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Christoph Dollis

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Hi Jake,

In the Beta Android App, both on Lollipop and Marshmellow, Saved Searches are awesome to have (thank you for rolling this out!), however, aren't behaving as expected.

Specifically, I have had Saved Searches for a long time on the Web version and iOS app set up as follows:

Today & Tomorrow
Today & Two Days
All Tasks

... as well as:


These time-based save searches are hugely useful, as I end up with lists automatically created for all these time-frames without having to specifically create them as such. It's all based on the task's Start Date, as suggested by Michael Linenberger.

Anyway, in the Android App, what I am noticing is that with show "Future Tasks" checked, ALL tasks are displayed regardless of which of these Saved Searches I select. This is also true in the Android Widget. The only workaround is to unselect show "Future Tasks" within the app, which defeats the purpose of and convenience of these Saved Searches.

So, in short, rules to only display a given timeframe of tasks in a Saved Search are not respected in the both Android App and Widget, but are in the Web App and iOS App.

I hope this can be fixed, and thanks again for putting Saved Searches on Android!

P.S. I thought that was it, but looking further, I see that EVERY Saved Search I have, even those that are based on keywords, etc., show ALL my tasks, even though they should show far less. So it seems that Saved Searches on Android don't work yet. I assume my experience isn't unique and you're aware of it, and the Saved Searches on Android are just a placeholder for what will be functional Saved Searches in the nearish future? Please correct me if I'm wrong, and this is a genuine bug!
Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 13, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Posted by Jake:
Anyone who wants to be a beta tester should sign up here:

We'll send out an announcement when its time to test. Shouldn't be much longer now.

Done. I hope one of the things I get to Beta test soon is Saved Searches on Android!
Christoph Dollis

Posted Aug 31, 2016 in: Android Update 5.8
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Posted by e20.09g:
It's disappointing that Toodledo app on Android doesn't support saved searches.
Toodledo does saved searches EXTRAORDINARILY well on the web app and iOS app both. It is indeed regrettable that Saved Searches are not also on the widely used Android app! If that could be added, it would further add to the appeal and usability of Toodledo a lot, in my opinion.

I switched over to Android mostly so I don't have to drop a grand or so anytime I lose my phone or it gets damaged. I'm sure a lot of people must use Toodledo on Android, and MORE people would use it on Android if Saved Searches were there!

I.e., more revenue for Toodledo ... and happiness amongst its expanded subscriber base.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Aug 30, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Please add saved searches to the Android app. Android is huge and growing and Toodledo does saved searches better than anybody. However, more and more work is done on mobile, not desktop.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Nov 22, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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Posted by SES21:
Posted by Jake:
SNIP ... We may make the default size taller in the future, but in the meantime, in all web browsers except Internet Explorer, you can resize the note editing text box to be whatever size you want by dragging the bottom right corner of the box.

You can resize it to be whatever height you want, not size. Any chance of making it so we can truly resize it wider & not just taller? I know what you said about long text boxes & all that but the small edit box still drives me nuts! That bottom right corner of the box trick normally goes both directions but not in this case...

It normally does go both directions. I can understand why the default size is narrow for the reasons Jake gives, but the ability to do what Chrome normally allows and make the box wider seems to offer no notable downsides and give upsides to those; like myself, SES21, and others; who want this normal functionality.

Now, this isn't necessarily my hugest priority, but it seems quite important to SES21, and I also do this sometimes. Maybe there's some big downside that I'm missing, but it was nice to be able to edit large notes in a wider field before.

Christoph Dollis

Posted Nov 18, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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Posted by c5000nc:

Because the width of Notes in Edit mode was severely reduced, along with the various bars at the top, only about 50% of my screen is available to edit Notes.

This has become very frustrating when editing longer, more complicated notes of Tasks. I'm constantly scrolling up and down to see my work.

Reducing the % of the screen available to edit Notes was not a step forward.

Will we be given a higher % of our screen to work with when editing Notes within Tasks?

Thank you.

Yes, this is a great point!
Christoph Dollis

Posted Nov 10, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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Posted by dave.erwin:
Posted by Christoph Dollis:
Adding multiple tasks.

What do you mean by this? I greatly prefer adding multiple tasks using the Quick Add Task button. Please elaborate.

I greatly preferring adding multiple tasks by the Add Tasks button, which allows you to add an entire list, and also set properties for all tasks in a single go.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Nov 10, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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Adding multiple tasks.
Christoph Dollis

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Excellent update! Thank you so much for the new schedules in particular, and I think I might even use the alarms (try it, anyway!).

However that, a badge would be even better than alarms (both on the web version and iOS version). Because we may not do a "habit" at exactly the same time, or even close to that time, but want to do it, say, daily. The badge lets us know at a glance if any habits are remaining.

Any chance this is on your radar as something to do?

Ah, I see now that there's a badge from within Habits view. So that's the right idea, a few steps in the right direction from a good Habits capability to an even better one. Yet where the badge would be far more useful is if it could be seen in the Tasks view!

Similarly, in the iOS and Android mobile apps. It would also be a good option for "app badge icon" and even "favicon badge" for the website.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Nov 08, 2015 in: Android Update 5.8
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This looks like a great update. Thank you.

I'm sure it's on your To-Do list, but just wanted to express my enthusiasm for Saved Searches on Android. This is the main reason I'm holding off upgrading my old iPhone. I want to move to Android like a lot of people, but Saved Searches are a big (and appreciated!) part of my workflow.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 27, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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Posted by Olivir2015:
@Christoph In the meantime, as a workaround, you can enable keyboard shortucts and then just press n for the same form to appear.

Yes, thank you for the suggestion. I could do that, but in fact I don't like memorizing the keyboard shortcuts for several different web products. I get confused, and it takes mental RAM I can put to better use. So, I use the mouse, and expect the main-used functions to be on the left, like where almost every top web company puts them—as kmasters9 astutely said above.

