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Posted Jan 05, 2022 in: AMA / Ask me Anything
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Posted by bryan.hatt:
Posted by hasnain_2:
Posted by KiwiGran:
I'm not exactly your target market, just someone who likes to keep lists of things that need to be done and likes checking them off.
I've tried lots of different task managers and this one is by far the easiest to use. My favourite function is the Search one. It's so easy compared to another well known to do list (with a similar name) that requires you to write code to do a search!


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Hi Hasnain,

Your first link to reviews is full of clearly false/faked reviews around October last year with odd words and a common syntax. I think there are a lot of people that would be very put off using Toodledo if they saw that page.


Yes, these reviews are cringe inducing and don't do the product any favors. People looking for a sophisticated productivity tool would be sophisticated enough themselves to spot fake reviews.

If you want to promote the product, you really should enlist the help of someone who can honestly and concisely compare Toodledo to top three major competing titles and explain why in their opinion it's a better choice. Preferably with as little emoticons and flowery language as possible.

Posted Dec 29, 2021 in: AMA / Ask me Anything
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Toodledo's pricing and its "quaint" interface with lack of modern features make it a niche product in a niche market.

So my question is simple - can you disclose your intermediate and long (2-3 years) term plans regarding the development plan (both mobile and desktop) and pricing structure? How are you planning on attracting new customers over the likes of Todoist or ClickUp ?

Posted Sep 20, 2021 in: A Message From Jake
Score: 2 is great if you’re a seasoned user. And they even have now basic natural language processing. The problem is when you have potential users who never used the service before and are evaluating it vs other task managers. The “new” interface still looks confusing, and, honestly, somewhat dated.

But the biggest issue is, the majority of users who are evaluating Toodledo vs other services won’t even consider it if they have to use a web interface. In 2021, a full featured mobile client is a must.

If you look at the most recommended task management apps, Toodledo is either not mentioned at all, or is somewhere down the list as an “also ran”. Yet it is currently one of the most expensive offerings. To get most features and attachments, you need to spend $60 per year if paid annually. (And I don’t think they even sync to mobile). Compare with Todoist, Ticktick, or the free ClickUp plan.

The service is overpriced and not well known, somewhat archaic, and is simply not attractive to new users. This is what needs to be fixed. Just my two cents, and sorry for being blunt. I really do want them to succeed.

Posted Sep 14, 2021 in: A Message From Jake
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Great to hear from you Jake, we've exchanged many messages on this board over the years that I've been an avid Toodledo fan.

Still am, however I had to move on.

Sorry if I am blunt, but I do want the service to survive and succeed.

This is 2021 and Toodledo is, in many ways, stuck years behind.

The "old" new team did a wonderful job nearly running the project into the ground, despite warnings from many dedicated longtime users.

Jacking up the prices way above the competition while selling a niche product with relatively little name recognition in a saturated market was one major mistake.

Trying to rewrite the product from ground up (at least that's the impression they gave) instead of incrementally fixing things that are in the most dire need of fixing was another.

Toodledo needs a web interface facelift to make it more appealing to new users (those of us who's used it since mid 2000s don't mind the old nostalgic interface). And it needs a workable, full featured mobile app with background sync and reminders. These are the topmost missing features.

Then there are things like natural language input, hyperlinks, calendar view, integration with other services etc.

Attracting a couple dozen old users who switched to other products wouldn't be very hard. Attracting thousands of new users who are comparing it with Todoist, Clickup, Asana etc... now that's a hard sell. Hopefully the new team has a plan. From my end, wishing them (and you) all the best.

That's a lot of work.

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Great news. It looked like the previous owners nearly ran the service into the ground and alienated a lot of loyal users.

I moved on to another product, after almost a decade of using Toodledo, but will be keeping an eye on this space.

Best of luck !

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Posted by svsmailus_2:
I stopped using Start date many months ago. Instead, I use Due date as start date, and add the hard deadline to the front of subject line for the tasks that have it. Most tasks don't have a hard deadline, and setting a date using a Due date field is much faster and easier (especially with Siri).

I'm very partial to start dates. I like due dates to be deadlines and start dates means a task shows up when I need to start working on it.

