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Posted: Jun 27, 2013

Feature request to fix iOS and Website feature inconsistency when adding tasks

Dear TD team

(this message is copied here from a raised ticket.)

In the view "Today", that is when filtering my tasks for Today in TD, the following inconsistency can be observed currently:

1. When adding a new task with iOS TD, the system automatically sets the new task's date to today's date. (I find this is a great feature as it saves a lot of time when adding lots of tasks to the days task list)

2. when adding a new task with the Website TD, the system DOES NOT automatically set the new task's date to today's date. (this is frustrating as I can then forget the task is on my list for Today, or waste time changing the TD Sorting to find my task so I can manually set the date.

Solution suggestion: enhance the Website TD so that the system automatically adds the current date to newly added tasks when the filter is Today. ALSO, the system should implement the same logic when the filter is set to Tomorrow (as currently in iOS).

PS as an ex- software developer, I would rate this as a trivial change that even a junior developer should be able to complete within half a day.

Hope this helps.

Posted: May 03, 2012

Hi there

I've searched the forum but it seems that I am the first to request this (although I may be wrong here).

I want to be a be able to create a Saved Search of recently completed tasks so that I can review what I have been working on and report back to the Mrs (to get some brownie points ;-))

I tried to achieve this by creating a Saved Search and specifying to select tasks that were Completed After [7 days in the past].

Currently, you need to manually edit the Saved Search each time you want to run it, which is takes extra time.

Also, it would be good to access Saved Searches on the iPhone app, although I understand this is already a priority feature (from another thread).

Posted: May 03, 2012

Glad to hear the Search feature for iPhone app is a high priority. This would be so useful. (I was going to post a feature request but found this thread...)

Posted: Dec 15, 2011

I would also find a rich text facility immensely useful.

Posted: Mar 01, 2011

FEATURE REQUEST: be able to review goals on iPhone having >6 words without system truncating the end.

I want to be able to be able to view my goals often (and to review my top 3 short term goals DAILY) on my iPhone whilst I am commuting so that I can keep these in mind.

(Identifying top 3 short term goals and reviewing them daily is a part of Anthony Robbins' Goal Setting process.)

The trouble is that currently the iPhone app will only show about 6 words and then hide any remaining text in the goal, so it is not possible to read anything but short goals.

There is a sort of very nasty workaround which involves editing the goal and then dragging the insertion beam left and right along the text, but this is effectively unusable as a) it so cumbersome and b) you still cannot see the entire goal in one go, instead needing to scroll left and right.

Suggestion: why can't the screen wrap the goal text rather than truncating it?

Posted: Dec 17, 2010

Not all tasks are created equal... or at least not all tasks want to start off the same!

I'd like to be able to create a task from a photo. The idea is to be able to take a photo of some written notes, news article or other picture containing contextual information and have Toodledo automatically attach this picture as an attachment to the task.

This would be very valuable for me, as I often have contextual information that I'd like to attach to a task.

Currently, it takes a great deal of time and effort to be able to get a picture/document attached to a task via Toodledo on the web.

Acceptance criteria
- The system MUST be able to accept one photo from the iPhone's photo roll to be able to create a new task from

- The system SHOULD be able to accept TWO or more photos from the iPhone's photo roll to be able to create a new task from

- The system SHOULD be able to create tasks from photos even when the phone does not have internet connection (and later sync/update server when have a connection)

- The system SHOULD be able to view and edit tasks with photos even when the phone does not have internet connection

- The system MUST be fast for the user to operate: given the photo is already on the iPhone's camera roll and that the Toodledo app is already loaded on the iPhone, it must be possible to create a 'bare-bones' task (e.g. with a short task name of "T") from a photo within 20 secs.

- The user MUST have a Pro Plus account (so as to be able to store attachements)

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

Feature request - ability to easily attach/take photo to a Toodledo task on the iPhone Toodledo app.

For those of us with a Pro Plus account, enabling the storage of attachments, this would be a very useful feature indeed. 

I often have conversations with people that result in me taking a bunch of written notes (often with sketches) that I need to action. Rather than having to type them up it would save me a LOT of time to be able to just use iPhone to take a picture that can easily be associated with a Toodledo task.

A good example of an implementation of something like this is Evernote (the IPhone app).

I think that this feature would also benefit Toodledo (as well as the customer) as it would be another incentive to upgrade to the Pro Plus account.

Posted: Jul 30, 2010

Hi folks

Just to say that I also would value being able to view attachments on the iPhone app.

Toodledo: I think that, in the meantime, the iPhone app should at least be updated to indicate whether or not attachments exist on a task. This should be a trivial 'agile' feature to develop - just a simple read only flag.

All the best

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Aaaah - I see!

Thanks Peter for your help here as I can see what's happening now.

