Toodledo makes it easy to assign tasks to a location. These locations will be plotted on a map so you can visually see where your tasks are located. You can also group and sort your tasks by location to quickly see what needs to get done, wherever you are. If your web browser is location aware, it will automatically update with your current location and sort your tasks by distance.

Managing Locations

The location management page is where you add and edit all of your locations. For each location you can specify the name as well as any details that you want to keep about that location, such as address, phone numbers, hours of operation, or other personal notes.

1. Managing Locations

After creating the location, you can click the map map icon to set the spot. There are two ways to pick a spot on the map. You can drop a pin and then drag it around, or you can type an address into the search bar below the map.

Picking Current Location

You can set your current location from the "Current Location" box on the Location Management page. There are two options: Auto and Manual. If you select "Auto" and if your web browser is location aware, it can automatically update to indicate your current position. Otherwise, you can set your current location manually by dropping a pin onto a map. Your current location is used for calculating distances to tasks, as described in the next section.

Viewing Tasks by Location

From the Location Task View, you can visually group and sort your tasks by location. Click the "Map" link in the toolbar to reveal a map with your locations plotted on it, along with your current location.

1. Viewing Tasks

Sort tasks by location to have nearby tasks listed first. This is a convenient way to see what tasks you can complete near your current location.