I settled on GoodTask as I already had the iOS app and £39 for the desktop all for a one-off seemed reasonable in a sea of subscriptions. Plus I really like that GoodTask integrating with Reminders means I also see tasks when viewing calendars, which is a real bonus, without any extra work.

The same functionality as bolded above can easily be achieved using Due date.

There's three main reasons that I went with using Due as Start:

1) It works in any task management system, even the most basic one.
2) It's easy and quick - requires less time and effort for entry, or re-scheduling, and works great with Siri (I don't even think that a start date can be added with Siri)
3) It makes the deadline a permanent text record that can't be accidentally changed.

So a typical task with deadline will look like this:

2021.03.05 Task ABC due 3/3/21

I can sort on Subject and get the list of tasks by due date, or sort on Due date & get the order of execution.

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Posted by svsmailus_2:
I've moved to GoodTask as I'm in an all mac environment. Does everythink Toodledo did for me. Didn't use the notes, outlines or habits much. GoodTask does have one important feature many seem to be lacking these days, which is Start Dates.

In many ways I would have thought TD pedigree would at least make the name sellable. It would be interesting to know who actually owns the company. All the servers, configurations, payments systems etc, will need some maintenance, so a crunch point does have to come.

I am using GoodTask as well, syncing with MS Exchange via Reminders for work tasks. I can replicate most of its functionality in Outlook using custom views and conditional formatting, about the only thing that I can't sync is attachments but there are ways around that if I really need to access attachment on my phone (e.g. Onenote or Onedrive links). However, my primary use in on work laptop & Outlook. For personal tasks, I just use my iOS devices with my main list in Reminders, I was rarely if ever accessing my personal tasks from my Windows laptop.

I stopped using Start date many months ago. Instead, I use Due date as start date, and add the hard deadline to the front of subject line for the tasks that have it. Most tasks don't have a hard deadline, and setting a date using a Due date field is much faster and easier (especially with Siri).

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There's a cost associated with running the servers. So even if they are on autopilot with nobody taking care of customer support issues, it's not free.

I suspect they are waiting for the paid subscriptions to expire, to avoid legal issues. If there's a lease renewal coming up, they may end it there and then and perhaps issue refunds to the remaining prepaid users (being optimistic here).

In other words, the service may end at any time.

Posted by bandit:

In the meantime, if anyone looks up posts by user DrFrankBuck, you’ll see that he raves about, and swears by, Remember the Milk, and gives lots of good information and feedback on the app. His posts were so compelling that I’m going to give RTM a whirl.

Yes, RTM is probably the closest alternative I can think of, out of all that I tried.

This message was edited Mar 03, 2021.

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As is true with any service that uses a specific, unique set of features, you will never find a direct replacement. The direct replacement would have to implement the same features, the same philosophy, and will essentially be the same service. Not going to happen.

The key is not to find a substitute, the key is to adjust your workflow to where it is less dependent on a set of unique features that may be hard to find.

Even a fairly basic feature like task Start date is fairly rarely implemented in task managers, and relying on it severely limits the choice of available apps and services. Yet, replace Start date with Due date, and use the actual Due date as a text appended in front of task subject, and you regain most of the same functionality but now can use it with pretty much anything.

Don't get locked down into features. Adjust the workflow. Worked for me just great.

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Posted by frogboy:
I am using Nozbe - like it. It’s simple, cross platform. Same on every device. Evernote integration.

But expensive......

Big moan is it’s great for projects at the runway &10,000 ft level but random stuff from out yonder - which Toodledo was awesome for - is poor.

ZenKit, looks promising, but takes quite a lot of time to get your head around.

RTM, has great reminder features but interface can be annoying.

Todoist wins if you use a lot of ifttt/zapier kind of things. Overwhelming with too many projects....

2Do, is nearest equivalent, but not cross platform & no email in.

Solution might be to split roles and use several tools.....

Sadly there is no one tool to rule them.....

2Do does have an email add-on. It was just a couple bucks extra IIRC.

The biggest problem I have with it is that it's so limited in what it can sync with and what data it will sync.

Have you looked at Goodtask ?

