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Whinging Pig

Posted: Aug 17, 2010

You don't seem to get it, your customers are giving you direct feedback on the toodledo forum and you are so arrogant you say you don't want their money. You couldn't get much better market research for your poky little app.

When you have finished "evaluating", "deciding" and "prioritizing" do you think you could find some time to start fixing?

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Whinging Pig

Posted: Aug 13, 2010

Seems dead to me, progress seems awfully slow. The application is far from finished and has plenty of annoying 'features' it reminds more of the work of a student rather than a professional development team. TaskJot Pro Plus has been "coming soon" for so long I hoped some other fancy pants app will be fully working by then.

Toodledo instead of lazily depending on a single thrid party to create the BlackBerry app for you go about getting one developed yourself, sub-contract if you need to surely you can put that on your to do list.

The lack of a decent BlackBerry app and the shockingly poor user interface niggles me. I discovered toodledo through taskjot and both were good for a short while. However now I am getting fed up with them and probably start using something else such as nirvana hq. My subscription is due for renewal but not convinced I should even bother.

Either get it sorted Jake or lose out.
Whinging Pig

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

Just add my 2 pence worth.

I reckon this site sells on functionality which is top notch and its ability sync with loads of different third party apps.

However the UI does _need_ an overhaul. RTM is so much nicer to look at even though it features are inferior, can't you guys improve it the same?

Surely it would increase your user base and give a better return on your investment.
Whinging Pig

Posted: Jan 18, 2010
From Topic: The Competition


I quite like the concept of allocating tasks to days at Teux Deux, although it is far too basic to be usable, everything that doesn't have a specific would be dumped in a huge someday list.

It would nice to create a 'punch list' for the week going forward albeit this can be hacked with stars or tags. Would the Toodledo development team consider creating a UI similar to this?
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