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Posted: Jan 07, 2012

Posted by erodrig411:
I have in the past used the time estimates to identify if I am able to finish all the work I have decided to complete in the current day. (I subtract meeting time from available time to perform the work, then confirm the estimated time for the tasks is within the time I have available out of meetings to perform the work.)

This has worked well, but I am looking to be able to quickly determine the amount of work I am estimating for the rest of the week (or even for the next few days.)

Does anyone have a way to do this (using folders, categories, due date, etc.) Just checking to see if anyone has done this in the past before creating a new approach.

My goal is to be able to avoid overcommitting in a week.

Yes you can with
a) estimated time for a task in length column
b) with timer in next column
c) with advanced search criteria

Below you can find my filter for task in pipeline for to day (not check as done and due date is not tomorrow)

check of - no (not done
due date /is before/ tomorrow
and (different stages of processing)
status is / next action
status is / active
status is / planning

On top of it you can go to

'edit due typos

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Posted: Jan 05, 2012

as part of GTD laziness habit I been playing a bit with macro like plugin for ff.
(very use full in web games :P)
It allow you to record (as in excel) your mouse click pattern in order to automatize your web navigation( open, seachr, filter etc. )

For now i have tasted it to:
export backup file
set filters on custom searches

Downside of this solution is that it runs in native

I don't know whether it is useful for you but I share it in spirit of contribution to the community ;)

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Posted: Jan 05, 2012


I ♥ Filters :D

Quick edit

I have found the way to deal with sorting my custom searches
and others macro like activities:
It works as MS Excel macro:

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Posted: Dec 30, 2011
From Topic: 2011 In Review

Congrats Guys! Good Job.
On my side you have won with Appigo's ToDo Online as my life management tool.

Filters! Lots of filters
Speed it all I need! (ff plug-ins)
Simple UI

Happy developing in 2k2