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Posted Dec 02, 2020 in: Apple Watch App?
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Posted by Larry3:
Since there are hundreds of support tickets submitted, the beta has expired with no replacement, and no recent communication from the developers I'd say no to your question.

In addition someone has posted that they are not taking any more subscription money it sounds like things are winding down.

Yep, I'm somewhat surprised to learn this today, but that's definitely what it sounds like.

Never a good sign when a business stops taking new paying customers.

Time to really redouble the search for a new task manager.

Sad; ToodleDo could have been awesome!

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I've had this same issue, unfortunately.

Best as I can tell, it only seems to happen with tasks that I've created originally on my iPhone.

My solution has been the same; manually copy & paste all the text into a brand new task on my desktop web browser, then delete / mark complete the task on my iphone.

Check other threads around here; sounds like ToodleDo is really shutting down quick.

Your time & energy is definitely best spent finding a new task manager app, unfortunately.

Hope this helps.

Posted Dec 02, 2020 in: Can't Modify Old and/or Repeating Tasks
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I have my tasks set as "due OPTIONALLY on" and set to repeat at whatever interval is necessary; daily, weekly, etc.

I believe that if there is any repeat configured whatsoever, that the task will do what it's been configured to do and show up again in your UNcompleted task list.

i.e.; you have task "get groceries" set to repeat each week on Saturday. When you complete getting groceries, you want to mark the task done but then for it to remind you again next weekend. Hence the task will repeat.

I always clear out the due date/time as well as the repeat fields before marking a task as complete /checking it off.

Does this make sense? Hope it helps...

Posted Dec 02, 2020 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by cj:
Posted by mlb32704:
Do we really and truly believe that Toodledo is going to be sunset anytime soon, or is everyone just venting because Anant and Co. just don't respond to any support requests and the like anymore? I for one actually like the basics of Toodledo and don't want to switch to an alternative, but I'm staying tuned and keeping my options available. What's the closest/best and preferably free alternative, TickTick? Remember the Milk? Others?

While I am a huge fan of Toodledo - the writing is definitely "on the wall"
- They have not been accepting paid subscriptions for a while (from what I understand) - and my premium subscription was automatically downgraded to the free, on the subscription renewal date (a smart move - not to take money).
- The IOS beta has expired. And there has not been any communications about it for many months. (ie... people running toodledo on ios just lost the product.
- If the toodledo owner(s) have abandoned any updates or support, it is only a matter of time before their server hosting runs out (months, weeks maybe a year) - and all toodledo functionality is lost.

Sorry to say - I was a huge fan and supporter, but now I am in the process of transferring my data and habits to a new platform.

Holy crap!!
I did not realize they have stopped taking new paid subscriptions.
Yikes, that is HUGE and NOT at all in a good way.

Giant red flag. Massive.

I'm definitely going to step up my plans to migrate & search for a new system, because with how we've been treated by ToodleDo so far, I would expect nothing other than for us to all wake up one day to find ToodleDo completely gone & shut down, with no explanation & not even so much as a "screw you idiots" from the owners/ operators.

Everyone here is making frequent, complete backups / exports of all their ToodleDo data, right??

Seems like that would be even more prudent than usual.... I used to do it very regularly & frequently; need to get back on that ASAP.

Posted Dec 02, 2020 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by japito8000:

I currently have a free account (had gold but moved to another todo system) and I am thinking about having a paid subscription again. However, I read lots of comments about no response on support tickets and see no updates (e.g. on the IOS beta test app) so I was wondering how "alive" is Toodledo? Before moving and committing myself on a dead product :)


a) Which other task manager system did you move to?

b) Yes, ToodleDo seems almost totally dead. Just browse around the forums here for a bit; nothing but complaints & negative experiences with ToodleDo.

Whoever the new owners & operators are have killed ToodleDo. (Whoever the f% this "anat" guy is - he's a total loser).

Such a huge shame because it's really a great product, and could be so much better if anyone with 1% motivation and committment ran it.

What if we crowdsourced & bought it, ran it ourselves?

I continue to be struck by how many people come here BEGGING for ToodleDo to help, fix issues, etc; ToodleDo users seem extremely, extremely loyal.
Pretty much any other app / company, people would leave a negative review, be gone & never look back.

Not ToodleDo fans.

Just look at your post as an example; you've already moved to a different system, yet you come back here to check.

May I ask why?

I'm NOT being negative / judgmental; not at all; please do not misunderstand my tone & intent.

I'm saying ToodleDo has an amazingly loyal user base, to the point where even FORMER CUSTOMERS come back to check on it, beg for improvements, etc. and ToodleDo is completely crapping all over us.

It's fascinating to me how loyal ToodleDo users are, and how anat & ToodleDo owners/mgrs seem to extract joy out of slowly killing the product off and torturing their users.

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Posted by
I've been having a similar problem with my iOS apps both on iPhone and iPad. I WAS NOT on 14.2 and my apps were not syncing. Evertime I tried to reset and login with my password I received a login failed error.

I reinstalled the app and tried several more times with same results. So, I figured I install the 14.2 iOS update. Still will not login.

