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Posted Jun 03, 2016 in: New Section: Lists
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Right now, at least from my perspective, the inability to display all columns in the mobile application, combined with lack of automatic cell value totaling like in web version, renders lists pretty useless.

Vacation time tracking ? No can't do. Can't see the total.

Some quick inventory list ? No can't do. Can't see the total.

Sure I can see it all in the browser or on the desktop but it's far easier to just fire up Excel or a compatible application suite.

Until the mobile app gets some love, I am afraid Lists aren't going to work for me.

Posted Jun 02, 2016 in: Outlook syncing - what are my options?
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There's two problems with gSyncit approach (which not everyone will run into).

First, you need to buy a license for every computer you want use it on; for me that means three desktops + laptop. That's a bit much.

Second, many if not most workplaces don't allow you to install any unapproved 3rd party applications. On my work desktop, nothing can be installed without IT involvement.

The beauty of syncing - and the reason I dumped Toodledo for about half a year - is that with Outlook 2013 and above, you don't need any 3rd party software to sync between Outlook and As long as you're using software that syncs with, you will have all of your data synced across all of your devices with no jumping through hoops.

The problem that I ran into, and the reason I gave up on syncing, is that on iOS, there's no easy way to force tasks to show on today in the calendar without changing the due date. Pocket Informant does this with any other type of tasks except iOS reminders (which is what would sync to). There's only one other calendar I know of that supports a Star feature and it does this by replacing the due date with today's date, which is a terrible approach. There's also an issue with Reminders not having a start date. Some calendars work around it i.e. you can assign a start date in that app & sync it accross, but PI removed that feature and other calendars don't have the Star feature. In the end, I decided that access to the full range of task management features in Toodledo was worth more to me than having all my tasks in desktop Outlook across all of my computers.

If you don't use the "today" feature in PI, however, there's at least two other iOS apps that allow using Start date on Reminders.

Posted Jun 01, 2016 in: Tasks Redesign (part 5)
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Isn't this already achievable via a combination of stars and priorities ?

Posted May 31, 2016 in: Outlook syncing - what are my options?
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There may be a somewhat ass-backwards limited but free way of doing this using IFFFT (copy new Toodledo tasks into Apple Reminders & sync to then to Outlook) but I could never make IFFFT work for recipes that included list name.

Posted May 27, 2016 in: Android app defaults
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I have a few tasks that I added recently that don't show up in Android Toodledo app yet they do show in Pocket Informant for Android, PI for iOS, and Toodledo for iOS. It took me a while to realize that the negative priority, future and deferred task display was off.

I don't remember ever setting this option. Is it by default, or am I losing it ?

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It would be great if there was an ability to assign automatic tags to folders. E.g. for every project-specific folder I create, I want to assign tag "Business" so that I could see all my work-related tasks without having to manually assign this tag to individual tasks.

Posted May 23, 2016 in: Toodledo and IFTTT
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It seems that the TD recipies only work when there's minimum conditions.

I have struggled with creating TD tasks from iOS Reminders. If I have a Reminders list specified in my recipe, it will not work. However once I created a basic "If new Reminder create a TD Task" with no conditions on what list the Reminder is in, it worked.

Posted May 23, 2016 in: Sadly, I am saying goodbye to Toodledo
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Well, I am back... ;)

After 6 months of doing this, I really started to miss the planning capabilities of TD.

I still use the Reminders to sync between various devices, but then use IF to copy them into my TD. Unfortunately IF is not very reliable. But it works most the time.

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The requests to have a native Outlook sync module are probably as old as the Toodledo service itself, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

Posted Dec 04, 2015 in: Sadly, I am saying goodbye to Toodledo
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Posted by boydston01:
Thanks for the extensive information! I am going to look into this... (probably won't leave toodledo anytime soon, though)

Well, as I said, Toodledo is probably the best Task Manager out there.

However, the ability to export a bunch of tasks from Onenote to Outlook as I work on my project, and then drag them into my tasks folder & have them automatically sync to my phone and tablet is hard to beat. Before that, I had to manually copy each task to Toodledo, or send an email. Now it's all a very quick grab & drag action.

This message was edited Dec 04, 2015.

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1) You can create a link to Onenote page, it creates an Office link and a Web link (if you sync to Onedrive). The web link would probably work from within Toodledo, but it would open the web interface of Onenote.

2) Native linking between Toodledo and Onenote is not possible and I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening anytime soon. About the closest you can do is to email your task from Onenote to Toodledo, possibly a macro could be written to automate this process. Or email the task from Outlook to Toodledo. Or buy gSyncit and see if this solves your problem.

But a closer Onenote integration is one of the main reasons I gave up on Toodledo and went to (while tasks don't directly integrate with Onenote, they can be synced to Outlook so a "manual" integration is fast and easy).

Toodledo is probably the best Task management system in existence but it really needs an Outlook client.

Posted Dec 02, 2015 in: Sadly, I am saying goodbye to Toodledo
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You can sync Tasks, Notes (and obviously Calendar events) from Outlook to iOS or Android devices using as a conduit. No paid software involved other than Pocket Informant for Android (which I used anyway).

For Android tasks to sync with PI, you need an "preview" account that uses Exchange Web Services instead of the regular that uses EAS. You can request to switch your existing account to Preview, search on for the link.

