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Posted: Jul 20, 2013

In January this year, I switched from iPhone to Android. There are only two apps I really, really miss: Antidote (a French dictionary program), and Appigo's Notebook (http://www.appigo.com/notebook), a dedicated notes app that syncs with Toodledo Notes.

I use Ultimate To-Do List on Android, which is OK for tasks, but the notes part of the app feels distinctly like an afterthought. It doesn't even sort notes by date. I probably use Toodledo Notes even more than the Tasks section, so I would really like to have an app that handles notes superbly that includes Toodledo Notes syncing. I don't care if the ideal app is notes-only, or if it does both tasks and notes; I'm willing to pay for any app that handles notes excellently.

I would appreciate any recommendations.

Posted: Apr 26, 2010

@Pancho, it seems you are using Folders for GTD projects. I personally think this is a bad mistake; this is probably why you're stuck with 40 folders, which is hard to manage in Toodledo. 40 tasks=projects: no problem; 40 folders=projects: a hassle.

For me, in Toodledo, a GTD project = a Toodledo task. I know this is counterintuitive, but please read on.

GTD defines a project as a task that has subtasks. Thus for me, a one-step GTD task = a Toodledo task; a GTD project (that is, a multi-step task) = a Toodledo task with subtasks.

I don't know if you are using the free or pro version (you need pro for subtasks). Personally, I couldn't implement GTD using the free version--I absolutely need subtasks. For $15 a year, it's a steal.

In Toodledo, I only have four folders, which I use to classify tasks according to my family life, work life, church life, and individual spiritual life. That's all I use folders for at present, though I'm thinking of adding other separate lists in the future.

One other related tip: After fighting with Toodledo's contexts for a couple months, I finally gave up on them; I've completely disabled them. Now I use Toodledo tags to implement GTD contexts; I prefix contexts with "@" to distinguish them from other tags (e.g., @home, @work, @car). Contexts make the most sense to me when one task can be done in multiple contexts (e.g., I can make a call either from @home or @work, where I have a computer to access necessary info), but Toodledo doesn't [yet] support multiple contexts for one task. However, since it does support multiple tags for one task, the tags work just fine for contexts. However, since a GTD project does not have a context (this is according to Dave Allen himself, speaking about Toodledo), I use a "project" tag to indicate projects, instead of giving them context tags. Even if you choose not to use tags for contexts as I do, it is helpful to tag projects (that is, tasks with subtasks) with the "project" label, so that you can easily list all your projects under one tag.

Posted: Mar 06, 2010

@Linden, thanks for your response. Actually, what you suggested is more or less what I was doing with contexts, before I switched to using tags for contexts, and it didn't quite work for me, or at least not as smoothly as I would like. The problem is in the last step that you suggested:

> Then, when you're at home, you can filter by @home, @calls,
> (and others). When you're running errands on the subway,
> you can check off @metro, @errands.

This workaround depends entirely on remembering to filter by all the right contexts--if (or rather, whenever) I forget to add one context in a particular situation, then I miss some tasks, which means that I'm not as efficient and effective as I could be by taking all the opportunities. It is far more intuitive for me to assign the task as being doable in a variety of contexts, and then when I'm in a particular context, to look for all the tasks that are doable at that time. Tags have been working great for me as contexts. Since I didn't use tags at all before now, I'm not missing that functionality for anything. However, I'm still new, and I imagine that before long I will find a really useful application for tags in my situation. When that time comes, I'm afraid that I might suffer some repercussions for using tags for contexts (probably a very messy tag system).

Thanks for your suggestion, though.

Posted: Mar 03, 2010


Thanks for your comments. However, let me explain why your suggestions (which is what I actually originally tried) didn't work for me. Sometimes I need to call, for example, my credit card company to follow up on an application. I can only make that call at home, since my support files are at home; I don't have those support files at work. Thus, I need an @home context for things that can only be done at home. However, sometimes I need to call my cell phone company to question a charge. Since the electronic bill is on line, I can make that call either at home or at work. Thus, I would mark it @home + @work.

About the errands, sometimes I run errands at stores downtown. These I mark as @metro (subway), since I don't drive to downtown Montreal--parking is horrendous. For other errands, I need to drive, like to pick something up from Wal-Mart. This is @car, when I'm driving in a car (which is not daily for me). When I need to drop something off at the post office, then I mark it @metro + @car, since I can do that via either means, and I don't want to miss the opportunity.

