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Posted: Jan 28, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Posted by jastram:
Thanks for doing this. I actually used the mobile web version quite a bit. Generally, I don't see why everybody is so crazy about apps, when a simple HTML5-Website will do.

Only if it works... Toodledo's mobile site did not work half the time for me on Nexus 7 over the recent weeks, claiming that I was offline when I was not (see another thread).

Anyway, this is great news. MyToodle, now Toodledo, looks pretty fine as it is right now. However, I'd welcome at least the following 2 improvements:

* Please, show task totals for all folders/views like the website (or Toodledo for iOS) does.

* Please, integrate tasks and notes into a single app (as in Toodledo for iOS). In a way, it can sometimes be advantageous to have tasks and notes as two separate apps, but overall, I'd say integration has more advantages than the other solution.

Thank you to Phuah Yee Keat and everyone else who made this happen.

Posted: Jan 28, 2014

Posted by slateboy:
@AA: the app i was referring to is the "toodledo" app.

Erm... what? At the time you were posting, no Toodledo app on Android existed. This thread is (or was) about Toodledo for Android and/or about the mobile site. Were you talking about the Toodledo app for iOS? If so, this wasn't the correct thread for it... And the Toodledo site (mobile or otherwise) is not an "app". (Jobsean jargon...)

Anyway... this is moot now. Congratulations to Phuah (ykphuah) on his efforts having been accepted by Toodledo! Hope this was not just emotionally but also financially rewarding for you. Well deserved!

Congratulations to SES21 as well, on the success of his rather forceful plea on the previous page of this thread. :-D I thought it was a very long shot for this to happen, but by golly, it did, and that's great. MyToodle (or Toodledo now) looks great without the intrusive ads now.

ykphuah, what's your email address? There's that $10 I promised to send you via PayPal... You could buy a few bowls of phở gà for it, or whatever. (Well, you might hate it as too commonplace, but it certainly tastes delicious and exotic for us here in Europe.)

I have a few suggestions on what should be improved in the new Toodledo for Android app, former MyToodle... but I'll be posting them to the new "Toodledo app for Android" thread now.

This message was edited Jan 28, 2014.

Posted: Jan 25, 2014

@slateboy: what "app" are you referring to?

@ykphuah: Thank you, I have now found the notes. The Play Store description for MyToodle says:

"Version 5.0.5: Removes Ads"

This made me very hopeful, because the ads really are intrusive. However, I can find no setting in MyToodle to disable ads -- they are still prominently displayed at the bottom of the screen. Can you, please, help me with removing ads? As promised, I'll be happy to send you the promised $5 (or, hell, even $10) right away, via PayPal or any other means, if I can just get rid of the ads. As a Gold Subscription Toodledo user, I'm just not used to associating Toodledo with ads. :)

Posted: Jan 24, 2014

Posted by ykphuah:
There's a separate application called MyToodle Notes.

It's not showing up in my App Store here in Central Europe. There is only MyToodle by you.

I wish Google would open their store in your country as well, because the ads seriously blow and spoil the look of the app. I'd happily pay $5, or even more, for MyToodle if it integrated notes, too, and truly offered all the functionality of the website (or the iOS Toodledo app).

PS: I'm a big fan of phở gà. :-D

Posted: Jan 18, 2014

Well, MyToodle is a nice effort, I guess, but it's not for me, so I uninstalled it again. (The ads are very ugly, though, even if I understand their presence is not the developer's fault.)

MyToodle does not seem to be supporting Toodledo Notes section at all, which to me, makes it unusable.

I might recommend the Business Tasks plugin for the superb Business Calendar app, but again, it only supports Toodledo tasks, not the Notes section, so no full-fledged replacement for me.

Toodledo's mobile site is pretty fine when it works, except that it often does not work for me...

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Posted: Jan 18, 2014

I'll be checking out MyToodle; thanks for the hint, guys.

I must confirm what cj says. Toodledo's mobile site stopped working for me again, just like it did over Christmas/New Year. It says I'm offline although I definitely am online (regular Toodledo site loading fine on another tab).

The mobile site isn't really even an acceptable workaround, if it doesn't work half the time you wish to use it.

Android is reaching towards 80% of market share in many important areas around the world. I don't think it's an acceptable business model to fail to offer an Android app for much longer. iOS 7 is a disaster, and I see people abandoning Apple's overpriced universe in droves in favor of Android.

(As to missing Android apps, besides Toodledo, I'm also acutely missing the Marvin e-reader and the Mailbox mail client there; there are no equal-quality replacements for them on Android, I'm afraid.)

Posted: Jan 05, 2014

Greg, in the meantime, there is also the Business Tasks plugin for the superb Business Calendar app, which works fairly well with Toodledo's task data. Of course, it's no true replacement for a native Toodledo app.

I must say, though, that Toodledo's mobile site (as long as it works) is really clever, and in terms of convenience of use, comes pretty close to a native app. I'm missing saved searches on the mobile site.

