "Kill pages?" watchdog prompt. It's not my computer, because I've also tried with Firefox, and also with other computers. The page just loads extremely slowly: there's a ton of JavaScript happening in the background and slowing everything to a crawl.

Is there a way to disable some features, or display an alternate view, to go back to the way it was before the "redesign"?

The iPhone Toodledo app is quite fast and responsive, which is a good thing, so I know it's not a problem with Toodledo's backend or my Internet connection. The problem seems isolated to some slow JavaScript on Toodledo's main webpage.

Has anybody also experienced this?


Posted: Aug 24, 2009

I didn't know there was a Status field. How do you edit this, from the Web page? The only fields I see there are the text, the checkbox, Folder, Repeat, Due Date, and Priority.
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