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Posted: 8 hrs and 13 mins ago

I have just downloaded your program and particularly like the calendar view. However, the Month view only shows a Working Week, i.e weekends are put on one line.
Is there an option to display a full 7 day week?

Posted: Aug 08, 2014

Thanks, but that doesn't help because I need to be able to sort the notes in date order.
The date stamp merely inserts the current date at the bottom of the not.

Posted: Aug 08, 2014

I would like to use Toodledo Notes as a diary/journal.
I propose cut 'n pasting a few entries from my present note keeping app (Evernote) into Toodledo.
I will need to get the notes into their original date order, i.e I need to be able to edit the "Date added" field.

Is there a way to do this?
The only alternative I can think of is to start each entry title with a date in the forma yyyy-mm-dd and then sort alphabetically.

Any ideas?

Posted: May 08, 2012

Colour code folders

Posted: Mar 19, 2011

I have been using Toodledo for some months now along with Google Calendar.
I have made many attempts to integrate the desktop versions of these with the built-in Apple programs on my Pod touch and my iPad as well as using the Toodledo.

I have now finally come to the conclusion that I can replace everything with just Toodledo on the desktop and the Toodledo App for the iPod and iPad.

I am designating my timed appointments as tasks so that everything, appoints and tasks, show up on single Toodledo lists. This looks to be an ideal solution for me.

The only things I really miss are the following features on the Google Calendar.
1) Ability to edit a single occurrence of a repeating event.
2) Show all occurrences of a repeating event in the List views and on the Toodledo calendar

Am I missing something here? Is it possible to do these two things?