Over Christmas, I was thinking of ditching the iPhone for an Android phone, but I guess I'm gonna give Apple another chance to produce a 5+inch phone by September 2014 or so. I'm happy to say, though, that Toodledo's mobile site -- along with that Business Tasks plugin, perhaps -- is sufficiently smart to allow me to switch to Android, if necessary. (The situation is much worse for some other iOS apps -- like Mailbox or Marvin -- for which I'm unable to find equivalent-quality apps on Android, for the time being.)

This message was edited Jan 05, 2014.

Posted: Jan 02, 2014

Mobile site working fine again, thank you.

Posted: Dec 29, 2013

Thanks, Jake. First of all, enjoy your Sunday, though. :)

The issue is browser-unrelated and device-unrelated: the same thing happens in the Opera browser on Nexus 7, too, as well as in any browser on my iPad. (Though I normally use the app there.) The error message Offline: Task edit queued until we are online. appears, even though I'm obviously online (and on regular Toodledo.com) on the very next browser tab.

Posted: Dec 28, 2013

The mobile site stopped working for me in Chrome on Nexus 7. Very annoying. It says I'm offline, although I'm obviously not offline, because all other websites work as usual in Chrome at the same time, including Toodledo's regular site.

So what should we do in situations like these? I have emptied and rebuilt the cache several times, but still the same issue returns every time, so I can't edit my tasks at all on the mobile site.

Posted: Nov 06, 2013

Many thanks, Jake. It does appear to be fixed, at least based on my most recent notifcations -- they were all delivered correctly to all 3 iDevices.

The symptoms on my devices were different, though. For one thing, I have my badges set up to show the number of today's + overdue tasks so that, by definition, when a notification arrives notifying me about today's event (almost all of my notifications do that), the badge could not have been set to zero nor was it supposed to be updated to zero. I don't use remote badge updates. I never experimented with badge settings while troubleshooting the notifications issue, as it never occurred to me there could be a connection.

Further, there was that weird bug of when the iPad was in active use, the alert would only appear for a split second (not even long enough to read the alert), and auto-dismiss. This appears to be fixed now as well: the alert stays visible now, waiting for user input.

Thank you again!

Posted: Nov 03, 2013

Thank you, Jake. I realize that Apple most likely screwed up here. iOS 7 has been a nightmare for me in all kinds of other respects, too. I'll never again upgrade to another major iOS version, unless upgrading will be 100% unavoidable. As soon as my mission-critical apps (including Toodledo) are available on Android, I'm likely to make the switch, because I'm totally fed up with iOS at this point.

Local notifications aren't quite practicable for me, and as you say, they might not get displayed properly, either. I may give it a try, but... they would be very frustrating to use. I typically set up my Toodledo alarms on a desktop or notebook computer, or on an iPad, for that matter. (I use Toodledo on 3 iDevices.) Now, should I forget to sync the Toodledo app manually on all other iDevices every time after setting up/editing an alert on another device or computer, I would (as happens now) not get notified about the alarm at all. In effect, local alarms might turn out to be just as unreliable as the non-delivered server-side alerts are now. :(

If you find out a way to resolve this, please let me know. All kinds of unimportant and trivial notifications seem to be working fine for me on iOS 7... but the one alert type I had been relying on most on an everyday basis for the last few years -- Toodledo notifications -- iOS 7 pretty much destroyed them.

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Posted: Nov 03, 2013


The crisis continues, in "reversed mode". I received my most recent work-related Toodledo notification only on the iPad. On the iPhone in sleep mode, the screen only lit up for a few seconds, without displaying anything. The notification was nowhere to be found (neither under "All", nor under "Missed"). This makes Toodledo's notifications practically worthless. If I'm in the street and the iPhone doesn't alert me to a notification, it doesn't help that the same notification pops up on the iPad somewhere in the office or at home. I need to be receiving the notifications *both* on the iPad and iPhone. Under iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4, iOS 3, this was never an issue. My iPad 1 running iOS 5 still displays all notifications just as it should. I wish I could downgrade to iOS 6 on both iPad and iPhone to bring this nightmare to an end. But that's not possible, I gather, not even via jailbreak.

Any assistance from you will be appreciated. It is very difficult to accept that I have a Toodledo Gold subscription, but have basically lost the notifications functionality. If I cannot rely on notifications to be received, I might as well not even bother to set them up.

Thank you.

This message was edited Nov 03, 2013.

Posted: Nov 02, 2013

Without having touched any setting since my previous post, out of the next batch of test notifications, *some* arrived on the problematic iPad, but some were skipped as before. The process seems completely random and unpredictable = unreliable. Any assistance from you will be appreciated. (This issue is no longer as urgent now that at least the *phone* seems to be receiving all notifications, but I also rely on my iPad notifications.) Thank you.

Posted: Nov 02, 2013

Notifications have now started arriving on my iPhone (I have no idea why), but they are still not arriving on my iPad 3. I have taken every precaution imaginable, but nothing helps. I found the following thread in Apple user forums:


I tried everything suggested there, including factory-resetting the iPad 3 and restoring it from an iCloud backup, but everything remains as before:

* If a Toodledo notification arrives while the iPad is in use, it only appears for a split second and instantly disappears. It is *not* stored among notifications.

