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Norman J.

Posted: Jun 26, 2013

Posted by Salgud:
Posted by Norman J.:

I have trouble understanding what you're saying here because of all the qualifiers, like "generic" and "reviewable" and so forth. (I do know that Allen's definition of a project could be anything from brushing your teeth to a mission to the moon.) But if you're saying there's no way to identify projects in TD, that's not the case. You have search criteria for "Has children" which does the trick. Whether or not that's "generic" or will identify "reviewable" projects is up to you. You can always use tags to aid in this search, unless of course, David Allen doesn't allow it.

As I was going to say that every user of Toodledo could have a different setup for projects. For example one can use a single Folder for a single projekt or tag the 'project task' as "project".
I am using tasks for projects and sub-tasks for the actions in a project. All projects are resides in one folder called "projects".

I guess you can go to all that trouble, if it pleases you. Seems much simpler to me to create a series of Saved Searches that find what is needed for your weekly review, then just incorporate them appropriately into your list of Saved Searches. However, I recognize that this may not be sophisticated enough for some.

The question is not what pleases me but how to make the review process more efficient. Actually I have about 50 projects, some active, some waiting and some on hold. During my weekly review I have to 'process' 50 projects. The majority of these projects haven't changed since the last week and no review is necessary. For me it's easier to tag the project with the date of the last review and the review period (e.g. 2 weeks). This way I am able to review every week all projects with the 'weekly review tag' and every two or four weeks the remaining projects.
The planning what to do the next week / day is a seperate step in my GTD-setup because my projects have a priority. I understand that this is a discrepancy to the 'core GTD-system' but in my life there are projects which are much more important than other ones (e.g. 'find a kindergarten' is more important than 'look for new garden furniture' despite both projects have to be finished in the first half-year of 2013).



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Norman J.

Posted: Jun 25, 2013

The following use-case leads to a 'random' order of sub-tasks.

1. clone one or many sub-tasks of a taks
2. manually reorder the newly cloned sub-taks
3. reload the page or open the folder again

leads to a different order ot the sub-tasks than the manually adjusted one of step 2.

I noticed this behavior while I was 'outlining' a daily routine as subtasks. My parent task was 'Monday' and I cloned and reordered heavily sub-tasks to build a time-table like:

06:00 - 06:30 Breakfast
06:30 - 07:00 Commute

After reloading the page / clicking on the folder again, the order of the sub-tasks was muddled.



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Norman J.

Posted: Jun 25, 2013

It would be nice to have a 'review feature' in the style of OmniFocus. Since Toodledo is a generic tool and doesn't distinguish between projects and tasks, there is no generic way to 'identify' a reviewable project in the meaning of GTD.
A possible solution would be a separate field for defining the review-cycle of a task or sub-task (e.g. review on sunday every 2 weeks) or a global review-interval in the user properties. The question is, when to start with the first review. Maybe it is possible to start the review period from the start of the task or from the 'creation time'.

Because I don't know the 'data model' of Toodledo, I have to guess that is somewhat of an extension to the 'task table' or the creation of a seperate 'review table' and the integration into the web-site, search and mobile applications. Summarizing a hell of work for a small but very useful feature.

A more practicable tip is either using the (often unused) 'start date' to indicate the last review, combined with a search that looks for all tasks whith a 'start date' older than two weeks and bulk-adjust the 'start date' after the review or using a tag like '@2013-06-23' to set the last review date on a task. With the second solution it isn't possible to use a time-based search but you will be able to see old unreviewed tasks in the tag-section of the menu.



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Norman J.

Posted: Jun 24, 2013


when I work on projects or tasks I often have to reference sensitive files like a bill, a certificate of an insurence company, ... All kind of data or documents I wouldn't like to upload to Google Drive without an encription.
I stored these kind of information in a true crypt container which I have uploaded to a cloud drive like 'HiDrive'. This way I can access the data from mostly every computer (home, work, relatives, ...) by mounting the remote stored file via SMB as a local drive.

The remaining question was how to link the data with my tasks and projects. My first intention was to use the <a href="file:/... command in the task note but there were 2 problems.

The first problem was how to create valid uris from file system paths. By using the extensions 'lst2clip' for my beloved 'TotalCommander' it is very easy to create valid uris.

The second problem was that 'FireFox' prevents the opening of local files from remote websites for security reasons by default. So I had to configre the browser to open links to local files from toodledo.com

The remaining question was how to link the task with the file. So I tried to use the a href again and it worked quite well.

So it is possible to store files securely in a encrypted container on a cloud drive of your choice and link the stored refrence data to any task.



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Norman J.

Posted: Apr 29, 2013
From Topic: Notes Formatting

I'am also a ProPlus-member and Note-Formatting is really important for me. I store mostly any task relevant information in the notes, like minutes of a phone call, task related contact information, links to google drive with task relevant documents, links to evernote, etc.
Currently the notes are totally unstructured, even a fixed font, in viewing and not only in editing, would be a huge improvement for me.
Norman J.

Posted: Jul 27, 2011

The new design is really impressive but i found a few flaws for me. If I rescedule some pending tasks to a new date, for example from yesterday to today, are the dots in the calendar control still visible. Only after a full page refresh are the dots gone. The second issue is that taks which are overdue are not displayed in today list of the calendar view.