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Posted: Aug 05, 2014

Hi all,

Since upgrading to Firefox 31 + Greasemonkey 2.1, the very useful "ToodleDo Multi-Edit Tasks" (http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/85745.html) no longer works. Here's how to fix it:

1. Go to "Manage User Scripts" in Greasemonkey
2. Find "ToodleDo Multi-Edit Tasks" and click "Preferences" for that script (enable it first if it's disabled)
3. Click "Edit this User Script" at the very bottom of the resulting preferences dialog. You should see the script in a text editor.
4. At the very top of the script, replace the metadata block with the following:

// ==UserScript==
// @name ToodleDo Multi-Edit Tasks
// @namespace http://someuniquevaluetoavoidnamespaceconflicts09851243241.net
// @description basic Greasemonkey script
// @include http://www.toodledo.com/tasks/*
// @include http://*.toodledo.com/tasks/*
// @include https://*.toodledo.com/tasks/*
// @exclude http://*.toodledo.com/slim*
// @exclude https://*.toodledo.com/slim*
// @grant GM_setValue
// @grant GM_getValue
// @grant GM_log
// ==/UserScript==

5. Save and exit the text editor. You're good to go -- just reload Toodledo (no need to restart the browser or Greasemonkey). Make sure the script is enabled.

If I made any mistakes in the workflow above, please post here and I'll update the instructions. If the code itself doesn't work, please post any pertinent information, and I'll try to help troubleshoot if I have time. (I guess I'm informally taking over development of that script, since I don't know of anyone actively maintaining it. If you know someone who IS the "official" current maintainer, please post to that effect.)

The only thing that's new are the three @grant lines. Greasemonkey, at least for me, fails silently if appropriate permissions are not granted. (If you really feel ambitious, you can find the one place in the script where GM_log is still used, and comment it out, eliminating the need for that permission.)

Enjoy your happy productivity,

Posted: Oct 21, 2013

The look is now much improved. The new 3.0 look jives with iOS 7 much better than previous OSes. I take back what I may have said earlier about lacking visual appeal. It's clean and relatively easy to navigate. Now if only some of these crash bugs can be squashed... And some features added, like attachments. :)

Posted: Jun 12, 2013

I have a couple of suggestions/feature requests of my own. To me these would certainly be worth upgrading to another tier (from Pro to Pro Plus), but (in addition) I would also be willing to put up "bounties" for these.

1. Smart(er) alarms for both iOS and the website. A task with an alarm but no due time makes no sense. Alarms currently have a default option, but there's no way to conditionally set them, e.g. default 1 minute *if the task has a due time*, otherwise no alarm at all. It's a huge pain to manage alarms manually when creating tasks, no matter what the default setting is.

2. Attachments in the iOS app. I would love to snap a photo of something and attach it to a task without ever leaving the Toodledo app. This only makes sense on mobile devices - I don't generally take photos using my computer. :)


Posted: Nov 23, 2012

Hi all,

This is a reopening of the previous discussion archived here: https://www.toodledo.com/forums/2/3025/-15921/todo-app-vs-toodledo-app-iphone.html

This is a list of what, in my opinion, is wrong with the Toodledo iPhone app. This is NOT simply a list of what Todo does better; there are plenty of things Toodledo does better than Todo.

Executive summary/feature request list:
Better location detection (by far the top for me). I know there's a thread on this (https://www.toodledo.com/forums/2/10882/-2/location-distance.html), but there's a HUGE boost in accuracy when using Todo's geofencing versus Toodledo's location change detection.
Color-coded folders, visual indication of which folder a task belongs to when looking at all tasks
Graphical priority indicator (in addition or instead of text)
Reduce the size of bottom bar (Tasks/Notebook/Settings). I know I didn't mention it in the above list but it's taking up lots of valuable real estate, and could be eliminated entirely, and replaced with entries in the main view (All tasks/Hotlist/Saved, etc.)
Please localize the calendar!! My week starts on Monday.

