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Filters, Sort, Toggles - Scope of impact globally/locally?
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Posted: Jul 11, 2009
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Will be teaching a friend TD, and both of us use Folders for Areas of Focus rather than Projects. I want to check that my understanding below is accurate.

At the top of TD is a View By set of choices:
Choices made for Filters,Sort, Toggles act across all Tabs within a particular View AND are saved for that View only. Meaning my settings for the Folder View do NOT impact what I would see if I Viewed By Due-Date.

Within a particular View e.g. Folder View:
1) Filters, and Sort always act globally and affect all tabs within Folder View.

2) Toggle Notes, and Toggle Subtasks also act globally

3) Toggle Dividers acts locally only on the specific Folder/Tab that I am viewing when I clicked that toggle.

There is also local control over a Parent and its Subtasks e.g. if filter is set to Flatten Subtasks I can click on the Parent icon for a Subtask to show it and all of the Subtasks just for that one Parent as being nested. The impact is local to just that single Parent.

All of what I have written is using things on the website. My friend will be using iPhone and TD app for it, and will have to experiment to make sure that it behaves identically to the website.

Any comments on which views/sorts of your data you find most useful (and perhaps when/why you use that)are also appreciated, although perhaps that should be a separate thread.

One of the challenges of the flexibility of TD is getting a display that you want/need for one moment and being able to return to it quickly after having moved to some other place within TD. I expect for some favorite "views/slices" of your data that the best approach is a saved search e.g. as aide to weekly review in a GTD or other framework. Wile one can Sort the results and use Toggle Notes and Toggle Dividers; Toggle Subtasks does NOT work, although local control of Parent/Subtask does work.

Posted: Jul 11, 2009
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That all looks about right to me. The iPhone app is different in a number of ways. For instance, sorting and filtering are universal for all views. I have my particular sorts I like, but it is somewhat hard to recommend that sort of thing because it depends so much on if you are date, priority, or context oriented.

Posted: Jul 12, 2009
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One thing I'm not clear on is if Filters apply at all in Search view, or if the only filtering is through search criteria, and how this affects Nested/Flattened subtasks and the function of the Toggle Subtasks button. I think I may have worked it out myself, but I'm not entirely certain. If nobody else can clear that up, I will post what I have manged to determine.

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Posted: Jul 12, 2009
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Posted by Anders:
... I have my particular sorts I like, but it is somewhat hard to recommend that sort of thing because it depends so much on if you are date, priority, or context oriented.

Thanks Anders for indicating that what I had written seems accurate. Had not explored impact in Search and look forward to what you post. Good to know that iPhone app differs in at least one significant way from website.

For all its simplicity there is really alot of nuance to TD and getting the most of out of it (personalizing it one's particular needs)does require knowledge and experimentation (and learning/borrowing from others' approaches).

I do NOT use Context at all and sorts on date and/or priority are primarily what interest me. (I use time as part of Due Date in a special way; meaning I enter times as 1:11am thru 5:55am as it is clear to me that this is NOT when I'd actually have an appointment or hard landscape and so must mean something else. So this is my own scale of Urgency and allows me to keep Priority as a pure scale of just Importance. So I end up with many things with a Due Date that are NOT hard landscape (in GTD sense) to which I add Due Time. I use this as a way to motivate myself and keep it in my face and then use Next Action to refine that list into what are the most likely next steps to be taking.)
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