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Posted: Feb 20, 2013

Toodledo Backend is Best in Class

The iPhone app has needed innovative change towards efficiency for the past year. There is NO need to question the power and validity of Toodledo's Backend, as more and more 3rd party mobile competitors integrate syncing with Toodledo.

In this thread, it sounds as though here lies the points some folks have been trying to make regarding Toodledo's iOS version, it's being passed by some of those 3rd party mobile apps, because their mobile UI have been OPTIMIZED with effective visual cues. Such as using more variation in the Apps' overall color palette for a more vibrant UI, markedly different colors for visually distinguishable Task hierarchy, manual sort with "Drag & Drop," more efficient Navigation with a slide out control Panel, increased screen real estate for displaying Tasks, and/or possibly the use of custom visual Tabs based on preferred sort (i.e. Folders, Contexts, Tags, Projects).

Offering the same Theme with various color schemes can ONLY accomplish so much and very likely NOT address the Mobile app interface issues of efficient Navigation, increased screen real estate for task lists, and visually distinguishable task hierarchy.

For those who didn't quite get that the iPhone app NEEDS a UI change, I hope the recent introduction of the new Mobile Web interface so closely replicating the Original iPhone app UI will be recognized by ALL those favoring the older iPhone app interface and will hopefully appease them.

I commend Jake and Toodledo for all of their hard work, writing code is tedious enough. But writing code to be adaptive for different interface needs while keeping all the wonderful seamless Backend functionality and satisfying the greatest number of customers is no easy chore.

I look "FORWARD" whatever the next iteration of Toodledo's iPhone app brings...

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Posted: Feb 10, 2013

To clarify. I like the new layout. Version 3.0 is/was excellent.

My point is that I don't see why it was necessary to downgrade us. There were quite few users lucky enough to catch this before they did the update to the old interface, all of whom have continued to use Version 3.0 with NO issues.

To be honest, and sorry to disagree with Mr Garner, the difference above is very subtle, too subtle in terms of "Visual User Experience" and HIG protocol standards. With that said, I actually prefer the original version 3.0 on the left. As someone who always DID LIKE the original new UI overhaul and unfortunately did not pay attention and got downgraded, I did expect more than what I see above, given all the uproar and the new version being pulled.

Posted: Feb 09, 2013

The above falls short of my expectations with regards to more color and visual differentiation. And I fear that could be a common reaction. Changing the the color of the header to blue doesn't really accomplish increased "contrast." I don't see much difference at all between the fonts. Varying hues of the same orange/yellow for priorities is not distinct enough, use different colors. I really hope this is not what you ultimately decide go with.

I'd rather say this here in the forums where it belongs and not in those stupid reviews.


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Posted: Feb 05, 2013

Posted by Jake:
Yes, we are considering it.


Posted: Feb 05, 2013

Are there future plans to include syncing with the Notes app?

Quite a few other GTD mobile apps now offer this feature.

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

Seriously, in agreement with Steven_S, still waiting for the update that was in final testing 11 days ago.