For iOS, I think all you need to do is to set up your accounts in the Settings and you get the sync automatically. I _think_ this works with both the "old" and "preview" accounts. Probably the easiest thing is to set up a new account for calendar /tasks and then request Preview, as there are some features in the old accounts that prevent them from switchover.

You then set up the accounts in your desktop Outlook and voila... you can sync tasks and calendar items and contacts to your phone / tablet. I think depending on the version it may need to download some module from MS - I set it up months ago. It was all pretty quick and straightforward.

The Notes sync to iOS without any special tools.

For Android, I use a free program called ImapNotes2.

The Notes don't show up in PI, you need to use either iOS Notes app or ImapNotes2 to open them.

The Notes created or edited on iOS are synced back to Outlook with no limitations. The Notes created or edited on iMapNotes2 are read only in Outlook. There's also a paid software (Exchange Tasks and Notes) that may not have this limitation but since I only use Outlook notes sporadically I didn't want to spend the money. There's no way that I could find to read the notes on, while it acts as a conduit between the desktop and mobile, it doesn't seem to provide the web access to the notes.

Overall, it's been a pretty straightforward and reliable system once I set it all up. The biggest limitation is the fact that I have to use iOS Reminders on my iPad and this removes things like Stars or Tags / Categories (although Start Dates set in OL or PI, surprisingly, seem to sync even though Reminders doesn't have them). I am using a Priority-based Smart Filter in PI now instead of Stars (Top priority = Starred).

Hope this helps.

Posted Nov 19, 2015 in: Sadly, I am saying goodbye to Toodledo
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Well, after years of using Toodledo I bid it goodbye.

This decision is not a reflection on TD. I still think it's the best task tracking service out there.

However, now that Microsoft changed their service from Exchange Active Sync to Exchange Web Services, I can actually sync tasks between my work computer, my home computer, my account, my Android phone, and my iPad. No more forwarding emails to Toodledo, or copy / paste.

I can just create tasks from inside Onenote and drag them to the right folder in Outlook and it syncs across all of my devices. And this doesn't require buying any extra programs or installing a third-party sync connector on work machine.

Of course it sucks losing tags and stars. I did come up with a workable workaround, using priorities and filters in Pocket Informant (my favorite PIM on both Android and iOS) and in Outlook. Basically, the Top priority is acting as a Star. (you do need to have a "Preview" account not a regular account for PI to work properly).

Using TD was a blast and I wish the best of luck to all !

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Posted Nov 10, 2015 in: Habits Feature?
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Not for long. The idea seems to be to remind & track. Most of what I am using this for is diet and workouts and there are apps that do this so much better.

This is just another standalone program that doesn't really talk to the rest of Toodledo...

Posted Nov 03, 2015 in: Family Plan
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I'd use a single account and utilize tags / folders / contexts (whatever works the best) to separate between family members.

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The idea was to make it a toggle function, sorry if I wasn't clear.

Yes I know you can see the details after clicking on the extreme right, or in columns. But that's extra work plus it's hard to concentrate on details for one task when you have a lot of them. On computers with large screens, having a task detail pane would be very useful.

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The current behavior is to expand the bar on the left when you click on a folder / tag / context etc. icon, but you need to use a dedicated button to collapse them.

I wonder if this could be done via double click on the same button.


- click on Folder icon - expand Folder bar

- click on Tags icon - switch to Tags bar

- double click on Tags icon - collapse the left bar.

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Adding a detail pane under the task list that shows editable notes, due dates etc. for a currently highlighted task would make it easier to work with entries.

Posted Oct 23, 2015 in: Time for a price change?
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I doubt that their pricing strategy is based on actual costs of running a particular level of accounts - Wunderlist allows attachments in their free version.

I would however like to see a more finite price breakdown starting at lower levels. It's hard to justify spending $30 of my personal money on a tool that I am not technically required to have, that my company doesn't reimburse me for, and that I can't write off as a business expense, when there are many similar free tools available. Yes it's only $15-30 but that's not the only tool I have to pay for.. it adds up.

Some of the items like task collaboration are designed for teams and that implies having some kind of a budget, part of which may be spent on TD subscription. So by all means, keep it in the top tier price. The unlimited customer support is also more of a feature that a business / team would use.

TD in it's current free version is already a very powerful tool - enough to entice me to pay for iPad and Android clients, but there's little in the paid subscription that I want. May be file attachments, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for that. If I really wanted the task attachment feature, Wunderlist has it for free. And quite honestly, #1 reason I stuck with TD is that they sync with Informant and Wunderlist doesn't. (this is not the only reason, but the biggest by far).

There's so many services offering some degree of task management now, that in order to get more people to actually sign up for a paid subscription, TD needs to be more flexible.

This message was edited Oct 23, 2015.

Posted Oct 23, 2015 in: Make checkboxes more informative
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Some of the programs I use or used utilized task checkbox to show status and progress, I think doing this in Toodledo could help provide more info about task without taking up screen real estate - this could especially help when using TD on the phone.

Progress 25% or less - darken 1/4 of checkbox
Progress 25-50% - darken 1/2 of checkbox
Progress over 50% - darken 3/4 of checkbox
Status "Waiting" - show a sand clock icon instead of checkbox
Status "Delegated" - show a person icon instead of checkbox

(status icons take precedence over % completion)

This could probably be easily implemented without making major changes to the rest of the program.

Thanks !
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