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Posted: Aug 03, 2014

Any thoughts on making subtasks indented as an option on iOS? Sure would make a big difference
thank you and love the app

Posted: Jun 04, 2014
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Just got an email urging me to use the new functionality online.

One of the things I value most about ToodleDo is that I can work online and also have the information in my hand on the phone or iPad. I am deliberately not using any features until they are available in iOS, because if I do, I will have info in one place that is not available to me away from the PC.

Looking forward to seeing these new features implemented in iOS!

Posted: Mar 09, 2014

Nifty. I used to use a product called Above and Beyond from 1Soft that did this and it was a lot of fun.(at the time I abandoned A&B because it did not have true 2-way sync to Palm, which dates me, and I think they've abandoned it)

What would make this truly useful for me would be knowledge of meetings. I have meetings in Outlook (and syncing to Google Calendar, but Google Calendar doesn't know about meetings I've accepted from other people).

Posted: Mar 09, 2014

Two Questions and two comments.
I mostly use Toodledo via IOS on iPhone and iPad

-if I upgrade to Gold and start linking lists to tasks, what will I see on the IOS?
-does linking lists to tasks allow linking an individual list item to a task, or just the whole list?

Comments - still hoping for "indented" view for subtasks. This would be a huge huge improvement in readability, especially on the iPad

Also - I can't find any text documentation on list functionality here. I'm a reader, not a video watcher, and am deeply frustrated with what seems to be a global trend to shift information to videos. Please please please please PLEASE provide text documentation of features. Trying to watch videos on a smartphone makes me want to throw the thing through a wall. Thank you!

Posted: Oct 13, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Sounds great, won't be able to use it until it comes to iOS but looking forward to it!

Posted: Dec 28, 2012

I loved some of the ideas in the upgrade but sadly, the light grey on medium gray was just a blur on the iPad mini to these middle aged eyes.

Being able to choose the font size would probably go a long way towards making everyone happy.

Still on my wish list: subtasks indented or otherwise identified on the iPad

thank you for all your hard work!

Posted: Dec 01, 2012

Aieeeeee it's all brownish grey!!!

Help, how do I change the colors back?!?!? I **live** in this app and suddenly it's all low contrast!! Please have mercy on those of us with middle aged eyes and give us a way to set better colors!I have a new iPad mini and suddenly I can barely use my favorite app. Little gray on gray letters!


Ps do you have any beta testers over 50? I volunteer

Posted: Mar 21, 2011

Is there a way to save my views so that when I'm at work, I'm seeing my list of work categories and tasks, and at home I'm seeing the home list? Maybe this is a feature request rather than a question. My day starts with opening ToodleDO and changing my categories and sort fields, every day...

thanks Betsy
(huge fan)