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Posted: Jan 10, 2012
From Topic: Outlook sync


Trying my hand at outlook sync add-in. I'm trying to ascertain deleted tasks since last

2 questions

- How to find deleted tasks since last sync in Outlook. Currently I'm saving all task ID's, and check whether some have gone missing since last sync. Is there a better way, with info available in the Outlook model?

- does Toodledo have a Hashfunction, or a way to verify if the two distributed copies of the tasks are equal. (as a final check after syncing if they are equal). For example a MD5 hash of some fields, that I can perform locally as well?

Thank you,


Posted: Jan 10, 2012
From Topic: Sync scheme from API

Hi there,

I'm trying my hand at a outlook Add-in, that will sync with toodledo.

I've implemented the scheme from the API, where it states
1. Add all "local" new tasks, hence new since last sync to the toodledo server

2. some other stuff
3. some other stuff

4. Add all tasks new on the server to your local copy (Outlook)since last edit

It seems that step 1 updates the server, hence step 4 gives me back the tasks I just uploaded. I can work with a before and after period, excluding the recently added tasks, but I have the feeling i'm missing a conceptual link here.

Is that what's intended?