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Posted: Aug 25, 2009

Wow! Many thanks to pdegregorio for those detailed instructions on transferring Palm memos from Palm Desktop (PC) to toodledo. I just wanted to add a few clarifications...I'm not that comfortable with Excel so it took me awhile!

1. Another way to avoid the private records issue is to go to your Palm desktop VIEW menu and select SHOW private records. You'll have to enter your password. All of your files will be imported. (pdegregorio, can you tell what happens to your private records when you import them your way? Are they truly private once imported?)

2. In step 2 of pdegregoio's instructions, I pasted his formula into D1. Then you can use the "fill handle" to copy this formula into the rest of the column. To do this, just grab the bottom right corner of D1 and drag it down the D column until you've selected enough rows. Your titles will magically appear!! :) Glory!!

3. In step 3, don't forget to scroll to the RIGHT! (Otherwise, you'll sit around like me thinking, what in the world is he talking about?!) As he stated, you'll select NOTE for the first column. Then skip the next two columns. Then select TITLE and finally FOLDER.

It all worked like a charm, and I am soooooo happy. The only other program which transfers Palm memos to the iPhone easily is Notespark. (Actually, much easier than transferring to Toodledo, but the Notespark program is more simple and basic than Toodledo/Appigo Notebook).