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Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Now that I've had some time to become mentally adjusted for a major change, I found 3.0.3 less jarring. In fact, by using All Tasks, then sorting on folder, star, and title, I think I actually like this format better than the old one!

It remembered my field and sort settings from the first iteration of version 3, which was a nice touch.

I do have a couple of both new and repeated suggestions:

1. Add an "expand all groups/contract all groups" button to the top of the task list panel.
2. Although less important if you add the expand/contract button suggested above, it would be very nice to have a magnifying glass button to force the search field to show up. That way we don't have to scroll so far in an expanded list. Another option to solve this problem would be to have a tap on the header bar for the list scroll to its top, including the search and add fields as the top. This is a fairly common usage in IOS apps already, so would be easy to remember. By the way, I like the way the search field is inside the list column as it makes the search scope perfectly clear.
3. A quick add button. If you implement tap on header bar to scroll to top, with top defined as the search/add fields, this would be resolved by one piece of coding with item 2.
4. Increase the size of the font on the Folder, Goal and other flyouts to be larger. Although you mention in the announcement of the update that they are no smaller than the smallest fonts used by Apple in their own apps, I don't think you should use the floor as your goal. Maybe let us chose sm, med, lg in settings?
5. Similarly, increase the font size for these fields in the list panel or let us have a couple of options.
6. Always show the goal on the left side even if in a folder view. Right now, in the All Tasks, the goal is on the left and the folder is on the right. In the folders view, the goal shifts to the right for some reason.
7. Allow us to adjust the width of the list panel. We should go from narrower to wider panels from left to right.

Thanks for considering these recommended enhancements!

Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Thanks for the quick reply, Purveyor. Previous version successfully downloaded. I'll go ahead and give the new version another try.

I suspect that you're right that I won't like the new, new version much, either. But, at least now I'm more psychologically prepared for such a huge change to a program that was already 100% perfect for me in every way. It's pretty hard to improve on perfection, but I'll take another look. I don't like to stay downlevel on software in case there are any security improvements.

Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Posted by Purveyor:
Here's a link to the previous version:

Sorry, I didn't get this earlier. Could someone re-up the older version? The link above is no longer working. I really, really, really hated the new version with a passion that was quite surprising for a simple todo list, so I want to be sure to have a backup plan in case the newest revision also kicks me in the gut.


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Posted: Dec 04, 2012

All of my tasks are the same priority but I still hate the orange/yellow marker. I was so clever, I thought, to remove the priority from my user interface. guess again.

actually, I hate the whole new ios update. can I go back? I like to have all of my folders show up all the time. I hate "mystery meat" navigation which is what we've got now.

why do we always have to "improve" everything that is already beyond perfection so that any changes at all are detrimental? Can you publish a "classic edition" please?

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

TaskAngel 1.2 had enough features that it seemed to be worth a download and trial. I am impressed - and I don't impress easily. The user interface is very intuitive -- even better than ToodleDo's. The speed is great. Don't let feature creep slow down performance as you continue developing, please. I bought the iPhone application to sync toodledo with my iPhone and will now buy taskangel to sync with my windows machine. Thanks for this application!

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

I just ran into this same problem uploading a checklist I use when traveling. The items must be done in a particular sequence every time the list is executed, and not alphabetically. I guess I could leave it as a text document, but I would like to have all of my checklists in ToodleDo. Putting numbers in tags or the name makes it really hard to insert items later in their proper sequence even if I use multiples of 10 on the initial input. I'll make this a formal request for enhancement: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or task sequence an enhancement request, with the ability to move items around onscreen and have the sequences be updated - like the folder order capability, import/export capable field.

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Posted: Mar 01, 2010

I took a look at your site and TaskAngel looks interesting. One of the main reasons I picked Toodledo out of the hundreds of products available is that I am old school and like the ability to print pocketmod mini-booklets. Since no one else has mentioned it as a priority, I will. You know, I have lousy reception in my gym and at Costco, so can't always depend upon an online solution....Plus, you've got to admit that people using PDA's to read their grocery lists just plain look idiotic. Paper is so much better.

One person is reporting in the TaskAngel forum that the sync was more the equivalent to a download from Toodledo. That's obviously not acceptable but there has been no reply even though it's an older post. Is this truly two way sync of all add/change/deletes according to date/time sequence?


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