It appears there is a problem with the app. How about some guidance here ToodleDo!!!

Hey Dino, Thanks for the reply. :-)

Well, I don't know if you've browsed around here but basically; ToodleDo has sadly devolved into a total disaster.

The new app update they released this summer (July?) has caused major issues for many, MANY users - including substantial data loss.

Worse, ToodleDo staff has been almost wholly unresponsive. Browse around this forum & you'll see for yourself.

Anyway; sounds like you are in a slightly better place than me because at least your ToodleDo app launches - mine won't even load on my iPad, after I upgraded to 14.2. I can't even get into it to play with any of the settings.

This is why I'm always VERY careful in how I update iOS and mission-critical apps; I can't afford to have them non-functional, data loss, etc.

I guess all I can do is again to a full backup / export of all my ToodleDo data, download the new Crap App, and pray for the best.

Have you done a force sync?

Last thing; if you haven't already, you should immediately go & backup / export all your ToodleDo data.

The worst part of this new app is it has caused data loss (deleted many or ALL tasks & notes!) for a lot of users.

Granted, they're partially to blame for not making any backups of their data, but still.....people get a sadly misplaced and very false sense of security when using cloud apps...

That's it for now......

Posted Nov 07, 2020 in: Notes are not scrolling properly
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I have the same issue.
I'm running the pre-disaster version of the app; 3.3.10 (5222).

This started happening after I updated my devices to iOS 14.

After I updated my iPad to iOS 14.2 (release like 1-2 days ago, around 11/6); ToodleDo completely stopped launching; it won't open at all.
I started a new thread on this but after backing up my acct, seems I might have no choice but to download the latest app version on my iPad only....

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Well CRAP.

I updated my 11" iPad Pro to iOS 14.2 and now the ToodleDo app will not open at all on my iPad.
It attempts to launch but crashes almost instantly.

I think I'm screwed for sure on my ipad; I think I have no choice but to delete & install the newest ToodleDo app, right??
I have rebooted the device multiple times, but it doesn't help.

In preparation for the worst - installing the disaster of a new ToodleDo app - I have gone into my ToodleDo account on my desktop & downloaded a backup in literally every different format; Complete Backup option, CSV, TXT, XML, etc.

Is there anything else I should do or try before grudgingly downloading the latest ToodleDo app & hoping it works with iOS 14.2?

Any other precautions I should take before downloading the new ToodleDo app on my iPad?

Posted Jul 13, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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Posted by cj:
iOS 3.4.1 Update

OMG ... you just made it 100x worse ...
(at least I was running the flawed version - prior to your announcement)

1. I followed your directions ... made sure toodledo was synched
2. I deleted the app. redownloaded from app store
3. booted up toodledo (so far so good) ... logged in, and made sure the basic settings were there
4. clicked synch
waiting ....

5 App crashes
tried to re-start
all I get is the toodledo splash screen

And .... since I am about to leave for a week vacation. I'm screwed.

Holy mother of G*d this is so bad - the level of incompetence is criminal.

I was probably the "last man standing" toodledo stalwart fan... and defender.

Not anymore.

What a massive f*up. I am now speechless. Nothing more to say.

Dang man... I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm not even going to try the new update even on an old iPad that I still need to wipe & give to my wife......I don't want to risk it deleting data from TD's server or anything.

Not worth the risk, not worth the hassle.

Sorry for your troubles, hope you can get some fix in place.

Posted Jul 09, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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Posted by Duo:

From what I'm reading it unfortunately seems like many people had auto-update enabled and so received a new broken app automatically.

If as you say, this is the first Toodledo update in over 3 years it would have come out of the blue.

Also, I believe that on iOS it is all or nothing, unlike Android - you can't choose which apps to auto-update. Is that correct?

I should have been more clear; I'm in NO WAY blaming the end user, simply making a comment on the sad state of software updates in today's world.

Yes, you are right that many affected users may have "auto app updates" enabled. I do not have that specifically because of instances like this.
While rare, they can be devastating when a critical app like ToodleDo or EverNote is rendered useless by a careless, untested update that is pushed out.

And yes that's correct; if you enable automatic app updating, it's all or nothing; no way to pick & choose.

Apple really ought to also roll out a "skip this update" feature, so that people like me can choose to skip a particular update instead of constantly being pestered to upgrade.

Posted Jul 08, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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I just about fell over when I went to check for app updates & saw an update for ToodleDo.


*TOODLE-FREAKIN'-DO* released an update after what; 3 YEARS???


I went to install it on a spare / non-production iPad and got the message it's "no longer available." Played with it a few more times, decided to head here to see WTF is going on.

Yep, just as I suspected; the new app was garbage so the app's been pulled. HA!

Man do I feel sorry for all y'all who immediately updated it. Truly; I've been in your boat & totally understand.

One small lesson is to NEVER immediately install updates for ANY major, critical app or device you use. ALWAYS wait at LEAST a few days or longer to update and always a good idea to research first to see if others have had problems.

Again; I'm very sorry for the issues users are having; we really shouldn't HAVE to take this much caution when installing app updates, but here we are...

