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Posted: Jun 10, 2010

deekod, I love the idea of using TD Slim, particularly as it would enable me to use the features of TD that are unavailable in Got To DO.

mickeyVee: I'm still relatively new to actually implementing GTD - despite reading (and rereading!) the books and seeing David speak, I've only started implementing GTD within the last year. I'm attempting to keep things as simple as possible - one context per action, using existing labels as provided (I don't want to have to remember that contexts are actually projects, etc). I trust that as my experience with and knowledge of GTD grows, my system will evolve.

I also have a Droid and actually preferred Shuffle to Got To Do. My only criticisms of Shuffle were that I couldn't import my existing tasks from my Palm into Got To Do and it didn't have an exportable backup built in. I'll be checking in with it periodically to see if it changes.

Posted: May 29, 2010

I recently moved from the Palm platform to Android. This required me to completely revamp my GTD system. After trying over a half dozen Android GTD and Task manager apps, I finally decided on Got To Do for the following reasons:

1. The ability to import my Tasks directly from Palm Desktop to Toodledo then to Got To Do.

2. The ability to export my Tasks in multiple formats should I discontinue using Toodledo and/or Got To Do.

As I work almost exclusively from my phone, I needed to tweak my Toodledo setup in ways different from what I found in the forums to make it workable in Got To Do. Here are the details for anyone who’s interested:


I have the following items on my Got To Do Summary screen:
• “Inbox”
• “Hotlist” - Tasks which are Starred or due within 14 Days.
• “Overdue” - Tasks which are overdue (It happens and I don't want them to fall through the cracks!).
• “Waiting On” - Delegated and other things I am waiting for.
• “Folders” - One per Project; the Folders Screen acts as my Projects List.
• “Contexts” - Next Actions lists.
• “All Active” - A master list of all Next Actions. Likely to be removed from the Summary screen.
• “Completed”


I am committed to Inbox Zero and wanted a single place in the software to view unprocessed items. Toodledo/Got To Do places any actions without a Status in the Inbox. From my perspective, this makes the Toodledo/Got To Do Inbox a natural collection box for GTD “IN”. When the time comes to process my inboxes, I work through each item in the Inbox and determine what to do with it.


I create a new Folder for each Project and place my full project plans in each Folder. Next Actions are given the Status of “Active”. Anything which I do not need or want to act on yet is given the Status of “Planning”. This allows me to:
1. See my full Projects List at any time by viewing the Folders screen in Got To Do.
2. Only have Next Actions appear in lists I reference each day.
3. Have my project plans, future actions and reference notes easily available without cluttering up my Next Actions lists.

I try to keep my Project titles short or, at the least, descriptive within the first 7 characters. The rationale for this is that Got To Do shows the first seven characters of the Folder/Project name in a purple bubble for each Task within the Folder. This makes it easier to recognize at a glance which Project a Next Action is linked to.

I don’t have Sub Tasks set up. I haven’t yet found the need for them, but may experiment with them in the future.

My set-up is still new, so I haven’t yet had a need to delete any completed projects or Folders from my system. I am a firm believer in CYA, so am planning to schedule regular monthly backups of my completed actions followed by either deleting them from my system or allowing them to be purged by the software. (Got To Do deletes Completed Tasks from its system after 3 months or less (Settings | Synchronisation Settings | Synchronisation Interval) and Toodledo deletes them after 6 months (for free accounts).)

PRIORITY (1 permitted per Task)

I give all items the same “Medium” Priority. Got To Do allows me to set a default Priority; however I haven’t located that same functionality in Toodledo. Toodledo defaults Priority to “Low” and while these items appear fine in Got To Do, I believe they are sometimes hidden in Toodledo. As I don’t use Toodledo much and am likely to forget about this feature, I don’t want to find myself 6 months down the road wondering why some of my Tasks are “missing”.

Got To Do color codes Tasks by Priority:
• Negative - blue
• Low - green
• Medium - yellow
• High - orange
• Top - red

I love color coding, but don’t see a need to use it as I think it would just add an unneeded layer of complexity.

STATUS (1 permitted per Task)

I only use a few different Status options:
• “Active” – for Next Actions
• “Planning” – for Agendas and Project Actions which are not Next Actions
• “Waiting” – for anything I’m waiting for or have delegated to others
• “Someday” – for my Someday/Maybe list in conjunction with an @Someday Context. I use the “Someday” Status so that these items don’t appear on my Next Actions Lists and I use the @Someday Context so that I can FIND the Someday/Maybe items in Got To Do. Without giving Someday/Maybe items a Folder or Context, I can’t locate them in Got To Do!

I do not use “Next Action”, “Delegated”, “Hold” or “Postponed”.

I am planning to play around with “Cancelled” and “Reference”, but do not currently use them. I suspect they may require a set-up similar to the “Someday” Status.


Like my Someday/Maybe List, Agendas required a workaround. I use the Context of “@Agendas" and the Status of "Planning". This means that all my Agendas are easy to find on the “@Agendas” Context screen, but don’t appear on my Next Action Lists.


While not a part of GTD, I do use the Star to indicate those items of particular importance. This comes in handy when I’m not completely in the GTD frame of mind.


Again, while not a part of GTD, I use the Hotlist to indicate those items of particular importance or that are time sensitive. I have the Hotlist set-up to show those items that are Starred or which are due within the next 14 days. This comes in handy when I’m not completely in the GTD frame of mind and want to know what items I absolutely MUST do.

CONTEXT (1 permitted per Task)

I use the following Contexts:
• “@Agendas” – Used in conjunction with the Status of “Planning” to ensure that all easily accessible on the “@Agendas” Context screen and do not appear on my Next Action Lists.
• “@Anywhere”
• “@Errands”
• “@Home”
• “@Pay”
• “@PC”
• “@Someday/Maybe”
• “@Web”
• “@Work”

Similar to Folders/ Projects, Got To Do shows the first nine characters of an assigned Context in a white bubble on each Task. I haven’t found this to be of any particular use, but the information is there.


I do not use Tags because they are useless in Got To Do – they only appear on the Task detail screen. I haven’t found any way to sort, filter or otherwise view Tags within Got To Do.


I do not use the Toodledo Calendar because I can’t use it easily on the phone or from within Got To Do. Google Calendar works like a dream!

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