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Integration between Lists, Outlines and Habits or Strengthening the Task Management features would be beneficial.
I currently keep my Lists as sub-tasks under a Parent task with all set to Negative priority. When I need them I star them or use Custom views to see them. One could force them to appear by location, due date etc. but these are all workarounds.
The Lists tab of course have multiple columns and sorting.... therefore easy linking/integration with Tasks for Silver subscribers would be useful.

Posted Aug 13, 2015 in: Redesign progress: Navigation bar
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Jake & Bridget, Congrats!

Neat changes made - definitely taking care of the number one grouse of App reviewers .... that the design was archaic. No longer!
Keep going to strengthen the Task tabs Design and Features (I spend 90% of my time on TD there).

Best Wishes.

Posted Jul 13, 2015 in: How to do a bulk clean up of tasks
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Currently there is no way in TD web to multi-select diverse items (for deletion, change of parameters,etc). It is a much asked for feature by TD users. Using the powerful TD search filters one can only select by a criteria common to all the tasks (and then apply changes).

One can however touch multi-select diverse items in the Android app "Ultimate To-do" and then delete or apply other changes. This feature is yet to be introduced in the official TD Android App. I am sure TD will get there eventually since Jake and company have recently stepped up their design and development effort.

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Jake / Bridget, The new logo and icons look great. The overall look is cleaner and more contemporary. Congrats!

Tiny improvements : In the Outlines tab - the icon for new notes/tags (near the collaboration button) could show a + sign on the note to indicate it is for new additional notes or tags. Under Display the Edit and Presentation buttons could also have representative icons.

Waiting excitedly for the changes on the Tasks tab (where I spend 90% of my time on TD). Would love an additional free field for custom priority sorting, since I don't use the status fields and the tags field bunches multiple tags together in sorting.

Keep up the good work.

Posted Jun 29, 2015 in: Progress Report - May 2015
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I, and I am sure other TD fans/subscribers, would appreciate a 'quick and dirty' list of the Major Improvements and New Features added to the 'Task Manager tab' in TD over the last year.

I am under the (probably mistaken) impression that there have been no significant enhancements done to this 'Task Manager' area of TD. Help me remove this misconception or assure me that this will be meaningfully addressed in the current year.

I need to know because I subscribe to TD primarily for this robust and customizable task management service. My considered choice and loyalty to TD as a customer and advocate is constantly teased by other Task management services that are constantly adding new task management features, functional design elements and improved integration with other systems in my worklife .

I do value TD and wish it well.

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Posted Jun 24, 2015 in: Can Toodledo Integrate with my life?
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Currently trying out Todoist (due to the recent news, reviews, and hoopla around its new design and features). Todoist has excellent integration with Gmail, Google Calendar and potentially Evernote. Its major drawback is that you cant export your data out of it via CSV etc.

I still think Toodledo is the Task Management powerhouse with its spreadsheet like view of all fields of a task, the ability to quickly change all variable and the ability to customize it as per ones fancy (especially in the web version). I do hope the developer sees the light and concentrates more on developing the Task Management function i.e.

1. Tight Gmail, Google Calendar and Evernote integration.
2. Streamlining of the Workflow : Role/Goal --> Projects --> Habits --> Tasks (Outlines) --> Subtasks (Outlines) --> Notes.
3. Multi-selection of Tasks for changing any variable.
4. Manual Sorting as per user preference or an additional free sort-able Field to let users do so.
5. Colour to differentiate and highlight.
6. Swiping to Complete and Re-schedule in Android/IOS
Custom views are of course the 'kick-ass' feature.

I have re-subscribed in June because I have the 'audacity of hope' that these long wished for features will actually see the light of day soon.

Posted Jun 22, 2015 in: Can Toodledo Integrate with my life?
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My three most used systems are Toodledo, Google Calendar and Evernote for respectively Tasks Management, Scheduling and Capturing the rest of my Life. These are popular systems with a lot of people and becoming more popular.
Do they play together congenially? No!
Recently Todoist seeing the importance of integration with other popular systems has done just that. See:
( ).

