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Posted Oct 04, 2014 in: Forum Search Improvement
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PROBLEM : In Chrome, when I clicked on "Search" it showed the Title "Search Toodledo Forums" and the rest of the page was blank.
SOLVED : by temporarily disabling Ghostery service which was blocking the Google search widget. Will now have to identify the widget service and white-list it.

PROBLEM: Previous Toodledo in-house search options allowed for viewing only the latest "this weeks" forum comments. How to replicate that in the Google search window?

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Posted Sep 29, 2014 in: View by Calendar
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Posted by Jake:
Google only refreshes iCal subscriptions once every 24 hours and there is no known way to cause Google to refresh faster. If you wait 24 hours, the calendar events should update.

Often Tasks don't get done unless you assign them a date/time, and this keeps changing. Google is the most used calendar, therefore devoting some resources to make Toodledo and Google Calendar two-way sync is quite important. Sorry to bring in other Apps but some of them instantly sync with Google calendar (both-ways). In our dynamic fast-paced lives, no one can wait for 24 hours for their task changes to appear on their calendar, and not have a way by which a calendar entry can get registered in our favorite Task manager.
Love Toodledo, just want it to work with less work-arounds.

Posted Sep 28, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by Bridget:
At the moment I'm most interested in hearing accounts and experiences using the following features:
1. Goals
2. Settings
3. Add a Task

1. Would love to see "Goals" connected graphically rather than suggested by a text field. Example below...
LifeLong Goal A --- Long-Term Goal 1
ShortTerm Goal a
ShortTerm Goal b
--- Long-Term Goal 2
ShortTerm Goal c
ShortTerm Goal d
LifeLong Goal B --- Long-Term Goal 1
ShortTerm Goal e
ShortTerm Goal f
Also ShortTerm Goals should show first in task drop-down box.

2. In "Settings", would like color options for priorities, subtasks, and 5 user defined tags.

3. In "Add a Task" representative icons before each entry field would (with repeated use) quickly identify the context for quick entry, rather than reading the text only. ToodleQuick chrome bookmarklet is very convenient, and could use the same treatment.

Really excited about the UX design changes :)

Posted Sep 21, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by bryan.roach:
There is a setting "Top is fixed and tasks scroll" which has been listed as experimental for a long time.

On my laptop, when this feature is turned on in settings, it shows only 5 tasks and leaves the rest of the page below blank. I use it in conjunction with the 'left sidebar can hide' feature. I am therefore forced to use the "scroll entire page", although I would much prefer to use the former feature. Any fix for this?

Posted Sep 21, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by mmghobri:
Thanks Dave! I should've described my setup a bit more: it's sorted by due dates, and i usually don't assign subtasks due dates depending on what they are, so they don't show up inline unless I expand the parent. I was hoping that with the parent expanded, the subtasks would still not be indented

Jake/Bridget, I use indented sub-tasks all the time. It would be a deal breaker for me if this convenient visual arrangement is removed. I don't envy your job of managing seemingly conflicting requirements from customers. Keep up the good design metamorphosis.

Posted Sep 12, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by Purveyor:

I would reverse the order of the phases. The essence of Toodledo is the task list. Start there and make it work better. (Design is more than veneer, right?) Then carry over the new design elements to Notes, Outlines and Lists, and then update the secondary pages.

Welcome Bridget !! I Agree with the above.
An UX refurbishment is long due. We can always do with a bit of color in our lives and in the UI, because
* humans love color. Color rules the world & directs our actions
* its a quick fix - easiest way to modernize, grab eyeballs and increase sales (from those on the fence)
* for heavy Toodledo users a fresh look can add joy to everyday life.

Suggestions for the UX from a layman :

1. Modern Font type (high contrast, true clear?)

2. User selectable Skins / Themes.

3. Red checkbox for "Top Priority" tasks, Blue checkbox for "High Priority" tasks.

4. Productivity Quote of the Day appearing in masthead.

5. The 4 main Tabs (Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists) being represented by Symbols (maybe legend on hover over).

6. Button with Hover-over to show Keyboard shortcuts.

7. Hover-over Note icon in Tasks to see Note content (click only to edit).

8. Light pastel shading for Sub-task rows to clearly differentiate from Parent tasks.

9. Different Font for "All Tasks" under all menus and "New Search" under Search menu to differentiate at a glance.

10. Eliminate clutter of 'grey circle with arrow' in every task by making checkbox one click for selecting (with popup for actions) and two clicks for marking done and strike through.

11. Optional : Ticking off a task could show a motivating sound / animation

12. Silver / Gold subscription could show relevant colored medallion.

13.Complete redesign of Calendar section with Visual Calendar displaying Tasks like a diary/Google calendar - with Month, Week, Day, Agenda views

"They only win, who have the courage to dream" :)

Posted Sep 01, 2014 in: Prioritising tasks more specifically
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+1 for User Prioritization of Top Tasks.

The Prioritization numerals and Stars are great for categorizing tasks into baskets based on Importance. What I need is a way to manually prioritize my top tasks so that they are sorted in the sequence in which I want to attack them. Tried star, tags, start time, however none work effectively for this purpose. Any suggestions how to do it?

Suggested Feature : An optional column (I have many off by default) where we could use an alphabet or numeral to manually quickly mark the sequence in which we want to do our top tasks?

Posted Aug 16, 2014 in: Notes Search isn't very useful
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While the Utopian ideal is to have a single "golden goose" application that does everything well, it is not practical. Multi-party outsourcing of the best specialized processes is the trend. One, an App has to do one or two things brilliantly. Two, they need to have an open API that allows integration with other great third party apps.
Difficult to beat Evernote/OneNote (Notes), WorkFlowy (Outlines), Feedly (RSS), Toodledo (Tasks), Google GMail & Calendar, etc.

