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Posted: Oct 29, 2012

Been a Toodledo User for a LONG time. Have recently been looking at other task and CRM apps (Zendesk, Asana, Podio), but none come close to the simplicity and elegance of TD.

That said, I want to try and mimic some of the additional features these other apps have in TD.

1. Is there a way to give a task an automatic reference number? We use this in our Freshbooks billing.
2. Speaking of Freshbooks, any integration?
3. We put details of what we did on a task in the notes field. Is there a keyboard shortcut to insert a day/time?
4. What is the best way to automatically archive old tasks to a database or other searchable record?
5. Can we have required fields? For example, to mark a task completed, we need to fill in the time spent.

Posted: May 31, 2012
From Topic: Task Numbers and IDs

Is there a way to display task record numbers and or sequential ID numbers? What we're trying to do is something similar to Zendesk where we have a "ticket" or task and then use that as a reference for billing in Freshbooks. Zendesk is way too complicated for our needs but we need the reference # and Toodledo would rock at this.

Any ideas of other solutions others are using?