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Posted: Nov 30, 2011

OK, I was finally able to get this to go. What you need to do is turn off automatic redirect on the request object and loop through each subsequent redirect/response until the response is complete. Once I clean up the code, I will post a sample.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

What I am looking for is the same functionality in the backup.php web page (which I believe includes everything ... notebooks, folders, etc. in the downloaded file) in a single api call, rather than creating an implementation for each object.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

OK, since this seems to be an issue no one else has come across, I may put it aside for now. In the meantime, are there plans to update the API for backups of all objects (like backup.php), rather than individual items (folders, tasks, etc.)?

Posted: Nov 11, 2011

I am trying to write an automated backup tool for my tasks and I can't seem to get the cookies to work with the Toodledo website. I have it working the other sites like google, but Toodledo is not working. Is there a specific header that I need to include that is not displayed in List HTTP headers?

I have seen examples on this forum that use wget, but I wanted to write my own implementation with .NET.

Posted: Mar 04, 2011
From Topic: RSS Feed Safety

How safe are the RSS feeds in terms of Security. Is it really open to anyone trolling sites?

How configurable is the RSS feeds?

Posted: Oct 07, 2010

Is there a way to setup a recurring task with a reminder, that will fire the reminder regardless of if the task is marked as complete?
For instance, if I have a recurring task that has a reminder everyday, but I forget to sync ToodleDo with the Ipod (or I don't mark the task as complete) the night before, I don't get the next days reminder.