I appreciate your suggestion, but this is actually very annoying. I mean, look at the feedback and thumbs up for it all above!
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 27, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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"Use the "Quick Add" box to add a task, which is in the same place it has always been, on the left."

No, this doesn't make sense. Why are the Quick Add and regular add on different parts of the screen!?

More importantly, I use Toodledo for a reason. That would be its sorting capability. That's the main reason I pay for it, to get the third sort. When I add tasks, I have to set properties for it to sort properly in my system—the whole and only reason I use and recommend Toodledo.

If I can't set priority, etc., start date, and what have you, context, and so on, right away, then it doesn't work for me. I don't go around filtering task lists regularly! It already sorts the way I want and have painstakingly set up.

The button should be on the left. The left is the action area whether of a task list or even advertising (every ad rep knows this). "Add Task" is kind of core functionality.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 27, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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This is a serious downgrade!

I check off tasks on the left, click on note icons, clone tasks, etc., etc., etc., Why in heck do I want to move all the way to the right of the screen to add tasks?

This makes no sense at all. With all due respect, it doesn't.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 06, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)
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Speaking of icons, under the Eye icon on the Calendar view, there are checkmarks beside Starting,In Progress, etc., in that submenu. If you're going with the eye open/close icons under that submenu for Negative Tasks, Future Tasks, etc., you may want to keep that consistent.

Just a tiny design point, but it makes sense to me.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 06, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)
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Actually, no. More.

Show task details should be brought under the eye icon, along with close/open dividers. (Although if the show task details had its own icon, that would be even better, in my opinion, but I understand if you're trying to reduce the size taken up in order to make this mobile friendly).

Grid and multiline view could replace the current dropdown icon at the far right. It could be a single icon which changes depending on state. So, if in grid view, the multiline icon shows; or, if multiline view, the grid icon shows. That way no additional real estate is required.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 06, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)
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The placement is good, the idea is good, the only thing is, maybe, the sort icons stand out a bit overmuch. Perhaps their color scheme should be reversed to fit in with the breadcrumb bar.

I.e., dark icons with a transparent background, vs. light icons with a dark blue background.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Oct 06, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I just started using Toodledo's Habits again. They're great.

Incidentally, this book, Mini Habits, is one of the two best books I've ever red in my life (and his other, newer book How to Be an Imperfectionist, is just as good: it is the second of the two best books in my life. Interestingly, in both books, the author, Stephen Guise, refers to what used to be the best book I've ever red in my life, and have called such for fifteen years! That can't be a coincidence. He "gets it" when it comes to helping people, starting with himself when he needed it, quickly make rapid, lasting changes).

All three books have profound, and easy, psychological insights that are practical to put into use, literally overnight. Like, for real. Anyway, if you're interested in habit development, Mini Habits is the book to read. Toodledo works well in logging them.

A couple things that would be nice from Toodledo are weekly habits, as has been mentioned and acknowledged as a good idea by everyone (Mini Habits has room for weekly habits within its suggestions), and a badge for the website's favicon, website's Habits tab, mobile app's icon, and mobile app's Habits tab, for Habits still remaining in the inbox. I realize creating these badges may involve a bit of work, but they would prevent the necessity of duplicate entering habits as repeating tasks, or not being sure if today's habits had all been completed. It would be a killer app, this way, and is such a differentiator—when combined with outstanding sorting abilities (and pretty, new design)—that it would be way ahead of other task-management apps.

But still, it works quite well for Habits even now, and I'm glad it is implemented in Toodledo!

P.S. If anyone buys Mini Habits, you'll notice that it is extremely inexpensive on Kindle. Add the Audible narration, which is very, very professionally done and red by a speaker with an outstanding voice for a few bucks more and you won't be disappointed. It's WhisperSync enabled, so keeps on the correct page whether listening or reading. The How to Be an Imperfectionist book (these are not affiliate links: I make no money off of them) is also economical, and the Audible version, with WhisperSync, is fantastic.

Combined, for both Kindle ebooks and both Audible audio books, they're the best $11 I ever spent!

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 28, 2015 in: New Icons
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Thank you so much for returning to "hollow/outline" icons for unstarred and no notes. This makes it possible to use Toodledo when using f.lux's "darkroom mode". I.e., red and black. Also, I like having more tasks on the screen. I think you've done a great job with this improvement!

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 23, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 2)
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Posted by CharleneTX:
To change the dividers I now have to move my mouse to the far right of the screen....


Actually, it's a bit more than that. There are still tons of things to do in the dark blue icon bar (show/hide, sort, etc.) and we're used to working in there. The only time I go to the top right is if I need to go change a setting. But now, to actually work with the tasks, we have to go to the top right part, so there's a whole new part of the screen to think about interacting with regularly. That seems to me the opposite of streamlining workflow and reducing decision fatigue.

I guess visually it's slightly less cluttered, but even there, there's now another icon top right, so it isn't even much less visually cluttered. Charlene said well what I was thinking about, but couldn't find the words for.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 2)
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Posted by GSP1963:
This is the first change to the UI that I'm questioning. Personally, if the Dividers control and the Memo View control are going to be moved, I'd prefer they be moved into the Show dropdown. Both of these functions are a natural for that menu. I'd suggest something like the following:

SHOW (dropdown arrow)

( ) Expand all
( ) Collapse all

( ) Show
( ) Hide

Task Types
( ) Completed Tasks
( ) Negative Priority Tasks
( ) Future Tasks

( ) Inline ( ) Hidden ( ) Indented

Tags: None All Invert
( ) Tag 1
( ) Tag 2
( ) Tag 3

This makes sense.
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