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Posted by creinhard:
There is an outside discussion forum, you'd need to create a Slack account to access

It's not an overly active forum.. yet :D

I'm a longtime desktop/web user of Toodledo, and over the last two years I have tested just about all the other alternatives. One day I might just move it all to Excel spreadsheet and stop being a pawn in these "here-today-gone-tomorrow" apps,

In the meantime, I'm making daily Toodledo data backups, and once per week I refresh the data to Remember the milk (it's about as seamless a migration as I could hope for).


Excel spreadsheet won’t give you reminders or recurrence. And it sucks on mobile.

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Posted by mlb32704:
Posted by Ummagumma
I disagree that ToDo is as barebones as Google Tasks. It has many features that GT doesn't - file attachments, tags, priorities, master task view, My Day, etc.

At first I thought that you were talking about 2Do. I guess that I need to take another look at Microsoft ToDo, I shouldn’t have generalized that it was as basic as Google Tasks, my bad. If I recall, my issues had more to do with sorting, tagging, customizing views, etc. versus lag times or merging of data across accounts. But I will check it out again, thanks.

I didn't experience much lagging, it was more the number of taps required to re-schedule tasks. I use Due date as my start date, and add actual Due date to the subject, so I re-schedule tasks all the time.

When it comes to sorting and custom views - this is indeed where ToDo comes short, but way ahead of Google Tasks that have no such functionality whatsoever. There's quite a few sorting criteria for tasks in lists, or All tasks view. The biggest problem I have with it is that if I filter by any tag, or run a search, the resulting list isn't arranged in any meaningful way, and can't be re-sorted. This drastically cuts on the usability of tags - if I have a couple dozen tasks using the same tag, and they are not arranged by due date, it's a lot of guessing.

As far as 2Do, it's an excellent standalone app, but unless you only use Apple devices and have no need for web access, it's somewhat limited.

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I ended up using the combination of MS Outlook / Onenote on the laptop for work tasks, and iOS Reminders with a GoodTask app on my iOS devices for personal tasks (and access to work tasks on the mobile).

I use Onenote 2016 to plan my projects & maintain action lists, and export individual tasks to Outlook with a single click (there's a decent amount of integration between two programs).

While Outlook's interface is pretty dated, its Task module is still extremely powerful if you know how to set up custom filtered views and conditional formatting.

I could use it with MS Todo on mobile - they run on the same database - but I far prefer GoodTask for iOS, as it adds a lot of great functionality that really speeds up working with tasks, and also has a very good Apple Watch app. I am syncing Exchange to my iOS devices via Reminders. GoodTask is using Reminders database.

For personal tasks, I use GoodTask with an iOS Reminders account rather than an Outlook account. Just because it works smoother and I very rarely need to use personal tasks from my laptop - my phone is always with me. I could (and did) just as well use tasks.

I stopped using Start Dates a while ago, but if I wanted to, GoodTask has that feature & will sync Start Dates with Microsoft.

I use Tags when it makes sense. GoodTask uses plaintext tags added to either subject line or notes (e.g. #FollowUp). These tags work seamlessly when synced to Outlook or MS Todo.

I never used contexts.

As far as other services or apps - here's my personal take, which is very much driven by how I used Toodledo:

* TickTick - I don't trust China based software with business info.

* Todoist - has an excellent natural language input functionality, and overall is a well polished service. No start dates but I haven't been using them for a while anyway. This is going to be my first contender if for whatever reason I am unhappy with the current setup.

* RTM - probably the closest to Toodledo from what I recall, and would be my #2 things to consider, alongside Todoist.

* Click Up - has a lot of promise, but ... clunky. They at least fixed the terrible mobile interface they used to have (tiny gray fonts on gray background) that was giving me headache. Still, a very complicated interface, lack of consistency between mobile and desktop or web clients, some must have functionality is missing from mobile client (can't set recurrence, no Siri integration). A lot of people also complain of slowdowns and crashes, but I haven't used it enough to run into these. Will keep an eye on this service, but for now unlikely to use it.

* ToDo - it's actually not bad, and I've used it for a while. My biggest issues with it are (1) no way to sort search or tag filter results by due date (2) subtasks (steps) don't sync to anything other than ToDo (3) My Day feature could be great but you can only set up tasks for it on that day (4) no custom views, although it has a few predefined ones that are useful (5) the interface works slower than GoodTask - especially if need to re-schedule a task for another day. It's not that the app is slow, it's that it takes more steps to reschedule a task. (6) You can't combine tasks from two accounts on iOS - to see tasks from one account you have to log out of another.

