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Posted: Jun 02, 2014

This has just happened to me earlier today. Yesterday, I deleted a Toodledo task somewhere (I no longer remember where exactly). Today, when I opened the Toodledo app on my iPhone, the deleted task showed up there as "Overdue". The task was only present in the Toodledo app on my iPhone, not on the iPad or on the website. So, I had to delete it manually from the iPhone, again. (I didn't have the time or inclination to perform a full-fledged re-sync from the site just for the sake of one straggling deleted task left over there, and I can only hope this bug doesn't occur too frequently.)

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Posted: Jun 02, 2014

Not exactly the same thing, but search in the Toodledo for Android app has never been reliably usable for me. When I enter the same search keywords in the Toodledo app on iOS and on Android, I get different results. There is also a mismatch for Hotlist between the two apps, in fact, something that should never happen. So, instead, I just fire up the full regular Toodledo website on my Android devices whenever I need to perform a Toodledo search, because the Android apps just don't seem to be able to search reliably at this point.

Posted: May 22, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Thank you for the reply, Jake. I haven't touched my Hotlist settings anywhere for at least a couple of years, I think, so that shouldn't be the reason.

As to notes: I forgot to mention that what also frequently happens is that they may get duplicated after using the Toodledo app on Android. Just this morning, I discovered one of those notes I was editing on-the-go yesterday, duplicated in my notes section. The title of the note was identical, and the content of it seemed 100% identical, too (it's a long note, so I'm not quite sure). So, I deleted one of the two notes, to restore the former state in the notes section. The trouble is, this has been happening repeatedly for me – with notes getting duplicated after editing them in the Toodledo app on Android. It typically happens when editing notes on-the-go using my 3G connection rather than WiFi, so I suppose that the sync with the server fails in some of those situations. The trouble is, the Toodledo app on Android doesn't warn when there is a failed sync. On iOS, you get a warning when the connection to the server failed, or if the sync did not succeed. Also, these issues have never occurred for me in the iOS app, with notes getting duplicated, edits getting lost upon sync, etc., so I don't think it's about my 3G connection which is pretty stable generally.

Posted: May 21, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

I admit I'm afraid to use this app for serious business at this point. Here are some of the issues I'm seeing:

1) The most serious issue, a dealbreaker for me: notes (in the Notes section; perhaps also notes attached to tasks) regularly get lost upon sync. Here is what I do: I open the Toodledo app, I perform a sync to make sure I'm synced with the server, and then I edit a note. After editing and saving the note, I perform a sync again, to make sure the changes are synced up to the server. But, after I then open the note again, all the changes I had made ARE GONE! I thought this was only happening accidentally to me, but it has just happened again a couple of times to me today. Some of the notes I entered in the app while on the go in the course of today, are lost irretrievably. I'm afraid I must stop using this app until this severe data loss issue is resolved. I have no problems with my Internet connection, and the app never warned me that the sync with the server was unsuccessful. Everything looked fine... except that the modifications I had made in the notes are lost. It doesn't happen every time -- it happens on and off. A particular edit might get synced with the server, and another edit might get lost. You just never know, and the app never warns you about unsuccessful syncs. And that's the worst thing about it: you just can't rely on the app at this point. I'm afraid I must revert to the regular website Toodledo for now, even on the tiny mobile phone screen. (I might give the mobile Toodledo site a try, but that used to be extremely buggy as well.)

2) Search in the app does not seem to work properly. I rarely if ever find the tasks I'm looking for, based on the search terms entered, even when searching under "All Tasks". I have enabled all the types of tasks I wish to see, yet the search often comes up empty for me in the app. The same search with the same keywords in the iOS Toodledo app yields the expected results.

3) The newly introduced total tasks counts are off. If, say, my Hotlist has 11 items on the website, the Android app frequently claims there are 14 items in the Hotlist. It includes some tasks there that are not included in the Hotlist on the website. Isn't the Hotlist supposed to be 100% identical everywhere? Again, the iOS Toodledo app is always perfectly synchronised with the task counts on the website, but not so the Android app. I can find no way to bring the Android app and the website fully in sync, in terms of task counts.

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Posted: May 17, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Posted by ykphuah:
Check that you have "Due Time" enabled in the Fields Used settings.

Thank you, that did it. I must have enabled that on Nexus 7 a long time ago, and forgot about it.

Posted: May 17, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Thank you for the many major improvements and fixes in the most recent version from today. I especially appreciate the new 2-column view on Android tablets (looks very nice!), the display of task totals for the various views, as well as the fix with the correct alarm time now being displayed (summer time 1-hour offset is no longer getting in the way).