Some background: I have a paid Toodledo subscription. I LOVE Toodledo. I've been using Appigo's Todo with the API as an iPhone client. I also bought the Toodledo iPhone app long ago but kept using Todo because I found it to be better. Recently Appigo made a number of disastrous "improvements" and I decided to revisit the Toodledo app to see if I can work with it more effectively -- I thought perhaps I had simply grown accustomed to Todo's workflow and can eventually get used to the way the Toodledo app does things. No. Sadly, more than a week later, I'm back to Todo. In the list below, everything referring to "Toodledo" refers to the iPhone app only, and not the service (which I love!!).

I'm sure some people will disagree with the way I judge winners and losers in the examples below. This is just how I work and what is better for me. Given that, I tried to be as objective as possible.

OK. Let's add a task.
The entire screen is used to enter a topic rather than one line. Add the task.
Use the quick-add feature -- 1 input line. Add the task. No difference in functionality other than the ability to multi-add.
Todo, just barely -- multi-add and one-line input are handy.

Let's view all tasks:
Easy search at the top (scroll to see). Large checkbox, large prominent star. Priority in text. No indication which folder a task belongs to. Overdue/due/future headings.
No search at the top (scroll to sync). Large checkbox, small star. Color-coded tasks to denote folders. Priority as a graphical symbol. Due/future headings (no past -- all overdue tasks are "today").
Tie. I like Todo's color-coding and graphical priority (makes it easy to glance at your list for a quick idea of category and priority), but search is more difficult and lack of overdue heading is a drawback. Neither app lets the heading "stick" when scrolling, so looking at a part of the list you don't necessarily know whether it's past, present, or future.

Let's add a task with non-default values:
Add task, then edit details. Everything has the same font. Due date and priority have the same size as due time and length and repeat. Some things are just not as important as others.
Select priority, due date, alarm time, folder, etc. Add the task.
Add task then choose type of task. Half-screen for title input is still too much -- it's not the whole screen like Toodledo, but it's more than two lines.
Next, details are sorted by logical categories. Due date, due time, repeat and priority are at the top, then a section for list/folder, context, and tags, then a toggle for location, then alert time, then random stuff.
Select (date context) due date, due date, repeat, then priority, then folder, etc. Add the task.
Todo (barely) simply due to visually pleasing nature of the layout.

Let's view a task.
Identical to add non-default task process; notes at the bottom.
Identical to add non-default task process; notes at the TOP, where you can immediately see them.
Todo -- notes are important.

Let's reschedule some of today's tasks. Todo's multi-edit wins hands down -- select ALL tasks you want to reschedule, select new date, done. Same with moving tasks to folders or assigning tasks as subtasks of other tasks.
Todo by a landslide.

Let's view all our categories/folders:
Number of tasks. That's it.
Number of tasks, due and overdue in red, total in grey. No location view. No due-date view. No recent view. No priorities view. Color-coded folder list. Editable order, not just alphabetical sorting. Editable folder color.
Toodledo, just barely. Todo is much "prettier" and due+overdue/all count is useful. Color-coded sortable folders help a lot.

Location-based tasks:
A "nearby" list and a sorting by location. Excellent!
No way to have finer resolution than 1km. Too many false positives and false negatives, even when you adjust sensitivity in preferences.
No nearby, no sorting by location. Bummer.
Makes explicit use of iOS geofencing to deliver alerts with excellent accuracy. I can't see too much of a battery life hit.
Tie, depending on features you use most. I never sort by location but ALWAYS want accurate location-based alerts, Todo wins for me.

Posted: Nov 23, 2012
From Topic: Location distance

In my experience over more than a year with Appigo's Todo, which uses geofencing, I've had very few false alarms, but there's a HUGE boost in accuracy when using geofencing. I get constant false alarms with Toodledo (or set sensitivity low enough and never get alarms).