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Posted: Mar 02, 2013

Thanks for the quick response Jake.

Have just learnt that the Appigo apps are not the same as the Toodledo ones,
so I'm using the Appigo support system.

(Over the past years, Toodledo has regularly saved me from drowning in my own inbox, thanks for the great service)

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

I have this problem too. I'm using iPod, and the app stopped syncing. So I deleted the app, updated it on my Macbook, and then reinstalled it. The app now won't accept my email/password combination. I logged out on the website, and went through the 'forgot password' options to login with a new password. The new password gets me onto the website, but isn't accepted by the app. Lots of rebooting the iPod has so far achieved nothing.

Please help!

Posted: May 03, 2012

These graphs are nice, and pretty, and I could make them useful if only I could save my customizable settings. Having to change the settings every time you go back is a bore!

Also, you said that you used them to identify projects which are too big and need to be split. How do you do that? If when we clicked on a bubble, wedge, data point, ... it produced search results on that criteria - that would be really cool!

Posted: Nov 24, 2010

I think I have a similar problem to Ralf Keimer (below), but I'm using iCal.
Some (not all) of my tasks have suddenly started being displayed as timed events lasting all day (obscuring all other events). The Toodledo task settings have not been changed and still show with a due date but 'no due time', but this is not what I get in iCal.
I'm syncing this to the App on an iPod Touch. The iPod does show everything I'm expecting.


Andrew Sillis


Posted by ralf.keimer:
Hi Forums,

while aparently updated tasks are showing, the overall performance at least with Google-Calendar is lacking.
No longer the tasks are showing as all day events, but as events starting at 0:00 with 0 duration, which results in being invisible in week and day views of the calendar.

When giving an defined due time the tasks are showing at that time.

I preferred the all day events, just to give feedback.

Regards Ralf Keimer

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