However, I can still see a major issue with Toodledo on my LG G2 mobile phone: there is still no way to set a task's alarm time there. On the wider screen of my Nexus 7, I get the opportunity to set or adjust the alarm time for any task, but not so on LG G2. Both devices are running the latest Android KitKat 4.4.2. On LG G2, all I can see is the alarm time already set for a task elsewhere (on the website, in an iOS app, or on Nexus 7), but whenever I edit a task on LG G2, all I get to see is the date picker. The alarm time picker, which on the Nexus 7 displays to the right side of the date picker, is completely missing on LG G2, both in portrait and landscape orientation, so that on LG G2, I can neither set nor adjust an already existing alarm time.

Please, fix this. Thank you.

Posted: Apr 25, 2014

Thanks for the replies. Nope, I hadn't tried to do anything with my browser, because due to the pop-up window being generated by Toodledo.com, I assumed that the issue must have been server-side rather than browser-side.

In any case, my default browser on Windows and Mac is Opera, and saving searches works fine in it right now. I honestly no longer remember where it was (what browser, what computer or handheld device) that I attempted to save those searches 4 days ago. I did make several attempts with various search keywords, and the same pop-up message was generated by Toodledo.com every time. If the issue resurfaces later on, I'll let you know here, with specifics as to the browser/platform used.

Posted: Apr 21, 2014


It is currently impossible to save any new search. Tried this several times with various searches via the main website, but no luck. The pop-up window "There was an error message saving your search. Please try again later." appears every time. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

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Posted: Jan 28, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Posted by jastram:
Thanks for doing this. I actually used the mobile web version quite a bit. Generally, I don't see why everybody is so crazy about apps, when a simple HTML5-Website will do.

Only if it works... Toodledo's mobile site did not work half the time for me on Nexus 7 over the recent weeks, claiming that I was offline when I was not (see another thread).

Anyway, this is great news. MyToodle, now Toodledo, looks pretty fine as it is right now. However, I'd welcome at least the following 2 improvements:

* Please, show task totals for all folders/views like the website (or Toodledo for iOS) does.

* Please, integrate tasks and notes into a single app (as in Toodledo for iOS). In a way, it can sometimes be advantageous to have tasks and notes as two separate apps, but overall, I'd say integration has more advantages than the other solution.

Thank you to Phuah Yee Keat and everyone else who made this happen.

Posted: Jan 28, 2014

Posted by slateboy:
@AA: the app i was referring to is the "toodledo" app.

Erm... what? At the time you were posting, no Toodledo app on Android existed. This thread is (or was) about Toodledo for Android and/or about the mobile site. Were you talking about the Toodledo app for iOS? If so, this wasn't the correct thread for it... And the Toodledo site (mobile or otherwise) is not an "app". (Jobsean jargon...)

Anyway... this is moot now. Congratulations to Phuah (ykphuah) on his efforts having been accepted by Toodledo! Hope this was not just emotionally but also financially rewarding for you. Well deserved!

Congratulations to SES21 as well, on the success of his rather forceful plea on the previous page of this thread. :-D I thought it was a very long shot for this to happen, but by golly, it did, and that's great. MyToodle (or Toodledo now) looks great without the intrusive ads now.

ykphuah, what's your email address? There's that $10 I promised to send you via PayPal... You could buy a few bowls of phở gà for it, or whatever. (Well, you might hate it as too commonplace, but it certainly tastes delicious and exotic for us here in Europe.)

I have a few suggestions on what should be improved in the new Toodledo for Android app, former MyToodle... but I'll be posting them to the new "Toodledo app for Android" thread now.

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Posted: Jan 25, 2014

@slateboy: what "app" are you referring to?

@ykphuah: Thank you, I have now found the notes. The Play Store description for MyToodle says:

"Version 5.0.5: Removes Ads"

This made me very hopeful, because the ads really are intrusive. However, I can find no setting in MyToodle to disable ads -- they are still prominently displayed at the bottom of the screen. Can you, please, help me with removing ads? As promised, I'll be happy to send you the promised $5 (or, hell, even $10) right away, via PayPal or any other means, if I can just get rid of the ads. As a Gold Subscription Toodledo user, I'm just not used to associating Toodledo with ads. :)

Posted: Jan 24, 2014

Posted by ykphuah:
There's a separate application called MyToodle Notes.

It's not showing up in my App Store here in Central Europe. There is only MyToodle by you.

I wish Google would open their store in your country as well, because the ads seriously blow and spoil the look of the app. I'd happily pay $5, or even more, for MyToodle if it integrated notes, too, and truly offered all the functionality of the website (or the iOS Toodledo app).

PS: I'm a big fan of phở gà. :-D

Posted: Jan 18, 2014

Well, MyToodle is a nice effort, I guess, but it's not for me, so I uninstalled it again. (The ads are very ugly, though, even if I understand their presence is not the developer's fault.)

MyToodle does not seem to be supporting Toodledo Notes section at all, which to me, makes it unusable.