(5) and (6) are primary reasons why I am no longer using it - I can get far better functionality with GoodTask. That said, I disagree that ToDo is as barebones as Google Tasks. It has many features that GT doesn't - file attachments, tags, priorities, master task view, My Day, etc.

Posted Jan 28, 2021 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by M:
Posted by Ummagumma:
There's two major problems with using spreadsheets to track tasks:

1) They are not optimized for phone screen data entry and review. Sure, it can be done, but it grows really old really fast.

Excel for ios now has a "card view," but it needs a lot of work and your data has to "fit."

There's no filtering or sorting from what I can tell, so it's really not very useful on the phone. Data entry, perhaps.

If they made it so that you could sort and filter in the card view, it would be very tempting to just switch to Excel.

Posted Jan 26, 2021 in: Toodledo still alive?
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There's two major problems with using spreadsheets to track tasks:

1) They are not optimized for phone screen data entry and review. Sure, it can be done, but it grows really old really fast.

2) They don't have alarms.

#1 is less of a problem with Apple Numbers, where at least the entry sheet can be designed to be more mobile friendly, optimized for small screen with portrait orientation, and touch friendly. But then most people have to interface with Windows / Excel at some point, or use iCloud web access which absolutely sucks. And I don't think that it's easy to design a mobile-friendly task list view with complex sorting and filtering even in Numbers.

#2 afaik can't be easily resolved.

Posted Jan 21, 2021 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by bandit:

One of the many features I like about Toodledo is the ability to forward emails so they become tasks. Which apps have any of you found that have this feature?

It depends on many factors - platform / OS, email provider, etc. It gets really complicated when you are using a mix of email providers, task providers, devices and operating systems.

If you're using all Microsoft (Outlook, MS Todo, or Exchange email) or all Apple (Reminders, Apple email address) then any flagged email is shown in the task list in the corresponding program / app (ToDo or Reminders). That's probably the simplest way.

I am using a mix of both - for personal, Exchange for work email, iOS Reminders for personal tasks (with GoodTask running on top of that data to provide extra features) and Exchange tasks for work tasks.

The easiest way to turn an email into a task is by using Siri - "Hey Siri remind me about this email at 9 am on Thursday". It will create a task with that email title and a link back to the email. That link will only work on iOS devices, which is fine with me for personal tasks, as I mainly review them on my phone or iPad. On the work laptop, I just create a new task from email using Outlook, which only takes one click.

I also like setting up recurring tasks and the ability to have uncompleted tasks carry forward (works good in Toodledo). Which apps have any of you found that has this functionality?

I don't recall how Toodledo "carries forward" incomplete tasks. I assume you're talking about "recur after completion" functionality, where a task that is set to recur monthly will recur a month after the previous instance was completed, and not a month after its due date ? If so, GoodTask has this functionality. Not sure about other ones.

Posted Jan 11, 2021 in: Toodledo still alive?
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FWIW, I started a poll some time ago asking what solutions had people settled for.

Here are the results so far.

It seems the biggest group went to RTM.

Posted Dec 12, 2020 in: Toodledo Notes Alternatives
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Copy-paste-copy-paste... even at 15 sec per note it’s just over an hour.

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Posted by Al.gray:
What is suspect about this line of reasoning is that "everyone" seems to have moved on, yet "contribute" to TD forums. Why?

Because this is a great source of information, exchange of ideas, and many if not most of us are emotionally invested in a service we've relied upon for many years, even if we are no longer using it.

I stopped using Toodledo a few years back, due to me heavily relying on iOS and getting tired of lack of support for that platform. I am still closely following the developments, having used that service for about a decade.

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Posted by CharleneTX:
Posted by Ummagumma:
It does... “I have no plan”.

Actively searching for a replacement is a plan: I plan to move once I find a solution that works for me. "I have no plan" = ignoring the problem

Well, that is "Sticking with Toodledo and hoping for a miracle" :)

No plan doesn't mean doing nothing, it literally means that at the present time, the user has no specific, defined replacement choice.
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