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Posted Sep 19, 2008 in: Reporting Application
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  • mattsez
  • Posted: Sep 19, 2008
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I really like Toodledo, so much so, I decided to subscribe. However, one thing really drives me nuts: the lack of layout customizing with searches. I'm not sure if this is a feature that already exists, or that is around the corner, but I would like to do something about it if I can.

I want there to be a way to at least remove certain fields from a search, without removing them from other searches or other places on the site. Right now, it seems like this is something global, that the only thing you can do is adjust the length and order of the fields, (and even that doesn't seem specific to a search). If possible, I also want to find a way to change the layout, and have it specific to a search.

I tried to use the API, but because JavaScript does not do cross-domain XMLHTTP requests, I can't do something simple, (i.e. not have to set up a separate website). I want something that does not require buying development tools, and I want it to be light-weight so others can use it without them having to install more than component.

Anyone have any ideas? Is my idea not clear? I've tried searching for an obvious simple solution, but so far, nothing.

I would appreciate any input, thank you.
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