Can my favorite Toodledo also attempt to develop tight integration with Google Calendar (2-way sync), and Evernote (pulling tasks or using Evernote Notes as a basis to input tasks into Toodledo). I know there are cumbersome workarounds through IFTTT and Zapier that try but fail to do it easily.

Be nice, play together and make my life simpler.

Posted Jun 21, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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Reminders to do each specific recurrent Habit could appear in your Task tabs Hotlist (depending on their recurrence schedule) along with your other urgent-important tasks. That way you need only open your Task Hotlist for all tasks. They could be differentiated from other tasks by a "Habit" tag. You could mark them complete there. You then need to access the Habit tab only for the analysis and to make changes to Habits. Simple & Brilliant what? :)

Would love an easy way to sort the days tasks/habits by proposed "start time".

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I use Ultimate Task Manager Android Apps "Start date" with "Persistent Reminder" on mobile to Jog me on the Important&Urgent tasks to be done. Unfortunately the "Start date" reminder alarm does not sync with the TD web page (only "Due date" alarms do). I still use it though and UTM has a wonderful 2-way sync with my Google Calendar and Custom Views.
I am looking at you TD. ;)

Posted Jun 04, 2015 in: Progress Report - May 2015
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Thanks Jake for the enormous work and constant updating done to TD! The TD Android App is also shaping up well (though I will only consider it once it has Custom Views).

JUNE onward can we have some action in TD Tasks tab? TD can kick other To-Do Lists / Task Managers out of the park if we have :

1. Manual sorting (which automatically promotes/demotes the priority of a task based on swiping or some other quick action).
2. Populating Tasks (with start/due dates) on a monthly calendar with easy date shifting (internal or on Google calendar).
3. More flexible multi-tagging and their search and sorting.
4. Better workflow visualization of Goals > Projects > Habits > Tasks > Sub-tasks.
5. Color coding and functional visual aesthetics.
6. Persistent notification and easy variable snoozing options in both Android and Website.

I know this is a long task list, but a solid start would encourage us Task Masters :)

Posted Jun 04, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by fionaherbert:
Posted by Business Support LLC:

Ability to put tasks and habits on the same view....... I really, really want them on a view with today's tasks (I saw there is a bunch of other people who want the same thing). So I see all of today's items I need to do (tasks & habits) on one view. And I would love the goal progress I want to see on the same view.

I support this request to 'join' habits & tasks on one page, which has been asked for many many times.
WHY this is SO important is that having more than one 'to-do' list for any day is in-efficient and distracting. Efficiency and Effectiveness depend on having one clear list of goals/tasks/activities. Splitting to-do's and 'habits' is splitting our attention and energy.
I think having the separate tab is ok, as long as the habits appear on the to-do list as well... not necessarily an easy request I appreciate that. But I think it can be done (I'm only a baby-database programmer).

Would love a Primary Dashboard showing Goals, Projects, Habits, Hot-list Tasks on one board that can be seen with one view. May be each panel/card (of the above topics) can scroll to show more information.

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TD has almost every conceivable variable by which one can sort and manage tasks. However to avoid spending too much time in manually "managing" tasks and more time in "completing" tasks, I have turned off the 'Status' field in settings. I have incorporate one or two critical status in another context field.
I rely on only the priority, star and start-due dates to present me my task priorities in custom lists.
May not work for everyone, but works for me.
Best of luck.

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Posted May 02, 2015 in: Progress Report - April 2015
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Thanks for the Monthly Progress Report. The Android App is shaping up well.
Unfortunately still no new features or major improvements in the Task tab of TD on the Web.
Please think of improving the main function of TD. Thanks.

Posted May 02, 2015 in: Manage task dependency in start time
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Posted by markjgsmith:
I want to add a bit of weight to this request. Two features that would be tremendously useful:

1) being able to multi-select a group of tasks and change a property
2) being able to multi-select a group of tasks and bump all their due dates by a number of days

I'm aware that it's possible to use the search feature and then multi-select from there, however it's an all or nothing action - mostly it's not possible to create a search that matches just the tasks that need to be selected. I have searches setup for Yesterdays Tasks, Todays Tasks and Past Tasks, so it's only partially useful.

