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Posted: Feb 01, 2014
From Topic: SMS reminders

How do I find the SMS gateway for my phone. The help window directs me to a wikipedia page, which just tells me what the technology is and not how I can find out mine.

Posted: Jan 27, 2014
From Topic: Date format

Changing the date format option works for Tasks but not for lists.

The display value is in the form "Jan 3 2014", which I can live with but when I type in 1.3.2014 I don't want it to be recorded as "Mar 1 2014"

Is there any chance that the date format setting can port the different date format code from Tasks (which works perfectly) to Lists?


Posted: Jan 26, 2014

I think you can do it, but it takes a few steps and an unused variable.

You can do a search on "due date is no date". Then do a multi edit to change the value of a variable you don't use (eg context) to "no due date".
Finally set your first sort variable to the new variable (eg context) and the second sort variable to due date

Posted: Sep 24, 2013
From Topic: Bug in lists

I created a list.
I added a row with just text fields.
Then I added more columns some of which were numeric foelds.
If I try to add a value to a numeric field for an existing row, I'm blocked.
If I add a new row then I can add the data.

I use firefox, but I have just checked Chrome and I seems that the problem is not a problem in Chrome. If I enter the date in Chrome it then appears in the Firefox window (after reloading) But the data is still not editable in Firefox

Posted: Sep 24, 2013

I think this is the same Issue I posted as a bug. You can enter a value to a row creadted after that column is defined. But if you have existing rows and then add a number column, you cannot add an entry to the already existing rows

Posted: Sep 22, 2013
From Topic: Bug in lists

Hi, it seems that if you have a list with a few entries in and then decide to a numrical column then you can't go back and add numbers to the existing rows. As this is not a problem with text fields I presume this is a bug.

I've tested this with integers and 1d.p. fields but not with any others.

Posted: Sep 21, 2013

Hi all,

I'm often cloning a parent task which has 7 child tasks, each with a number in the name, a to do list for lecture preparation. The number corresponds to which lecture. Is there a way to change the number in the name in one go? eg I clone the parent of lecture2 creating a set of parent and child nodes also called lecture 2. At the moment I'm clicking on all 8 name entries to change the 2 to a 3.