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Posted: May 10, 2013

I just took a look at the XML export. The date created doesn't appear to be there either. As with Michel, I find the date created very important. I like toodledo's new reports section but the single most important report to me is the backlog of tasks over time. Without the created date, I can't create this graph.

Posted: Feb 28, 2012

Instead of having a checkbox that says rather a goal is displayed in the dropdown list, I would rather see a global setting that lets users decide not to show long-term or lifetime goals in task dropdown lists. Here's why:

For about a year now, I've been using short-term goals to track my projects rather than tasks and sub-tasks. I recommend this approach. parent/child tasks are needlessly complicated and hard to track. Goals can be assigned to each task, and when you review all tasks you can review them easily by goal.

The short-term/long-term/lifetime hierarchy thing is a problem, though. Currently I don't use long-term or lifetime goals because they crowd my dropdown list of goals when assigning a goal to a task.

As Purveryor describes above, I use a numeric kludge to sort my goals. I also use letter prefixes, as a way link multiple goals together (hence goals beginning with P1 are high priority personal goals, W2 2nd tier work goals, etc.) This system is kludgy, and what I really want is for short term goals to really be the projects that I assign everyday tasks to, and long-term and lifetime goals to be used to organize those projects, and not appear as goals to which tasks can be assigned.

The hierarchy and thinking is already there in toodledo. It seems like a relatively simple change to add a global setting to hide long-term and lifetime goals from the dropdown list, and it could really help workflow. From this thread, it looks like there's a lot of interest in this.

Posted: Aug 25, 2011

Posted by rfo:

I like the idea of using Goals as Projects. Question -- do you use Folders?

Any other simplification tips?


I use folders for broad categories of projects. Thus I have a folder called "Revenue" one called "Health", one called "family" etc. I'm actually considering dropping this. I get nearly nothing from this on a practical day-to-day use of toodledo, and it's only somewhat useful when I review work or do more strategic planning. It's just one more field of metadata to fill out for every task. Simplify!

I don't use Notes, either in Toodledo or in Evernote. Instead, I simply use dropbox, and have a single filing system for everything. I tried Evernote for a while, but it was at least as much effort to maintain as it saved effort by easy retrieval. In the end, it was just one more system to maintain. Dropbox has the advantage of simply being extension of the filing systems that I've already been using for years on my PC/Mac.

My big generic advice:

1) Toodledo doesn't make coffee. If it's a task or a project, it goes into Toodledo. Everything else goes in some other system.

2) Shun bells and whistles. Use as little task metadata as you can get away with.

3) Aim for transparency. You know toodledo is working for you if you don't have to think about toodledo, and instead you're just thinking of the task at hand.

Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Hi everyone -

I've been using Toodledo for about two years now, and have tried just about every feature and every way of doing things. Here are my top three take-always for how to make toodle-do more supple and transparent:

1) Sorting: priority, reverse length
I sort by only two fields, Priority (high to low), and length (longest to shortest). I religiously estimate length every time I enter a new task. So the top of my list every morning are the most important tasks that I expect will take the longest. If I'm crunched for time, i just look down towards the bottom of the list. I typcally break any task over 30 minutes into smaller sub tasks.

Tracking Projects as Goals, not Sub-tasks
I started by using Toodledo's suggestion of using Master tasks for projects, and sub-tasks as the individual tasks for that project. Cool in concept, clunky and difficult to manage in reality. Instead, against advice, I switched to making every goal a project. Advantages: easy sorting by project, a separate screen that shows a list of all projects with a list for notes and inter-relationship, a designated field to fill in for project name whenever I enter a new task. Much better than tasks and sub-tasks. I no longer use sub-tasks.

Start date for waiting tasks
After flirting around with a lot of different options, including using status, context, and tag fields, I decided on a much simpler system for tracking tasks where I'm waiting on someone else. For these, I add "w:[date I started waiting] [person I'm waiting on]-" at the start of the task name, and then I set the start date to the date when the person needs to have replied or the task needs to have been done. The tasks then only show up on my list on the date when I need to ping the person, and I can easily see when I requested, and who I requested from. A simple saved search (tasks that begin with "w:") allows me to see all tasks where I'm waiting for someone else. this is much much easier than messing with statuses or tags or contexts.

Posted: Jun 02, 2011
From Topic: Task Age

I see that it is possible to display the Date Added column on the Toodledo Task list, but only by sorting Forward by Date Added. This is a bit kludgy imho.

I see someone asked way back in 2008 for Date Added to be an option as a display column for tasks -- I hope you are closing in on getting this added, as it would be nice! :)

Better yet, it would be very cool to have a task age column, showing the age in days of tasks. It's a frequent need of some users to consider very old and very young tasks, and although this is possible currently, it's frankly clunky.

Fancier still: allow group sorting of tasks by age, i.e. less than a week old, 1-2 weeks old, 3-4 weeks old, more than a month old, etc.

The goal of all this is to help people better flag those tasks which have been long outstanding, especially those who use the GTD model, where due dates for tasks are seldom if ever used.


Posted: Oct 14, 2010

I love bi-directional sorting. Great new feature!

Is there any plans afoot to add sorting to second and third tier columns (i.e. sort by priority forward and then by context backward and then by length forward?)

Posted: Oct 08, 2010

In Toodledo, I use some tasks as projects, with subtasks as the actions to be done for that project.

Often, when creating a new task, I want to make it the subtask of an existing task. I know I can do this if I navigate to the existing task that I want to make a subtask for, but this is often cumbersome.

It would be nice to simply pick from a list of possible parent tasks (i.e. tasks that already have subtasks) whenever creating a new task. So, just as you choose (for example) a folder for a new task, you would also choose a parent task for that new task.

I know you probably haven't done this because it's painful to dynamically generate a list of all parent tasks as a pull-down list of options.

But as a usability issue, it's huge. I typically have 20-30 ongoing projects and more than a hundred tasks against those projects. I enter new tasks all the time. As it stands today, whenever I enter a new task that's part of an existing project, it involves searching out that task's parent task project from a long list.

Any plans to do this. Any suggested work-arounds?

Posted: Jul 28, 2010