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Posted: Feb 27, 2013

Glad I came to the forums first before upgrading the Toodledo app on my original iPad to the new version again. The app works fine/smooth/fast on it now (with the "old" look/style/version). The first time the new upgrade was pushed out - it never worked, always crashed or was super slow and sluggish.

I don't mind the new UI changes - they are different - but I'll get used to it.

Love Toodledo. Mostly use the web app on a desktop, but I've also got an iPhone with the app and the iPad. Hard to use the app on the iPad though when it doesn't work.

Posted: Jan 19, 2011

Yeah - you guys are awesome.

Btw - the whole reason that I started using Toodledo was because of your iPad/iPhone support. I have both - and that app combined with the web app truly rocks. Once you guys add file attachment support to the iOs version - I'll definitely be upgrading my account to Pro Plus. I imagine a lot of other people will be doing that as well. (What would be sweet would be to take a picture of something - like a whiteboard - with the iPhone and attach that to a task.)

Keep up the good work. Toodledo is a true gem.

Posted: Nov 23, 2010

I was turned off by the Toodledo UI at first. It's probably the main reason that I dismissed it as an app for task management and note taking. I ended up coming back to it a month or so later though because it had all the functionality that I wanted plus the iPad app was the final selling point. I'm now a Pro subscriber - will go Pro Plus soon probably.

Now that I've used it for a while - I don't mind the UI. I guess its grown on me. I've even tried most of the userstyle scripts for toodledo but I keep coming back to the standard UI / Icy color scheme.