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Posted: Nov 29, 2012

I have just updated the iPhone app but it appears I have now lost the ability to view all the contexts I use from the start screen without two steps, i.e. select "view tasks by: context" then tap "More...." then see my full list and then select the one I want. I know this might sound trivial but the upgrade has added additional taps to the process and hence 'friction'. Why not display all the contexts in the drop down instead of just three + More... - if you've selected to view by contexts you might as well either go directly to the More... screen or show them all on the tasks screen. The same would go for someone using folders as it also presents only 3 of the folders on the first screen.Interestingly if you select "Due Date" you are presented with loads of options directly so why add additional steps to the other ways of viewing tasks?

And while I'm at it... could you offer a way to declutter the task list by turning off showing Folder and Due Date when viewing tasks via context, this would make the list of next actions much cleaner (same for viewing by priority and by folder). The Show button doesn't present the ability to turn priority or folder off, only context. Could go some way to addressing the request for smaller font size as more task descriptions would be visible on a single screen.

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