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Posted: Dec 04, 2012

I mark stuff on my watchlist at IMDB all the time. Sometimes I'll even look at the list to find something I want to watch. :)

I know I could export the entire thing and Import it into Toodledo in bulk. But, does anyone have a method to do a true sync on them.

It would be great if I could have an IMDB list sync both ways to a folder in Toodledo. I could then mark future stuff in imdb and my smart list in Toodledo would display it when it finally is released.

I actually have 2 imdb lists I use often. But for this question I'm just wondering if anyone does anything like this and if so, what do you use?

I know it can't do it directly. But a database in the middle could likely talk to both. Ideally I'd also be able to sync this database to my ipad/iphone.

I've written stuff that uses api calls to make two apps talk to each other before but I've not looked into either ibdb or toodledo yet in those areas.

Posted: Nov 21, 2012

Well, its nice to know that your still aware of it. But that said and due to the time taken already, Sorry if I don't believe that its coming anytime soon. I truly hope it is.

In the meantime. Does anyone have any suggestions for other ios apps that either sync this stuff with toodledo or with another online site with the same great flexibility?

Lots of apps say they have smart filters but I've never seen one yet that is based on the current date being compared to a due date.

I love that toodledo (web anyway) can give me this rolling todo list that changes daily on its own.

Posted: Nov 20, 2012

Where are my ios iphone/ipad custom/saved searches?

I discovered the true power of saved searches awhile back. They are great on the web site..... and there's the problem. My existing ios app can sync with toodledo but these do not come across. I put up with that for a while till I relied on my saved search more and more often. I bought the toodledo app because surly they support their own website. No, they don't.

Guess I should have searched fist. Seems this has been "coming soon" for a couple years. I guess it’s not coming. Trouble is, now I rely on it. So, either how do I make it work or what other app and or site do I need to move to?

Currently it shows me

non finished stuff that is
-up to 3 weeks overdue or due up to 3 weeks in the future.
-anything in the "work" folder will show up even if more then 3 week overdue. (but not more then 3 weeks in the future)
-stuff marked with "-keep" in the notes also shows up if more then 3 weeks overdue.

This gives me a nice little combined list of past/future/folders that fits on one page and changes daily as new stuff comes in range or I let old not so important stuff slide into the past and off the visible list. This same list also conveniently shows it as sections (past,today,next 7 days, month)

I pretty much live in this one custom search.

If I need to move to another app or site then the flexible repeat functions are also important.

Does anyone have any suggestions?