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Posted: Sep 05, 2012

The same system works for me - combination of EN, TD, email. I also use my calendar to manage my time (e.g. schedule appointments, block time for tasks, etc).

And yes, moleskin too. Birds of the same feathers do flock together!

Posted: Sep 05, 2012

It's a useful feature... i've been evaluating asana.com and they allow this - so you can manage your work, personal, home tasks via different workspaces, using different email addresses. Alerts for each area of focus (workspace) can be configured so they are sent by asana to the assigned email address. Very clever - asana checks which email address tasks were sent from to determine where tasks should go.

Posted: Sep 08, 2011
From Topic: Pocket Informant ?

I thought PI would be the perfect solution for me, but I've given up on it now. It was ideal as I love being able to see my calendar and tasks in one application. And I loved the weekly view, which is not available on the iOS calendar.

Sadly, my troubles with it started when I added more tasks to toodledo. The synch took ages and sometimes tasks get duplicated for no reason. So I ended up with lots of rubbish that I had to clean up and I did that using the toodledo website.

At first, I thought it was probably my fault, so I persevered. But the slow synch with google calendar and toodledo got increasingly annoying. I could see the calendar entries on my iOS calendar pretty much straight away, but not on PI. Because of this, I started using the toodledo iOS app when they released it. So now I have to use 2 apps - the toodledo app for my tasks, and the iOS calendar for my schedule. But this is a far better solution than having to wait ages for PI to synch each time.

Last night, I finally decided to remove PI. But before I did that, I decided to give it one last go... hoping that it would work properly, synch smoothly and quickly, etc. I was so wrong! PI downloaded my toodledo tasks (which are organised in folders, sub-tasks; and have contexts, statuses and tags) successfully, and I made a couple of task updates plus synch back to toodledo. PI decided to delete all my existing tasks for some reason. Argh... luckily there is a backup facility on PI, so I used that to get back the tasks. And this time I tried again... I managed to get all the tasks back, but all the folders, contexts and tags are gone, and I think because I tried a couple of times, I ended up with duplicates on toodledo!

So I had to spend all morning, on the toodledo website, putting all my tasks back into their folders, delete the duplicates, and re-entered the context and tags.

I've been using the toodledo app 2 weeks without any synch dramas; and this was the last chance I gave PI. It's now been deleted from all my iOS devices.

Hope this helps you decide which tool is best for you.

Posted: Sep 08, 2011

Posted by mlb32704:
Let me preface my comments by stating, emphatically, that I LOVE ToodleDo. I can't imagine managing my day to day activities on both a personal and professional level without it. I am a Basic customer, I have no need for Pro and will never upgrade.

If you find the tool so essential to your personal and professional life, the least you can do is show the Toodledo guys some token of appreciation. Seriously, $14.95 a year is not a lot for all the great work they've done and are doing.