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Appigo Todo for Mac



Todo® Task Manager with cloud sync redefines productivity on the Mac Desktop by bringing together features from Todo for iPhone and Todo for iPad.

Todo brings new inventions to your to-do list. Multi-Adaptive Window™ management in Todo makes it easy to open multiple windows simultaneously. Todo's Task Zooming™ control is a powerful new way to quickly change the detail shown in tasks.


• Gorgeous Modern Interface
• Versatile and Easy to Use
• Drag and Drop Scheduling
• Projects and Checklists (subtasks)
• Full Task Searching (including notes)
• Mac Desktop Integration
• Quick Add with system wide hotkey
• Customizable Dock Icon Badges
• GTD support with Contexts and Tags
• Multiple Reminder Alerts
• Repeating Tasks
• Starred Tasks

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Toodledo does not endorse or support this solution. We caution you to research your decision carefully. Once you have given a 3rd party tool access to your account, it can do anything that you can do, including deleting all your tasks or making them all public. Toodledo is unable to recover data that is lost due to a misbehaving 3rd party tool. We encourage all customers to backup their data periodically. You may block 3rd party apps from accessing your account if they misbehave.

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