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Posted: Jan 02, 2011
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I have created a repeating daily task to do a set of push-up each day.

Here are my two issues:

If I conveniently forget to do today’s push-up, the next day I would like to see toodledo show me I have two task to complete: yesterday and today’s push-ups. After awhile seeing these tasks pile up will make me feel guilty not to complete some or get caught up.

But lets say, I stick to my new year’s resolution, I did my push-up for that day , and I have no other delinquent push-ups to do, when I check off today's task, the next day’s task appears. I don't want to see tomorrow task until tomorrow.

is there a way to address both or either issue?

Posted: Jan 02, 2011
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I have similar tasks (Jogging) ;)
First, this Idea of "piling up" tasks is bad: at some point you have lots of "crap" tasks to manage. If you really want to do this and have the Iphone App you can push "done" and reverse it (the task gets split up, I like this feature because this way you can add Notes to the "done" task).
If you use the Web I am not sure how this could be done convenient.
But every Task is associated with a date when you should have done the task: if you set it to "repeat from due date" you can try to catch up.

That said, here is how I do it and maybe you like this:
I have my daily tasks set to "repeat from completion date". This allows to import the completed tasks into Google Calendar (I wrote a script that sets the tasks as daily appointments to the date when it was completed) and so I see when I did my exercises. (I have set up a "Report" Calendar for just this).

Posted: Jan 02, 2011
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thanks Richard, I didn't understand the "push done and reverse" comment. On the iphone I don't see how I get access to the completed task. I guess you can list all task and sort by completion date. But if the app has sync the completed task are gone right? Never mind the reason I didn't see the completed task was because they were filtered out.

so are you saying find the completed task remove the check mark and the completed task stays and you have a new non-completed task?

Posted: Jan 03, 2011
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Hi Greg,

the "push done and reverse" comment is pretty hard to explain so please try this and you will see what I mean:
->Set up a task that repeats daily from the due date.
->Go into "All tasks" of your Iphone (I think it should work with every other view too)
->Set it up so that it sorts after due date
Now you are ready to go.
Lets say, you did exercise today:
-> You push "done" on the Overview over all Tasks. You will see one instance marked as "done" and another is (instantly) created the next day that is repeating.

If you did not exercise, just push the "completed" tasks checkmark and now you got two unfinished Tasks: one is overdue or today, the other (repeating) the next day. So for every day you did not exercise one overdue task will remain. If you did not touch your Iphone for one week, this way you can "catch up" very easy.

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 04, 2011
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Try the "from completion date" option for the repeating task. You might also try the due-date modifier "After" or a start-date to hide tomorrows tasks.

Additionally, you could use the goal chain feature to keep track of how many days in a row you successfully did your pushups.
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