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Posted Mar 10, 2018 in: From workflow to task list
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Purveyor : "Ideally, the Templates should reside outside of your task list and they should be available when you create a new task, but you can't do this in Toodledo. Not yet, anyway."
I make these Checklist Templates in Tasks (not Outline) with Subtasks and give the entire list a negative priority. They generally remain out of view and surface when I mark them with a star and disappear when I remove the star. One has to be careful not to check them off on completion.
I can always view the checklists in a Custom Saved Search.

Posted Mar 10, 2018 in: Using Start Time to Hide Future Tasks
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Strengthening the TD tags structure (maybe even nested tags) and tag operations would be the single most useful feature. It would allow users to customize their workflow to there hearts desire. Other aspects of TD have been well sorted recently, and further refinement would bring only marginal results.

Come on Jake, help us discover the power of tags in power organizing, searching and sorting.

Posted Mar 10, 2018 in: Current State of 3rd-Party Apps
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Posted by Gnopps:
I've used Ultimate To-do list for Android for years and like it customisation. Since switching phones (to S7) however it keeps losing the sync every few days, meaning tasks are never downloaded from the cloud. To solve I have to reconnect which I guess would be ok every now and then but the problem is that the app gives me no warning when sync has stopped - I usually notice it by having tasks I know should be there that are missing.

My sync on Android 8 via OnePlus3T mobile is rock solid. Kindly post your complaint on the Ultimate To-do list forum as well, so that the developer can look into it.

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Couldn't resist sharing this xkcd cartoon on Workflow as this issue is faced by both users and the developer in Toodledo. I do not mean to misuse the forum -- posted as a one-time exception. Enjoy!

Posted Jan 28, 2018 in: Editing list tags
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Kindly develop a tags manager page for adding, editing and deleting tags. Nested tags would be even better. This would allow users to customize TD as per their needs (more flexibility than fields).

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Posted by shelbyp:
Note that to make a link open in a new window you can just middle-button click the link. I use that functionality all the time. I personally like to have my TD window open all the time so I just middle click any links I add. I prefer it as it is because as Jake correctly points out there is no way except by the default behaviour to force a link to open in the current window, however middle click always opens in a new tab.

I did not know that after so many years using a computer and mouse. Tried it, it works consistently. Live and Learn.
Thanks a ton!

Posted Jan 12, 2018 in: TAG disappears if not on active task...
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Apps like Evernote and Todoist realized long ago that Tags can be the most powerful way of organizing and searching notes and tasks.
This is because they are the only element in the whole structure which allows simultaneous, non-exclusive, multi-categorization of a note/task. They allow you to build up a battery of tags to help organize your tasks (particularly useful when sub-sub-folders are not allowed). Search by tags is most flexible.

I use Purveyors dummy tasks and negative priorities to retain my tags, but it is clumsy workaround.

Tags is one area that needs to be worked on by Toodledo to add power and fluency to Toodledo Tasks. This should be taken up on priority.

Posted Jan 08, 2018 in: Current State of 3rd-Party Apps
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+1 Ultimate To Do Android App for its two way sync and editing with Google Calendar and Persistent Nagging Reminders on mobile devices.

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+1 IMO this is a very basic feature (like gmail allows you to select a number of un-similar items to delete, move, etc.) instead of wracking ones brain how to create a special search (which cant be created most of the time because there is no similarity in the items). Would improve productivity.

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In March 2017 we had a very nice update to the Task section in TD, which customers have since assimilated and appreciated.

What can we expect next (since there is no beta with new features running currently)? Seems awfully quiet.

Areas for development could be :
1. A new field with labels totally customizable by users (that's a big one). Particularly for users who do not use some of the current fields.
2. More functional color and icons.
3. Enhanced integration with IFTTT, Evernote, GDrive, Google Calendar, etc.
4. Thumbnails and Links to Images.
5. A more efficient and convenient Tags operation.

Would be nice to know why we should continue to subscribe to TD going forward, and how our To Do List will be getting better.

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Currently there isn't a way to do so automatically. Checked whether it could be done via IFTTT, but no luck.
Maybe TD could develop an internal conditional IFTTT function in the future. Could put it on their to do list.

Posted Nov 14, 2017 in: Disable Notes auto-edit
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Posted by Jake:
Ahh, I understand now. In the Notes section we do not have auto-save. So, if you click to enter edit mode and then accidentally make a change, you still have to click the "Save" button to save those changes. If you click cancel, or leave the page, or select another note, those changes will be discarded, so its pretty safe. You would have to click to enter edit mode, make an accidental edit and then click the save button.