I agree that I still need to learn the best way to use contexts, but so far, one-context-per-task has not been very effective for me; I hope my expanded illustrations demonstrate why. If you have a better way to handle these scenarios, I'd definitely appreciate learning from you.

About the new multiple context filtering, that solves half the problem of showing multiple tasks from multiple contexts, but it doesn't address individual tasks that can be done in multiple contexts. In database terminology, the original implementation of tasks and contexts was one-to-one. With multiple context filtering, it is now one-to-many. However, I believe it should be many-to-many, so I'm not satisfied with their solution thus far.

Posted: Mar 02, 2010

I'm still quite new to Toodledo (since January 2) and GTD (since December 31), so I'm blundering my way through. However, I soon realized that the context system with one-context-per-task just isn't doing it for me--in my real world, I do have some tasks that I can do in multiple contexts. For instance, if I need to call my cellphone company, I can do it either at home or at work. If I need to mail a letter that I carry around in my bag, I can do it either while running errands near my home, or during my work day at my office. That's my reality.

It was just yesterday that it dawned on me that the tag system (which I previously had not used at all) would be perfect for implementing multiple contexts, and so I have now completely switched my 200 tasks from Toodledo contexts to tags.

From using Microsoft Money, I think a good solution would be to have a second or even a third distinct tag system. In Microsoft Money, as in all personal finance software, there is an accounting categories system (you know, income and expenses, etc.). However, unlike many other systems, Microsoft Money (at least, version 2004, which I use) has two user-defined category systems, whereby users can set up their own categories, letting them classify transactions by up to three completely separate category systems.

However, I could imagine in the future wanting to use tag functionality for something other than contexts, as most people do. At that time, I would like to not mix context-related tags with non-context related tags. Although there is a tag system, some of us (myself included) would like a separate tag system which we could use for contexts, since we don't like the one-context-per-task restriction of the current Toodledo system.

Posted: Mar 02, 2010
From Topic: iCal sync

@PeterW, sorry, I meant the iCalendar format, not the iCal application--my mistake. iCalendar is supported by most calendar applications, including Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_applications_with_iCalendar_support). Yes, of course, it must be a widely supported standard, in order to make it valuable to most users.

@Toodledo, thanks for looking into this. I don't know the complexities involved, but I do want to let you know that this feature would be very much appreciated.

Posted: Mar 01, 2010
From Topic: iCal sync

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in the forums. I posted the feature request below to Toodledo, and I just found this thread, which I believe is very much related. I hope I could get more ideas and refinements from the community. Does this sound like a useful idea? Is it already possible, and I'm just not aware of it?



Hi Toodledo,

I appreciate your attempt to give us a calendar that shows us the task due dates; I also appreciate your efforts in trying to sync the task list into Google Calendar (and I understand that the fact that the Google Tasks API is still closed limits your efforts). However, I feel that all these elements are fundamentally flawed, and are hence useless to me.

They are all based on the assumption that the calendar is the primary tool, and that the task list would be useful integrated into the calendar. Well, maybe its because I'm a GTD user, but in my day-to-day workflow, the task list (that is Toodledo) is my single most important PIM application; I would like everything else to flow into it. E-mail to Toodledo is right on the mark; Notebook working with folders is great. My gaping disconnect at present is the calendar to task list connection; I think trying to put tasks on the calendar is the wrong direction.

Could you please create a way to display iCal entries on the task list page? I would love to see my calendar events for today above my task list; that way, I know everything I have to do for the day. I don't need any edit capabilities for events in Toodledo; a one-way display would be perfectly fine. I edit my tasks at least 20 times more often than I edit calendar entries. However, it's hard to prioritize my day's tasks without having my days events in front of me; hence I need to switch back and forth between Toodledo and Google Calendar.

In summary, your iCal export options are pretty much useless to me; even if they were viewable on a Calendar (I can view your tasks in Thunderbird, but not in Google Calendar), I wouldn't want to work with them on anything other than Toodledo software (whether Toodledo.com or the iPhone app). And of course, displaying tasks on the calendar date they are due is absolutely useless, since that doesn't help me do the tasks.

By putting Toodledo in the forefront and importing events into Toodledo (read only is perfectly OK with me), I would spend a lot more time on Toodledo and less time switching between Toodledo and calendar apps.

I know this is a big request, but it should only accentuate how great I think your software is.