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Posted: Nov 23, 2011

Its been over a year since I started using TaskAngel with Toodledo and now for several months Ultimate To-Do List on Android. I recently heard about Micheel Linenberger and his methods for managing To Do Lists. Frankly his approach to me was a revelation and has forced me to entirely rethink how I have been trying to manage my tasks.

TaskAngel has been critical to my conversion to Linenberger's MYN system. In particular Multi Task editing, while possible in Toodledo from the Advanced Search View, is much easier and faster in TaskAngel where multiple tasks can be selected using the standard CTRL click and SHIFT click selection methods followed by right clicking on the highlighted list of tasks and using the Multiple Task Properties dialog to make the changes.

I should add that TaskAngel's developers have been very responsive. When I first tried to configure a view using the Start Date filter required by MYN I found it wasn't an option. Within 48 hours the application was updated and MYN's filtering and sorting requirements are now supported.

If you need offline support for managing your tasks or are simply looking for speed and flexibility I highly recommend you try out TaskAngel.

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Posted: Aug 11, 2010

I too just completed the survey. My comment follows:

I am a new TaskAngel user and find it nearly perfect. I am presently waiting on access to their forum to post comments. You might also want to look at Ilium Software's ListPro for inspiration. The only reason I switched is due to their incredibly slow response to Android. ListPro has several significant features not present elsewhere, including multiple levels of subtasks (incredibly useful, one level doesn't cut it!) and much more customizable lists and even calculated columns. They have/had a large base of WinMo and Palm customers with lots of shared templates, etc.

The biggest challenge to delivering ListPro level functionality on Android or the iPhone is finger tip navigation. While I love my Samsung Moment there are times I wish we had more control over font size so developers could at least offer higher function or even dual mode apps. That will be even more true on larger "xPad" devices running the same operating systems. The stylus is not completely dead anyway as conductive screen styli are available and are a near requirement for some applications.