I have zero confidence that the app will be updated successfully anytime this year so I'm looking at RTM & Tick Tick, as well as others.

It's clear that we can't get thru to ToodleDo ownership.

I repeat again; it says a lot about the users here that ToodleDo is such a hot mess yet people STILL come back here to beg & plead for a working product. ToodleDo is awesome.....when it works.

Real shame the ToodleDo team is squandering their hard earned client base & goodwill.


Posted Jun 06, 2020 in: We’re Back
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I hate to dogpile on, but I’m just so incredibly dismayed by the complete & total lack of any development nor action from the ToodleDo team.
Let me put it this way; I’ve been such a dedicated ToodleDo user that I have a freakin text replacement shortcut on ALL my devices so that I only have to type “TD” and it auto-expands to “ToodleDo.”

The app was never optimized for the larger 12.9” iPad and when I asked about it years ago, ToodleDo basically said “well, it works on the larger screen, so....”

Yeah, it works & runs but is not optimized by a long shot to take advantage of the larger display.

I’ve seen zero updates nor development Of any sort on this app - yep, just checked Apple App Store & the last version was released in *2017*.
It is halfway thru 2020 right now.


Honestly based on the responses I’ve seen here from ToodleDo staff and the total lack of any meaningful development, it seems like this is 1 of 15 other jobs the ToodleDo team has, and believe me; this is dead last on their list.

I let my subscription lapse about a month ago and the only difference I’ve seen is I have a banner ad in the sidebar now. That’s it.

The main reason I upgraded was so that I could attach documents and other files to tasks, yet I discovered *only after upgrading* that the feature does not work on iOS app - you have to access in a browser - which is just a stupid work around. Even then it is about as inelegant and bare bones as it gets.

The alternative app suggestions I have seen in the several posts above me look really fantastic and I think it is clear now that I have no choice but to look anywhere other than ToodleDo for my task management because the toodledo team has zero time, energy, nor ability to keep this product alive in any way. Sorry guys.

EDIT: Subtasks. You guys can’t even support sub-tasks in-line on the iOS app, whereas virtually every other app I’ve seen does this as an entry-level, basic feature.

I’m not going to continue listing the things ToodleDo doesn’t do, but should / I want it to, because I’d be here all day.

Point is: I’m the last person to be Mr. Negativity but I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for literally years and ToodleDo has made it clear they just don’t care about developing this any further at all.

EDIT #2:

ToodleDo team; what does it tell you that you have so, so many people here who have either already moved onto other task managers, or are in the process, yet they STILL come here to practically beg for you to update the app and do something - anything.

I’m not sure if this is unique to ToodleDo or not, but that says a lot about the loyalty you have here and are completely pissing away.

You guys should just sell to another company or other individuals who know how to get things done.


This message was edited Jun 06, 2020.

Posted Mar 10, 2019 in: Daylight Savings = ToodleDo Mess
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Hey, I believe this happens to me twice each year but as I’ve been really loading up my ToodleDo with more & more stuff the past few months, it’s become very painfully clear there is something wrong.

Obviously last night was daylight savings, and today when I open ToodleDo - whether online / browser, iOS, I’ve tried multiple devices, etc.; I have over 300 tasks that are set to recur / repeat by being set as “optionally due on” X date.

Typically, these simply reset themselves each day (the whole point of having the “due optionally on”) but today I’ve got over 300 that are now stuck and set as “optionally due by yesterday” - I have to manually go and select another date, otherwise they will stay stuck that way.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

I’m surprised to see I’m the only question / post about this, from what I can see....

Thank you!

Posted May 22, 2017 in: Server issues May 18, May 22
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Hacked?? You mean my grocery list might be out there in the wild???????


Posted May 22, 2017 in: Server issues May 18, May 22
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Posted by fireworks:
Jake could I put in a suggestion for background syncing in iOS? I don't use Toodledo very often on my iPhone but as soon as I couldn't access Toodledo yesterday I went to my iPhone to do some work and realized that since I hadn't opened it in 3 weeks it was hopelessly out of date.
With background sync we would always have a current backup available for future situations.


I second this, x1,000,000!

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Thanks, hopefully soon!!!

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Your app works on the iPad pro, but the screen resolution is the same as for older / smaller iPads, so it doesn't take advantage of the Pro's much larger screen.
That is what I meant to ask.
Thank you!

Posted Jan 12, 2016 in: Request: Make search bar stick
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I agree - I recently turned on Keyboard shortcuts for the website & it's really nice - much quicker than using your mouse anyway.
Give that a shot. :-)

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I know you generally never comment on timelines, blah, blah, blah....but how soon can you release support for the iPad Pro in your iOS app?
Also any plans to add real background app refresh so I don't have to wait for the app to sync?
Thank you!

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Glad I tested it;

The new app works fine, & looks WAY better on my iPhone 6 Plus running 8.1, but on my iPad running the latest version 8.1.2, the app crashed.

I did the usual reboot my iPad several times, etc. and no dice.

I ended up downgrading the app on my iPad back to whatever was the prior version just before today's update.
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