Wish Toodledo would concentrate its limited resources on further developing its 'raison the etre' ie. "To-do Tasks", particularly when it has robust To-Do competitors snapping at its heels.

Building immediate two-way sync of Tasks with Google Calendar (like third party apps do) would be a killer feature.

All the best!

Posted Jul 11, 2014 in: Showing Empty Folders
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May not necessarily suit your thinking or workflow but if you want to see a list of all your clients/folders a workaround would be to add a dummy innocuous task in empty folders and give it a 0 or negative priority so that it always shows the folder and a 0 count (depending on your settings).

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I second this request for a bit of color in our lives and in the UI, because
* we are human and love it
* color rules the world and directs our actions
* its a quick fix - easiest way to modernize, grab eyeballs and increase sales (from those on the fence)

Posted Jul 01, 2014 in: Toodledo is now on Zapier!
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Posted by kk_buero:
What's the advantage of zapier over IFTTT?

I am a newbie with using both IFTTT and Zapier. Zapier seems to be more powerful because it can target individual fields/variables (tags, folders, text, etc) therefore giving you very customized actions.

Example : With IFTTT I could send only shared note links in Evernote to Google Calendar or Toodledo, whereas Zapier can send all new Reminders, or new Tasks,etc. that to with specific dates and note details mapped to the Target programs fields.

As I said I am a newbie and non techie who is only trying to help, so if I am wrong don't flame me. ;)

Posted Jul 01, 2014 in: Toodledo is now on Zapier!
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Seems that Zapier is more powerful (detailed/specific) than IFTTT but with limited free use (5 Zap Recipes, 100 messages per month). I had created 2 Zaps 2 days ago and they are working.

1) Add Reminder to Evernote for a specific date creates a Reminder in Google Calendar for that specific date.

2) Create New Task in my Evernote Tasks Folder sends task to Toodledo Inbox with task title and details in the Note of the task.

Would still like Toodledo to work with the Google Calendar API so as to allow immediate two-way task sync between Toodledo and Google Calendar (like some 3rd party apps). Please.

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I have the same problem as stated below. Why does sorting by "repeat" not cluster tasks under "Daily", "Weekly",etc? If "repeat is not none" used, same problem.

Quoting Salgud :
I created a filter to look at all of my repeating tasks. I can't filter for repeating tasks reliably. The filter was


So I included all of the basic repeat types other than With Parent.

The results I got were a lot of tasks with Repeat None, including parent tasks, subtasks and standalone tasks. Sounds like something wrong with the filter, but maybe I missed something. Any ideas?

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Jake, Appreciate your quick responses to queries in the Forum.
Using "Show" to toggle collapse/reveal nested subtasks answers my query and works for me.

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Quoted "Jake Toodledo Admin Posted: Apr 15, 2008
We are trying to find a way to efficiently toggle all subtasks open and closed, but we don't have a solution yet. This is a high priority item on our to-do list."

Can we have a toggle or short-key to collapse/reveal all nested subtasks under their Parents ?

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Feature Request :
Would be great if the user can Save his/her "Preferred View" for each chart in the Statistics pages. This "Preferred View" should come up first in each chart to allow a quick reference without fiddling with the various variables.
Of course the other variables need to be available to slice and dice, and offer different perspectives of ones work-flow.

Hey, after using the free account for a while I find the Silver subscription (with sub-tasks, history and statistics) empowering! :))

Posted Jun 21, 2014 in: Search Within Individual List
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After searching by my Custom Searchs or New Search I use Ctrl+F in Windows to enter my additional word and search/find for keywords, tags, etc.
May not be what you are looking for though! :)

Posted Jun 20, 2014 in: View by Calendar
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Just my 2cents, not intending to lecture or patronize :)

Peter Drucker urged all businesses to ask the fundamental question "What business am I in?", not in terms of their internal strengths & weakness, but ultimately grounded on customer need.

Answer 1: "To-Do list" - customer forced to use multiple unconnected tools(role/goal planning,lists, notes, calender, alarms, team sharing, communication) for his work process.

Answer 2: "Day,Week,Month,Life Organiser" - convenient one-stop go-to tool.

Toodledo does most except good calender sync and maybe team communication. Wouldn't it be neat to have a separate tab for "Calender" (which graphically showed start/due dates) along with the tabs on top for Tasks/Notes/Outline/Lists?

Just Yesterday I realized that the notes & lists also fit well with my work process.
Thanks and toodledo.

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Posted Jun 12, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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To manage ones life-work or work-life the two essentials are Task Lists & Calendar. Toodledo is excellent in Task Lists, however its Calendar integration is poor.

1. Toodledo's own calendar doesn't show the Text of dated tasks in normal calendar views (month,week,day). It shows dots or an Agenda view, and one has to click on the dots to reveal the tasks/events. All calendars in iOS and Android show tasks/events in text in date slots...because that is the most intuitive way to see dated tasks.

2. Many 3rd party To-Do apps have two way sync with Google calendar which allows you to change/delete tasks from the calendar (and do a real time sync of the update with Toodledo).

3. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Toodledo tasks set to recur only on due date or completion (most routine tasks) correctly show only the current occurrence in Toodledo but populates Google calendar for all future years!! This means one cant set tasks to recur without crowding ones Google calendar.

Hope these CALENDAR deficiencies can be attended to fast so that Toodledo can be head and shoulders above its other Task Management competitors.

Posted Jun 10, 2014 in: Integrated Task Management System
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R.Welsh, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on time management and your Toodledo setup. The Life Leadership 101 summary was both comprehensive and concise - a minor miracle! :)
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