I often have unexpected things crop up and need to bump a load of tasks (that I've already spent time scheduling by setting the due dates) by several days. Being able to do this in one action (e.g bump due dates on a specific hand picked selection by 4 days) would be much better than having to change due dates individually on each task again and again.

I agree. Time and Convenience is important when entering and managing To-Dos on the move. Ideally one would like to quickly shoot and scoot without playing with multiple variables and filters. User friendly To-Do Apps allow you to multi-touch for selecting a number of tasks and swipe left or right to delay/snooze or advance or complete To-Dos quickly.
TDs new task entry is pretty good. What would help is easy multi-selection of tasks and quick advance or postpone start or due dates.

Posted Apr 25, 2015 in: Outlines exported to Tasks?
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Posted by iriofreitas:
Is there a way to export or link the Outlines to/with Tasks in order to have all items been followed in just one dashboard?

I don't think you currently can, but if somehow incorporated in the future it would be fantastic as you would have multi-level sub-tasks.

Posted Apr 23, 2015 in: Basic needs not addressed in any apps
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Posted by Salgud:

It's unfortunate that no one I know of has completely integrated tasks, appointments, notes and contacts into one app. Not since my Palm days have I had such an app. It seems like a no-brainer, but certainly haven't found it. At one point, a few years ago, I hoped maybe TD would go this route, but they've gone in an entirely different direction now.

Agree. That is how humans work/multitask seemlessly. Android App "24me: To-Do,Task" claims to follow this route. Haven't yet tried it out though. It is probably new and not fully developed to meet that aspiration in real time.
I agree that sadly TD is going the compartmentalized way.

Posted Apr 22, 2015 in: Basic needs not addressed in any apps
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Posted by e20.09g:
I strongly agree, though, that all timed events - meetings, appointments, tasks with date assigned - belong in one Calendar view, and there should be a simple way to focus on Today's events. Unfortunately most calendar software makers don't seem to grasp this very basic concept.

I would love to have my ToDo app have two way sync with Google Calendar or have its Own calendar which can show day, week and month views of the dated tasks. I believe TD had a view at a glance calendar of tasks before it changed its format to monthly "dots" and an agenda view.

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Waiting with bated breath for up-gradation and expansion of 'Task Management' features.
The feature request above is just one such example. Many requests are pending for quite some time.
When you already have something Good it is easier to make it Great, rather than reinventing various wheels from scratch.
Hope TD becomes the most powerful Task Management tool ever.
Best wishes!

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Posted Apr 03, 2015 in: Progress Report - March 2015
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Anxiously waiting to to see more developments/features in the -TASKS section- for which I am primarily using Toodledo. I have not seen any major improvement in TASKS features for quite some time (referring to your Monthly progress reports).

Maybe this accounts for the fact that TD does not feature in the top 5 To-Do Web/Apps in most reviews. For all its potential to be an excellent Task Manager TD is falling behind in evaluation as a User Friendly, Powerful and Elegant Task Manager solution. I really appreciate the long awaited improvement in design, but features need to be improved too.

Sorry to say this, but in a race of horses, it is becoming a bit of a camel. No offence meant to my favorite Task Manager, only my anguish to see further development of the TASKS section, for which many have given suggestions over the years. :)

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Posted Apr 03, 2015 in: Goals Feature
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If one is proactive rather than reactive, ideally Roles followed by Goals are the primary and superintending category of ones life. Organizationally all other tasks/activities/programs/habits should fit under one or other of these Goals (with a few exceptions).

A logical workflow could be : Roles > Goals > Projects > Habits & Tasks > Sub-tasks & Checklists > Calendar & Notification Reminders > Graphical Statistics.

Since you are in the process of re-designing the interface, it may be opportune to consider how to approximate this workflow.


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