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Posted: Mar 27, 2013

Well thanks for doing this. I love that you saw a need and just stepped up to fill it. Per above may I second, "notifications" on scheduled tasks (due date) being our top need. btw right now we use "ToDo Next" for it's ease of displaying by-folders

Posted: Feb 04, 2013

Alerts on Android with Pocket Informant PI do work.

To make Android-notifications work:

1) Via the TooldeDo web interface, configure alerts under Tools-Alerts. Change any one of the five-options set to other than "none". That is, choose any SMS or email but at least one cannot be "NONE" or it won't work later in Informant. The system doesn't exactly encourage fake email addresses but it's allowed.

There is currently no other way to set alerts "on" without choosing either SMS or email. I wish there was an "ON" setting without SMS or email - this would allow PI to use local native app alerts.

2) Via the web, in your account settings, have New Task defaults set as due with a DATE and TIME as the default. I use "today - 11:00am" as the default with a reminder notification of 1 minute before. One can then adjust time per-task upon creation. Date and Time on a task, are required for the alert to work.

3) Create any new task on PI or on the web inteface. Notice that an alert of today at time xx:xx is created with an alarm of 1min before is associated with the task.

IF you created this on the web interface, then the next time you sync PI it will come onto PI and notification will work.

If successful,

At the due date/time you'll get a local "notification" on Android just as you'd expect. If you conifgured an SMS and you're not in a dead-cell area you'll also get an SMS, but if you configured for e-mail you'll get an email instead.

If you used a non-existant email address, you'll get only the Andoid notification alone (Alarm wav sound plus notification area plus LED blink) , which suits me just fine.

I don't find the actual e-mail alert useful, but one can either configure an email rule to auto delete it, or using the web interface use a non-existant email address when configuring.

Hope this helps someone.
Works for me!!

PS as far as I can tell, the other native app ToodleDroid does not have native alert notifications on Android.

PPS Just to clarify - when creating new task via PI one does NOT need to click the + to add "alarm." as the alert works because it's enabled on the web interface account settings and goes by task due-date+time.

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Posted: Feb 16, 2012

Well, I use the Franklin Covey A1,..A2... method. The way I do it is, I created three folders in ToodleDo:


...and then within each folder my tasks are priority Top, High, Medium, Low etc instead of 1-2-3 but it's the same effect. This works well for this long-time (15 years) Franklin Covey method user!

Don't forget to Plan Daily - if you aren't looking at your Daily Priorized Task list every day you're losing out on the whole benefit, which is to Get Things Done.

I organize sometimes by computer, sometimes use the Android App which helps me keep it with me, and I configured to receive an e-mail daily of the Hot List.

May you accomplish all of your goals! Cheers!

Timothy Kukler

PS there is much more to the Franklin Covey method than I'm typing here I encourage you to check it out, worked for me.

PPS - I am not a salesperson for/ not affiliated with them in any way. Just a regular guy and (now) a productive person.