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Posted: Feb 12, 2014

I use Toodledo to for routine tasks, projects, and deliverables; as well as, keep up with around 400 reoccurring tasks to keep up with colleagues and friends. I've found that some tasks have been duplicated over the years and here how check for duplicates.

Export a CVS and open it with Excel to search for duplicates.

From the Toodledo Home Screen select Tools -> Import / Export / Backup -> CSV Import / Export (more details) -> Download CSV file

Open the file in excel. (I use Excel 2010)

Select the range of cells you think might contain duplicates (Column A for Task.)On the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cells Rules -> Duplicate Values. In the Duplicate Values box, make sure that Duplicate is selected in the first drop-down box. Then select the format for duplicate values in the other drop-down box. Click OK.

All the duplicate numbers or text are highlighted.