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Posted: Jul 02, 2013

I'm having exactly the same problem - will also create a support ticket

Posted: May 09, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Same problem, I now can't sync my devices!!

Posted: Mar 04, 2013

Posted by Jake:
We submitted an update to Apple last thursday that contains a 3x speed up of loading lists. I have around 2000 tasks on my list and it now loads the "All tasks" list in under 2 seconds (it took 7 seconds before). This is on an iPad 3. Slower devices may be slower. When Apple approves this update, it will be available. Meanwhile we are working on more speed improvements and other fixes.

Thank you Jake - to be fair I've kept using the new version and since purging my completed tasks it works much faster, and I now prefer the new layout on my ipad to the previous version - you can get more text in the notes field and overall looks more professional...

Looking forward to the update to make it even quicker!

Posted: Feb 26, 2013

Just as a quick update, I have now purged the data for all completed tasks over a month old and the responsiveness has improved a lot - maybe this is what's causing the slowness for longer term users, and new users aren't experiencing this???

Posted: Feb 26, 2013

Unfortunately for me this has gone to being completely unusable again... Takes about 30 seconds to load up and sync, and whilst you are waiting for the sync to happen the app is just not responsive .. Same happens with any edits that require a sync....

New layout is ok but not really an enhancement over the old one... One feature that is missing is the startup page - I've always had this to be the date view of tasks, for some reason this option has now been removed ?!!

Overall unfortunately a huge steps backwards again and virtually unusable as so slow!

Running an iPad 3 .. Not happy!!
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