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Posted: Mar 23, 2013

Many thanks to the developers for fixing many of the problems of the last version. However, on rare occasion I experience crashes on my iPad, and more importantly, the "create task" tab/button disappears after I have finished adding one task - I then have to navigate to another screen (like Locations) and then it reappears - there really should be a way to enter new tasks successively without artificially navigating the app.

I also agree with the comments on the colored corners - I love that idea - but the execution is less than perfect. It seem like the shades of colors are hard to differentiate (other than red which really stands out), and they are not consistent between the ipad, the iphone, and the web-based program (and yes, I use the app on all three devices all the time). Why not make the colors red, yellow, green and blue? Orange and yellow are too close - we want something that requires no straining of the eyes or thinking, and when you scan, it should be really really easy to see the breaks between priorities. Red = top; blue = high; yellow = medium, and green (vibrant, not light) = low. Easy, clear, and nice for the eyes.

Posted: Mar 12, 2013

It is extremely disappointing and frustrating as someone who has bought into this system that two major releases in a matter of months have (1) utterly ruined the pleasing visual nature of the app and (2) have apparently limitless bugs. I am about 3 days away from abandoning the program (and I'm a subscriber, so they'll lose my annual fee too) and going to OmniFocus or some other competitor.