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Posted Jan 29, 2015 in: task sequencing
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Toodledo is great and the most flexible Task Manager available. Two areas of improvement (important to me) are:
1) Ability to sequence the days tasks
2) Tight Google calendar integration (quick task display, movement, deletion)

Priorities and Stars help categorize tasks into a funnel of ever decreasing bucket of tasks (Stars being the smallest bucket. Toodledo however does not allow one to easily Sequence the tasks to be performed for the day (which is the most important arena of real action). I use sub-tasks for breaking down more complex tasks, but not for the Days tasks, as it will pull things out of context. All users practically need is a way to sequence "Starred tasks" only, i.e. tasks planned/selected for the current day, not the entire database. It would really help in focusing and completing on one thing at a time without constantly evaluating all the starred tasks (I have too many starred tasks).

Thanks Jake

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Posted Jan 25, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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I am currently struggling with how to sequence tasks in planned order of doing and use non-excluding variables together.

Some time and resources devoted to improving the "tags" system would make Toodledo very customizable and flexible.
One could enter any number of multiple variable at once and let "Search Views" sort and display tasks as per ones desired work-flow process.
Eg. One could add numbers so that tasks can be sorted as per the planned sequence of doing them; U&I, U but not I, Imp not Urgent; Names of Delegated to, and any other variables.

For it to work however the tags should :
1. quick entry
2. remain until deleted from index
3. predictive display when first letter is typed
4. customizable sort & display options (a) only those tasks which have specific tag (b) in combo with other tags
A strong tag system (like Evernote) can substitute for many other fixed variables.

Just for your consideration and others views.

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Posted by

1) I'd love to have an alarm snooze facility. ...... If you leave notifications open on your phone, it is easy to become immune to them. A snooze facility is better for creating a culture where a notification drives action.

+1 A repetitive "snooze alarm" for critical tasks (in both Toodledo Web and App) will help us ensure things get done.

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Posted Jan 20, 2015 in: Completed task
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One way to get immediate feedback that a task has actually been completed, even if your filter "shows recently completed tasks" is to go into Settings and in Row Style : use "Completed Tasks are Crossed out". If you check your Calendar it will show/confirm that it has been repeated to a future date.
A feature I would like: is a quick popup on completing a repeating task that states that the task is repeated to_____date in the future.

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Posted by salustri:
Following up, here's a specific mod I'd like to suggest adding to the importance calculation: a measure of the effort a task is expected to take.
This can be done by using the Length field. One may argue that the longer the task, the more effort has to be put into it.
I should think that, all else being equal, a task that will take 6 hours to complete should be treated as more important than a task requiring only 5 minutes to complete.

I get your line of thinking, however task importance is an individual decision/assigned by the user and may be different from length or effort of a task. As far as the variables Start time/Due/Overdue/Priority/Star these are intentionally assigned by the user for important tasks. One could filter for long tasks and mark them with priority high/top/star or assign an early Start time given the length of a task. IMO, unless I misunderstood.

Posted Jan 20, 2015 in: the order of forum chit chats
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Posted by koenig:
would'nt it be easier to change the order of chats from new to old, instead of from old to new? now you have to scroll down to the latest chat which I find boring. I would love to see the latest chat at the beginning of the list. you too?

Hey this is a simple suggestion that does make an awful lot of sense (and is adopted by many sites having a ton of entries). Now that I think of it, even my home/office files are filed with the latest documents on top, for convenience.
Let's do it.

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Posted by Geoff Peters:
Hey, for everyone who was having trouble, I updated the bookmarklet so it should fix the problem. Try deleting the bookmarklet and adding it again from my site. Please let me know.

btw... I am using Chrome Version 39.0.2171.99 m

Yup, after deleting the old bookmarklet and adding the new/updated bookmarklet it works (now includes the emails URL into the notes field). Thanks a ton.

Posted Jan 17, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Salgud / AA, Discovered this useful feature after your comments (tap the icon glyph, with the red dot, to the left of the thread title, it does take you directly to the first unread post in each thread). Was about to suggest it otherwise. Thanks.

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Posted by Salgud:

I'd like to make a suggestion. Could one or two developers be put back on the task management side to start working on some of these long requested features? I know the new features are now the primary focus of your efforts based on the last couple of years releases and your annual review, but why not put some effort into fixing these old issues, like Tags, to placate us old timers? All we've gotten in the last 2 years is "De-Star on Completion" and "Save Sort Order with View", neither of which required much real effort. This barely qualifies as throwing us a bone. How about one with meat on it this year? :-)

Thanks for listening.

Customers use a variety of Apps on their desktop and mobile for different purposes, and continuously review which best addresses a category need. Toodledo falls in the category of "To-do Task Manager" and needs to continuously improve its Task management capabilities to keep ahead of others. I use Keep and Evernote for small and major notes/clippings, and Workflowy for Outlines. I appreciate that other customers use-case may be different, but the "Task manager" remains the core of Toodledo. I don't like donuts they are empty at the core, but I do love Toodledo. Keep improving the core.