So, when the "Subtasks" Filter setting is "In-line" then the total task count will include all subtasks (as the task list will be flattened).

However, when the "Subtasks" Filter setting is "Nested" then only parent level tasks are counted.

I still would prefer for the Application Badge's task count to always show the total number of starred tasks, including subtasks *irrespective* of what filter I may have happened to have previously used.

Perhaps a new config option could be used to determine how the Application Badge's task count works: a) use the current "Subtasks" Filter setting [as now], b) show only parent task count, or c) show total number of parent and sub-task count

I welcome your thoughts on this Peter.

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Hi there

Would it be possible to be able to have email alerts sent when someone posts on a forum thread that is in the Watchlist?


Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Posted by PeterW:
Try setting subtasks as flattened on the iPhone and see if the task count changes.

Er, I'm not sure how to do that on iPhone app. I've looked at the config settings but can't see how to do it. I've tried "List Dividers" as "On" (although not really sure what this option does) but that makes no difference to the Application Badge's task count....

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Thanks, thanks, thanks for providing the "Manually Sorting Subtasks" feature (www.toodledo.com/forums/1/3905/0/manual-sorting-of-subtasks.html).

However, it is not possible to change the sort order of subtasks on the iPhone app. I tend to use my "dead time" during the commute time for GTD and Toodledo-ing, so it would really be useful to be able to do change the sort order of subtasks on the iPhone app.

Please could you implement this?

Look at the way the Safari iPhone application handles the ordering of bookmark items. That would be perfect.

Best regards

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Dooh! Ignore my last post, I should have read through the thread properly. Thanks Toodledo!

Posted by Toodledo:
If you use subtasks, you can manually sort your subtasks via drag and drop.


Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Hi all

Thanks for the feedback Peter. I have done some tests and found the following:

1. You're right: completed tasks ARE already filtered from the Application Badge's task count. My bad. However...

2. The task count on the Application Badge is misleading (IMHO) as it counts only parent tasks. E.g. If I have a parent task (not starred) with 8 subtasks where 4 subtasks are starred, then the Application Badge will only count one starred task.

I think that the Application Badge "starred count" should count every parent task and subtask as a individual task.

Best regards

Posted: Jul 28, 2010

Thanks for putting on your todo list Toodledo Admin.

Posted: Jul 28, 2010

Hi there

I have configured my iPhone's "Application Badge" to be "Starred Tasks" but the count number is much larger than I am expecting (as it seems to include completed tasks) and so is misleading and not useful (IMHO).

I do not want my task counts to include completed tasks; I just want to know the count of outstanding tasks.

I found the "Dual List Counts" option in General Settings, but a) this doesn't affect the Application Badge and b) I don't want dual count on application badge anyway (this might have been a workaround solution).

Suggestion: can you provide a mechanism on iPhone app to be able to only show non-completed tasks in all List Counts including the Application Badge?

Many thanks!

Posted: Jul 06, 2010

I would also like to add my support for the manual sorting feature.

I completely agree with rcross_us, that "...if I had only one feature request to use over the next 5 years this would be it!"

I HAVE TO manage the order of subtasks, and I want to do it QUICKLY.

There are different workarounds folks are using for manual sorting (my workaround tends to be setting a dummy Due Date).

However, workarounds TAKE TIME to micro-manage and can corrupt the meaning of the metadata (e.g. as in my case I have lots of due dates that are complete nonsense, mixed up with REAL due dates, consequently making the use of due dates confusing and belittling the value of due dates).

I use Toodledo for home task management and Achieve Planner (AP) for work planning.

AP is really great for QUICKLY being able to manage and manually reorder tasks (even with keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Shift UP/DOWN (and LEFT/RIGHT for changing the task's nesting level, but that's a bit off topic)).

And QUICKLY is what I need.

The big problem with AP is that it does not sync to iPhone/handheld, and so is not good for remote access when on the move, in meetings, on the tube etc. (which is where Toodledo is absolutely superb, and hats off to them for that!).

So, perhaps looking at AP may inspire a solution to this problem in Toodledo?

Thanks all (and sorry for the various CAPITALISATIONS, I just want to emphasis key points and am honestly not trying to be obnoxious :>)


Posted: Apr 15, 2010

Hi there

I often have tasks with subtasks in Toodledo and often want to use another level of subtask, e.g.

Task 1
sub task 1.1
sub sub task 1.1.1
sub sub task 1.1.2
sub task 1.2
sub task 1.3

However, Toodledo limits the subtask hierarchy to one level (e.g. 1.1)

I understand that it can be counterproduct to plan in too much detail (e.g. sub task etc) but I really want to be able to make a sub task down to 3 levels (e.g. 1.1.1.)

Thanks for listening