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Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 27, 2013

It would be very useful to have at least one (perhaps more) custom fields that a user could designate for their own system. For example, I often delegate tasks to others and would like to to filter tasks by the names of those users (and the people aren't necessarily TD users. I have experimented using tags for this, but it ruins my sorting scheme as I like to cluster milestones/tasks together. I'm temporarily going to use contexts since I don't find them important to my day to day; however, ideally I'd be able to assign a task to more than one "context" if I'm using them as assigned to.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jun 06, 2013

There are several items in the status dropdown that don't align with my workflow. It would be great to hide some of these items, and perhaps create custom ones.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jun 06, 2013
From Topic: Android sync

I've been using the Ultimate To Do List on my various generations of Android and it works really well. It handles sync flawlessly and has good widgets... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.customsolutions.android.utl&hl=en
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 28, 2012

I do sometimes use tags, but I find them difficult to manage and cumbersome.

As far as status goes, I would think you could relatively easily have an option that at least hides certain status items. I'm a GTD person, and some of the status items just are irrelevant to me.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 27, 2012

I haven't posted or checked forums in a long time. Long time annoyance for me is that are status options that are useless to me and clutter my workflow. I would like the option to select which status options appear.

I realize that all code has dependencies, but this one seems incredibly basic and has been requested for years. I wonder why you have been reluctant to implement it (e.g. why can one do this with contexts, but not status?)...
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Dec 26, 2011

I actually have created a folder called Inbox. In my account settings, I have this set up as the default folder for new tasks. I often will get tasks into TD by sending them via email to TD, and thus getting them into my Inbox. Sometimes I will Bcc my TD email address to get follow ups into my inbox, where I process them and change the status to "waiting."
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 07, 2011

This maybe on the feature request list already, but the new notebook begs for real formatting instead of raw HTML tags. Something like CKEditor or the like would be easily integrated into TD and would make enhance the use of the Notebook.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 06, 2011

Gmail labels are essentially tags and would be a good model for how TD could allow users to better manage user defined filtering criteria...

Users pushed Google to make labels more structured over the years, and today they are even nestable. While the nesting piece is not likely that important for TD, the idea that one could easily tag a task with multiple tags, and yet still manage the larger list (e.g easily add, rename, and delete tags), would be highly desirable.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jul 31, 2011

@Lance and others... I think many of us are not necessarily just complaining about the new interface.. but upset by the horrendous handling of change management and communications. If you rely on a system every day, who wants to all of a sudden have to stop and rethink it?

While there may have been some communications regarding the changes, they were not front and center in any way. I use TD everyday, but don't use the forums unless I am looking for answers or have questions. So for me, I was blind sided.

While, I love the lively conversation in the forums, I have always felt they are poorly designed and difficult to use because they are proprietary and don't work like other forums. You have to dig to follow things, and there is not alerting mechanism or standardized means of following topics.

TD has all of our email addresses. It would have cost nothing to send an email to all customer letting them know what was coming and what to expect. Similarly, it would've been worth the effort to give a sneak preview, or give customers a choice to try out the new interface.

I've too much invested in my TD system to easily jump... I dread the idea of having to go through converting or trying out other applications.

I was previously a victim of a similarly selfish hijacking of users workflows @ Nozbe a while back. Back in 2009 Michael Sliwinski did some wholesale changes that were handled with what I considered to be a great deal of arrogance... some users in the Nozbe forums suggested TD as an alternative.

I don't know Sliwinski, nor do I know Jake, and I do respect the fact neither Nozbe or TD are large scale enterprises and have limited resources. I suspect they believe given the weights of various priorities, broader customer communication is not the highest of the priorities (yes Jake does engage with customers in the forums regarding specific topics, but that's not what I'm talking about). IMHO, regardless of the potential positives that are being introduced in a new version of an application, I believe customers deserve more respect and more control.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jul 30, 2011

The problem with using goals is that they are universal across all tasks/projects, so that doesn't work well. Tags, is better, but since I'm already using tags as means for milestones, is that it becomes problematic sorting/filtering wise once you use more than one tag per item.

I do use tags, but they are messy in TD because it's not easy to manage them once created.

I do think you need a means of assigning a task to a none TD user, that's filterable. I suspect this request is not unique to me.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this, which would give flexibility to users in general, would be to create user definable fields that user could label as they choose, and use in ways that are convenient to them..
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

I'm trying to use TD for managing a project, whereby I've created a folder for the project, as am using tags for milestones, and am keeping my folder sorted by tags to keep the various milestone related items together by default.

