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Six more improvements: Quicksearch, keyboard shortcuts, bugs
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Dennis Scanlon

Posted: Jun 02, 2010
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Slightly annoying...when in the date fields (or any other "popup" type window) I find myself moving the mouse pointer out of the way to type, but then the popup window closes and the screen starts changing based on the shortcut keys and the numbers I type.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 02, 2010
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Try moving the cursor just a little, but keep it inside the popup.
Dennis Scanlon

Posted: Jun 03, 2010
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Thank you...I've tried but it's just habit.

I think the popup should stay open until you tab, click elsewhere, or esc out of it. Seems more intuitive that way.

PS sorry for posting this in the wrong spot. I found this topic elsewhere after I posted.

Love the website and the app!

Posted: Jun 12, 2010
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I would like to see this also...exactly what Gianluca says!

Posted by Gianluca Carella:
Now we can add a task from the calendar view. It would be helpful if we could add a task from calendar by a simple click on a day, wich will be the due date of task.


Posted: Jul 01, 2010
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Posted by dg:
BTW, one minor issue I have with Toodledo is related to this discussion of shortcut keys. That is, I find that Toodledo responds to the F1, F3, F10, and F11 keys in an undocumented way (at least I couldn't find any mention of it). This isn't a huge problem, but it was a surprise to me, and there's one key annoyance caused by this.

It turns out that Toodledo intercepts the F11 key - which is used by virtually all browsers to toggle Full Screen mode on/off - and does something else with it. So I cannot use the F11 key to toggle Toodledo into full screen mode.

Is there any news on this, I would like to be using full screen mode for Toodledo but having to navigate away from the list to exit is a tad annoying. F11 seems to have the same function as "z" in TD.

Posted: Oct 02, 2010
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Hi - not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but don't see how to start a 'new thread' so I am posting in an existing one. Trying to use GTD I need to have the ability to do 'sub folders' and/or sub-subtasks. Ie a 'projects' folder, and then various 'projects' within it, and then various tasks/subtasks within that. As it is now, I can only have the one level of folders, and the two levels of tasks - insufficient to truly organize this stuff - it becomes a hodgepodge of various things at one level - not necessarily related.
Andrew A

Posted: Oct 04, 2010
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Have you checked the Getting Things Done forum?

Lots of different approached to applying GTD so that it fits your particular work flow.

(the Post New Topic link sometimes does hide in plain site, check the lower right hand side of your screen when in a forum)
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