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Posted by M:

Sorry, but this is not generating the gmail url into the notes field, for me.
I'm using Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m.
What can I do to troubleshoot?


Same with me "not generating the gmail url into the notes field" in Chrome 39 (64bit)

Posted Jan 14, 2015 in: Custom Priorities
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Posted by pmifsud:
I would like to create more priorities than the standard High, Medium, etc. because those options are specific enough. I would like to use letters or numbers to sort by exact priority. How can I do that or something similar to that? Thanks.

+1 Would be great to have a drop-down menu numbers field to sort out hot-list tasks in a 'preferred sequence of doing'. Other fields are used for their intended purpose, Multiple Tags get bunched together and Start times are inconvenient as they are not drop-down menu options.

Posted Jan 13, 2015 in: How do you Toodledo?
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Posted by GM+:
"If I had a wish, I would like to have:

1. A function like projects to realize a workflow from goal => project => task => subtask.
2. A more practical UI to view progress and the connection between goals, tasks, habits, maybe list and so on...
I like the new Habits section very much and the design. A possibility to link this to goals/projects/task would be great."

1+ for a visible/logical connection and flow from Long-term Goal => Medium-term Goal => Short-term Goal => Project => Task => Subtask => Note. It would really make our lives more intentional and organised, with very little falling through the gaps.

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Posted Dec 15, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Bridget, I for one like the name Toodledo (To-odle-do), its flippant and funny, yet relevant (Anydo, Todoist, etc are just lame).

We can always do with more fun in our lives -- like skins and themes, and color, and plenty of options so that your diverse subscribers can customize to their hearts desire. Toodledo is already the most versatile To-Do app.

Better Evernote and Google Calender integration are fundamentals.

How about a Christmas theme with goodies like a subscription extension and ...... magically getting all my starred tasks done?

Happy festivities!!

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Awesome! I have been using "Ultimate To-Do Tasks -Pro" Android App for a year now. IMO it covers all Toodledo's great features and extends it further with :
* Task Multi-select (by long press and taps)
* Google Calendar sync - Two-way - Instant
* Reminder on Start date/time
* Nagging Reminders in the Notification panel with variable Snooze
* Easy access Custom Search Views
* Widget - multi - scrolling - actionable - copying Views
* Voice task input (needs to be improved with variable volume/mute)

My Thanks to Jake of Toodledo & 'dnicholson' of Ultimate To-Do Tasks for providing us this user friendly Web and Android App, respectively.

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For those who use 'Start' date/time as an essential part of their daily work-flow and need Reminders based on 'Start' -- a third party Android App 'Ultimate To-Do List' has a Nagging Reminders and great Snooze time variability, and Custom Views. Syncs great with Toodledo (except for the Start Reminder). The new kick-ass beta version with new UX is running (Tasks & Notes only) and states that it will be out of beta by March 2015.

Score: 5
Ability to set an Alarm based on a Start date/time is a basic and essential feature as we plan our workday by Starting many tasks at different times. Due date is used for fewer items. Without an Alarm reminder Toodledo is sub par as a reminder tool.

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Help! How can I enter a Daily Toodledo Task (eg. "water my plants at 11am") without it filling every day of my Google Calendar for all eternity? I want it to show up only one day at a time till either completed or the date passes, whereupon it will be moved to the next day not only in Toodledo but also in Google Calendar.

All my Toodledo tasks are mapped via icalendar link to Google Calendar. I have set the task for "Due By Tomorrow" and tried "On completion" and "Optionally Due" settings. Both settings fill every day in Google Calendar. Will using Start date instead of Due date help? Will it automatically move it forward by one day?

Posted Nov 27, 2014 in: Way to change saved search titles?
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Would prefer an ability to just "Rename" the Saved Search titles, so that they are sorted as I want them, rather than going through a work-around rigmarole.

Posted Oct 30, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by wasmith108:
I'm sure you've heard it, but it would be awesome to be able to sort tasks into alpa/numeric groupings (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, etc.) Even with stars, it's hard to prioritize many tasks within each of the Top to Negative groups.

1+ this feature, would be able to assign to Urgent&Imp, ImpNotUrgent, etc. or just Prioritize order of doing tasks.

Posted Oct 05, 2014 in: Forum Search Improvement
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Posted by Jake:
You can sort your search results by date by clicking the "Sort by" button in the top right corner of the search results page.

Doesn't work properly, dates not mentioned for each comment, and shows entire categories rather than only most recent individual comments (which worked in Toodledo's in-house search facility).
Could incorporating "Googles Search Tools Button" make it work as it shows by "Any time, past hour, 24 hours, week, month", etc?
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