* If a Toodledo notification arrives while the iPad is in sleep mode, the iPad's lock-screen lights up for a few seconds, but remains empty. Neither the notification appears on the lock-screen, nor is it stored among notifications for later reference. I have correctly set all permissions for Toodledo notifications to appear as alerts and to remain stored on the lock-screen (up until 20 recent items), but nothing is ever stored there. My notifications arrive from the server to all 3 iDevices simultaneously.

Thank you for your help, if possible. Not receiving notifications from PIM software is a dealbreaker. It appears that some other apps on the iPad might also have the same issue; not all apps, though, because notifications from a number of apps do appear on that iPad.

Posted: Nov 02, 2013

Please help me with this urgent issue. Since upgrading to iOS 7.0.3 on both my iPad and iPhone, and running the latest Toodledo app version, Toodledo notifications no longer work for me. Notifications from other apps work fine. I have set them up as alerts, that is: to be dismissed manually from center of the screen.

What happens if the iPad/iPhone is in active use, is that the notification pop-up window appears for a split second and instantly disappears. I don't even have the time to register what the window says. The window should remain visible until I push a button to open Toodledo (view the task), or to dismiss the pop-up window. Then, when I pull down the iOS notifications pane, there is nothing from Toodledo there. I have no way to find out what that notification was about!

Even worse: when the iPad/iPhone is *not* in use, I will *never* get to see the notification. It may appear for a split second while the iDevice is in sleep mode, lighting up the screen temporarily, but it instantly auto-dismisses. I will *not* find the notification later on when consulting the iOS notifications screen. Toodledo notifications are *nowhere* to be found: neither in the "All" section, nor in the "Missed" section. This despite them being enabled in iOS notifications settings.

I also possess an old iPad 1 running (of course) iOS 5, where Toodledo notifications continue working properly.

Please help. Thank you.

Posted: Sep 21, 2013

I apologise if this has been mentioned previously. It appears that the mobile site does not support reading the user's time zone correctly. It's 2 hours after midnight here, yet the mobile site still shows me yesterday's tasks as "Today" (they should be "Overdue"). And it shows me today's tasks as "Tomorrow", etc. When I visit the regular site, or the iOS apps, everything is correct there.

And yes, I've also just purchased the new Nexus 7 tablet, and I'd appreciate if a native Toodledo app for Android were available.

Posted: Dec 13, 2012

Posted by Steve_1354340810:
I can no longer just click 'Update All' and instead have to select each App to update individually for fear of accidentally reverting to the old Toodledo UI.

This is a fault of iOS design and doesn't apply just to Toodledo. Apple should make it possible to easily downgrade an app (or to revert an upgrade) for anyone who wishes to do so. I had to stop using the Update All button a long time ago, not only because of Toodledo, and I agree it's a nuisance, especially if you have several iOS devices (I have 3 of them).

Apple could improve this from their own end, too. A "lock icon", or something like that, could be added to every app on the upgrade screen, and if you pressed that lock icon, that particular app update would be ignored when you pressed the Update All button. Sadly, I don't think Apple will ever implement this, although it would make perfect sense.

I applaud Toodledo for reverting to the old iOS apps design. I had upgraded to Toodledo 3.0 on my old iPad 1, and the all-grey colour scheme, coupled with the iPad 1's "grainy screen" (at least to Retina-pampered eyes), made it a pain to use. Very punishing on the eyes.

This message was edited Dec 13, 2012.

Posted: Dec 04, 2012

As to features that are still missing, I find it surprising that an advanced app and software like Toodledo is still behind Microsoft's aweful Outlook in some respects. The single biggest deficiency of Toodledo is the inability to set certain recurring tasks properly. For example, you still (as far as I'm aware) can't set a task to repeat (for example) "every last weekday of a month" or "every second Tuesday in December" or even the very simple (!) "every last day of the month". I think I voiced my disappointment over that in this forum about 2 years ago.

I supect much of the bitterness in the feedback to the new version comes from realizing that instead of adding important missing features, Toodledo's staff seems to have focused on a radical overhaul of the user interface, even though there really was nothing wrong with the old interface that would necessitate such a focus right now.

First things first, I say. First add missing important features, like the ability to set recurring tasks properly, and only then devote your time to cosmetic things like polishing the user interface (let alone changing it from the ground up).

Posted: Dec 04, 2012

Posted by Salgud:
I put my iPhone in Airplane mode, and couldn't access the mobile site.

For the first time, you need to access the mobile site online to build a database within the cache of your browser. (That's similar to installing a dedicated app.) Afterwards, you are apparently able to use the mobile site even offline. Your comments may have been downgraded because they appear to be misleading. Did you build that initial cache in your browser? If yes and the mobile site still doesn't work for you offline, it may be a problem with your browser's cache.

This message was edited Dec 04, 2012.
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