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Posted: Aug 13, 2013
From Topic: Importing from Astrid

The Astrid website is no longer open, so I cannot retrieve my data to import it to Toodledo.

I earlier imported the Astrid data to Any.do, only to find that Any.do cannot be accessed from Windows.

I found Toodledo in my search for a to-do list program accessible from both Windows and Android. I am using Toodledo in Windows with PiToodle in Android.

I am having difficulty following the processes in Toodledo, as it appears to be more sophisticated than my very basic to-do list needs are.

In the Toodledo Windows platform, is there a way to sort the tasks manually by just moving the bar of each one, as it was possible in Astrid? This is an essential feature for me, since I do not assign priority/importance levels or due dates to any of the tasks.

Even without assigning priority/importance levels or due dates to any tasks, I found a heading in the PiToodle view that reads Importance 2. I have not encountered this issue in the Windows platform, but to have the Android view be different from the Windows view does not work for me.

I have searched extensively for a to-do list program with cross-platform access, but have not been successful in finding a workable substitute for Astrid.

All suggestions are welcome.