I want to have a way indicate which resources are assigned/responsible for each task, and those assigned will not be using TD. I wish there were a "resource" field. like a more traditional PM tool. Since I use a GTD approach, I would prefer to not use "Context."

In general, it would be great if there were "user" defined fields for this kind of thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

++1 on hiding the side bar. You need to find a way to add this back..

As far as changes go, I was actually quite happy with the old UI, and while I expect to roll with the new, I find how the changes was handled to very disruptive and insensitive to me as a user who was quite happy the way it was. As a paying user, I just think it was unfair to just all of a sudden have a service I use every day change completely without any ability to control or stop it.

While no one likes to handle multiple versions of code, it would have been more customer friendly had you allowed a preview version, and to give customers a selective means of using whichever interface they preferred.

While the prior version of Toodledo was dated UI standards wise, IMHO there were more pressing core issues that should've taken a higher priority redesign wise, a) the collaboration component (still very clunky), b) task ordering tools (e.g. TD can get very cumbersome if you use for project management) c) ability to remove elements one doesn't use (e.g. I really wish I could customize status fields)
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Mar 31, 2011
From Topic: My Gmail TD Workflow

I responded to a post earlier regarding working with Gmail and ended up massaging my post here into a blog post.

My more developed thoughts on the subject are here:

Kenny Schiff

Posted: Mar 31, 2011

I've tried to use the subject line syntax, and sometimes still do; however, usability wise, it's very easy to screw this up. You have to think about it too much for my tastes. Often time I want to get the email into my "waiting" status, and I hate the idea of the various TD syntax being exposed to the recipient of an email I've sent them.

I've arrived at a different system that works well for me.

1) I have a Gmail contact for my TD email address (the name field in the contact is TD, so I can just type "TD" in the "To:" field in Gmail.

2) When I want to get an email into TD I either forward the email, or if I'm replying to someone, I BCC it to the TD address.

3) In TD my default folder is something I've labeled Inbox. Any emails I forward from Gmail end up there to be processed GTD style. Then it's really easy to quickly assign status, folder, context, due dates, etc...

To make the "watched" inbox/gmail thing work for me, I run 4 tiled browsers, each open to a different view on my desktop, with the inbox in the lower right. You can see this in action here:

Kenny Schiff

Posted: Mar 22, 2011

Have switched to the Ultimate To-Do-List... so far so good. Interface is a bit ugly, but very powerful. I especially like the ability control the widgets... I created widgets on a secondary screen for Inbox and Next Action and can get to them very easily.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Feb 20, 2011

Good comments here. Going down the SSB route, using Chrome, which will allow me to get rid of the unnecessary browser interface elements and displays the various TD views.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Feb 19, 2011

I have a separate monitor that I use for Toodledo, in which I like to display Next Action Status, Waiting Status, Planning Status, and Overdue Due-Date items. I've been playing around with some add-ons on Firefox that allow you to split the browser, but they are cumbersome. I'm now trying Chrome, and opening 4 different browser windows that I've tiled on the screen in quadrants. This is not ideal as each browser replicates the URL bar and the tab. Chrome is great in managing screen real estate, but this is not ideal. In Firefox I tried various extension to hide interface elements, but it was very clunky... Am wondering whether anyyone has tried to do similar with TD, and how they achieved what I'm going after?

Not sure this has been requested previously, but the idea of tiling the various views in TD would be amazing if it were built in...
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 25, 2010

I want to use the public view for a project I'm working on. It is not effective to use subtasks with this type of view, as the parent becomes disassociated with the child. I understand that there is limitation that prevents subtasks from showing "indented" in the public viewing URL. Has anyone come up with a workaround to make this usable?
Kenny Schiff

Posted: Aug 21, 2010
From Topic: Edit Status Values?

I haven't asked this in a while, but feel compelled to ask. I would love to select which status values are active for me.

Status works for me, except for nomenclature. I would like to eliminate certain statuses. It would seem that this wouldn't be the hard to do, while keeping the rest of the structures of TD in place.
Kenny Schiff

Posted: May 24, 2010

Wondering whether others are struggling using Gmail alongside of Toodledo. If this is a topic of interest to you, check out my blog entry on this Of Gmail, GTD, and List Managers... Can Gmail Reliably be Your Trusted System? Your dialog on this would be appreciated.
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