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Posted: Oct 31, 2013

Thanks. Sorry again for the rant. I wrote that after trying to solve the problem on my own for about 3 hours, so I was a little frustrated.

Posted: Oct 30, 2013

So I got all moved over to Toodledo this morning and so far so good. Its got all the features I was looking for--especially the whole email-a-task feature which only you do right. But...

Then I go to print a list of tasks. I delegate a lot of my tasks to people who don't have/need accounts or phones or tablets--just a piece of paper telling them what to do that day. Its the simplest solution. But the task list is tiny. REALLY TINY. Like 4 or 5 point tiny. Really? "Ok, there must be a way to solve this", I figure.

So I start digging around, here and on the web. I get a few solutions that not only don't work, but are actually insane:

1. Use the browser functions to change the print size. So this means I have to dig three layers deep in chrome to change the font size--which also changes the screen font size--print my list and then change it back so I'm not staring at huge letters on my screen. But this doesn't change the column widths, which are fixed, so you can't read half the task anymore. Dumb.

2. Export your tasks to a csv file and use Excel to print them. (this one actually came from a Toodledo employee). Ok, fine. Since its going to be ugly anyway (until now, that was Toodledo's only failure) I'll try it. But you can't export just a subset of your tasks, you have to do all of them. Which means I have to start over each time filtering out what I don't need and then formatting the page. And I have to do this every day? @#$% that!

I just don't understand how this is not something that TD hasn't budged on for 5 years! Why can you go to the trouble of making a foldable booklet but you can't print out a task list that anyone over the age of 25 can read?

I apologize for the ranting. I appreciate this software and think you guys are at least the functional best. But paper isn't going away anytime soon, and some of your users NEED TO PRINT THEIR TASK LISTS.

Here's what a printed list should look like:
1. Font size that at least matches the screen font size, not 1/3 the size. Adjustable preferably.
2. Auto-adjusting column widths. Because our paper isn't the same width as our screen and you're just wasting it. Also, I shouldn't have to see ellipses when there's 2 inches of white space in the next column.
3. Option to hide columns. Not essential, but since I have your attention, it would be nice.

Thank you.