Two, Three steps to edit and save in TD Notes seems more than enough to avoid accidents. Adding more steps would be ponderous. IMO.

Posted Nov 08, 2017 in: Upcoming Schedule?
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+1 Saved Searches. They are powerful and indispensable. I have a saved search that shows all repeating tasks (only current ones) sorted by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

Repeating tasks are generated only on passing of Due Date or Marked Completion of the task. So in TD you can only see the current ones.

Once TD is linked to my Google Calendar it shows all repeating tasks in the future to infinity, even when I do not want it to. That may be of use to you.
I toggle the TD calendar in GCal on an off as required (so that I do not miss important events, because of the clutter).

Posted Nov 04, 2017 in: Ordering Tasks - Same as subtasks
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Human intervention (manual sorting) is only required in the Today List (I use a custom saved search Today list).
Currently have to hack the TD fields (Location field) to work around this problem, but it is sub-optimum.
One more user customizable field (as an option) would sort out this issue. I don't use the Status and Location fields. If the Status field is made user customizable it would help.

Posted Oct 22, 2017 in: Quick add
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Posted by megblue:
I have tried using the Quick Add feature with /Tuesday (due date) or /Events (Folder) but neither works. My entry title comes out as
"stop mail delivery /Tuesday" or "Joye birthday party/Events" but the date and folder are both blank.

Am I doing something wrong?

I was having the same problem until I added a space after my task. Only then will the popup with blue information come up and context relevant info.
Add a space after your task, between the task title and the /

Posted Oct 16, 2017 in: Number of tasks displayed
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+1 I use custom searches on Desktop and Android so would want to know that one of the settings is not hiding some of the tasks on one of the devices. Instead of repeatedly scrolling down to check the number of tasks in a list, it would be great if it is shown upfront. Thanks.

Score: 2
The first requirement of a ToDo system is that it should be reliable not only in storing and processing ones tasks, but also alerting us at the right time (and taking human frailty into account - nagging us to complete the job).

Currently : TD makes a sound and inserts a notification (which is sometimes overlooked if one is busy or the mobile is on silent).

Consequence : We miss doing an urgent task at the appropriate time (window of opportunity) required. We therefore cant rely on the TD system.

Need : An audible Popup that requires human interaction to remove + a “snooze” repeat feature + nagging reminder activated at intervals I can set until I ask it to stop, on both my windows desktop and on my android phone.
Ideally this should be an option in Settings or user selected for certain tasks.

Why : It should nag me, so that the people in my life do not have to and I can get more done. Most humans require a couple or more reminders before they can get a task done.

Posted Sep 09, 2017 in: Android App Synching constantly
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I have shifted from using 'Ultimate To Do' app to the native TD app as it has improved a lot. However there is one bugbear.
I have set the Synching to every hour but the app keeps doing some data processing or synching every time I make any change in data. I thus have to constantly wait after making minor changes.
I use a One Plus 3T mobile with Nougat, which should have enough internal processing speed not to hang each time.

Posted Sep 09, 2017 in: About manual sorting
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TDs intelligent sorting is fine for 95% of the database except the Hotlist. No one can realistically manually sort hundreds of tasks so TDs intelligent sorting by the importance algorithm is fine.
It is only in the Hotlist, where the rubber actually meets the road, and there are only 10 to 20 tasks to be done today or tomorrow that I require greater human control.
There are some tasks that I must or would like to do first thing in the morning and others later on in the afternoon, evening or night. Rather then expending time and energy repeatedly evaluating and deciding what to do next from a list of 30 items each time I see my list, if I sort them with an intelligent and realistic 'order of doing' the previous night, I can just quickly get down to the task of doing them and ticking them off.
I use custom saved searches, and have tried using Tags and Start Date Times to mimic the above but these fields take too long to enter, and tags bunches up the tasks if there is more than one tag.
My current way around is to hijack and use the Location field (since I don't use it for location reminders) with numbers and 'morning', 'evening', and 'tomorrow' to mimic a manual sort. Would like something simpler though without using a hack. Cheers!

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Posted Aug 24, 2017 in: About manual sorting
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I tried Tags and sorting by date and time, but they take too much effort and time.
I dont use the Location field for Location reminders (and moved some regular Locations to Context) so that I can use the Location field for manually sorting only my Custom Saved Hotlist tasks.
I use a mix of numbers from 1 to 4, and other categories like "morning, evening, tomorrow, this week" to manually sort my Hotlist into an order of doing.
Would prefer another custom sorting field, but I make do.

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