I might recommend the Business Tasks plugin for the superb Business Calendar app, but again, it only supports Toodledo tasks, not the Notes section, so no full-fledged replacement for me.

Toodledo's mobile site is pretty fine when it works, except that it often does not work for me...

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Posted: Jan 18, 2014

I'll be checking out MyToodle; thanks for the hint, guys.

I must confirm what cj says. Toodledo's mobile site stopped working for me again, just like it did over Christmas/New Year. It says I'm offline although I definitely am online (regular Toodledo site loading fine on another tab).

The mobile site isn't really even an acceptable workaround, if it doesn't work half the time you wish to use it.

Android is reaching towards 80% of market share in many important areas around the world. I don't think it's an acceptable business model to fail to offer an Android app for much longer. iOS 7 is a disaster, and I see people abandoning Apple's overpriced universe in droves in favor of Android.

(As to missing Android apps, besides Toodledo, I'm also acutely missing the Marvin e-reader and the Mailbox mail client there; there are no equal-quality replacements for them on Android, I'm afraid.)

Posted: Jan 05, 2014

Greg, in the meantime, there is also the Business Tasks plugin for the superb Business Calendar app, which works fairly well with Toodledo's task data. Of course, it's no true replacement for a native Toodledo app.

I must say, though, that Toodledo's mobile site (as long as it works) is really clever, and in terms of convenience of use, comes pretty close to a native app. I'm missing saved searches on the mobile site.

Over Christmas, I was thinking of ditching the iPhone for an Android phone, but I guess I'm gonna give Apple another chance to produce a 5+inch phone by September 2014 or so. I'm happy to say, though, that Toodledo's mobile site -- along with that Business Tasks plugin, perhaps -- is sufficiently smart to allow me to switch to Android, if necessary. (The situation is much worse for some other iOS apps -- like Mailbox or Marvin -- for which I'm unable to find equivalent-quality apps on Android, for the time being.)

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Posted: Jan 02, 2014

Mobile site working fine again, thank you.

Posted: Dec 29, 2013

Thanks, Jake. First of all, enjoy your Sunday, though. :)

The issue is browser-unrelated and device-unrelated: the same thing happens in the Opera browser on Nexus 7, too, as well as in any browser on my iPad. (Though I normally use the app there.) The error message Offline: Task edit queued until we are online. appears, even though I'm obviously online (and on regular Toodledo.com) on the very next browser tab.

Posted: Dec 28, 2013

The mobile site stopped working for me in Chrome on Nexus 7. Very annoying. It says I'm offline, although I'm obviously not offline, because all other websites work as usual in Chrome at the same time, including Toodledo's regular site.

So what should we do in situations like these? I have emptied and rebuilt the cache several times, but still the same issue returns every time, so I can't edit my tasks at all on the mobile site.

Posted: Nov 06, 2013

Many thanks, Jake. It does appear to be fixed, at least based on my most recent notifcations -- they were all delivered correctly to all 3 iDevices.

The symptoms on my devices were different, though. For one thing, I have my badges set up to show the number of today's + overdue tasks so that, by definition, when a notification arrives notifying me about today's event (almost all of my notifications do that), the badge could not have been set to zero nor was it supposed to be updated to zero. I don't use remote badge updates. I never experimented with badge settings while troubleshooting the notifications issue, as it never occurred to me there could be a connection.

Further, there was that weird bug of when the iPad was in active use, the alert would only appear for a split second (not even long enough to read the alert), and auto-dismiss. This appears to be fixed now as well: the alert stays visible now, waiting for user input.

Thank you again!

Posted: Nov 03, 2013

Thank you, Jake. I realize that Apple most likely screwed up here. iOS 7 has been a nightmare for me in all kinds of other respects, too. I'll never again upgrade to another major iOS version, unless upgrading will be 100% unavoidable. As soon as my mission-critical apps (including Toodledo) are available on Android, I'm likely to make the switch, because I'm totally fed up with iOS at this point.

Local notifications aren't quite practicable for me, and as you say, they might not get displayed properly, either. I may give it a try, but... they would be very frustrating to use. I typically set up my Toodledo alarms on a desktop or notebook computer, or on an iPad, for that matter. (I use Toodledo on 3 iDevices.) Now, should I forget to sync the Toodledo app manually on all other iDevices every time after setting up/editing an alert on another device or computer, I would (as happens now) not get notified about the alarm at all. In effect, local alarms might turn out to be just as unreliable as the non-delivered server-side alerts are now. :(

If you find out a way to resolve this, please let me know. All kinds of unimportant and trivial notifications seem to be working fine for me on iOS 7... but the one alert type I had been relying on most on an everyday basis for the last few years -- Toodledo notifications -- iOS 7 pretty much destroyed them.

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