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I've too made a suggestion via Support Ticket to change the grey circle with a white chevron inside (the current design) to the simple grey chevron, just like the ones in the Breadcrumbs area. This is a design element that carries absolutely no value added information about the task, it's just a menu control, and it should be as visually unobtrusive as possible.

So instead of this

( V )

use just this


I see no reason for it to be highlighted at all, but if you absolutely must highlight it on mouse over, just use a thicker grey chevron. Don't have a large grey circle turning into a large blue circle, it screams for visual attention and it doesn't need that attention.

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Posted Sep 11, 2015 in: Tags in hotlist ?
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I find tags to be the quickest and simplest way to quickly organize tasks by when I want to work on them (This Week, Next Week, This month, future, with Star being Today / Next).

It also works very well with Pocket Informant which I use both on Android and iOS.

It's much easier, especially on a phone or tablet, to quickly assign or reassign Tags as opposed to start / due dates.

However, there seems to be no way to use it in the Hotlist.

Ideally I'd set up hotlist in this way / order:

1) Starred tasks
2) Tasks due today
3) Tasks starting today (not overdue or in process, just start date - this is a reminder more than anything)
2) Tasks due in the next 7 days (including overdue)
3) Tasks meeting the specific tag filter (e.g. "This week" or "This week" + "Next Week").

With most tasks not being assinged a date unless there's a real due date or I want to be reminded on a date.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to filter tasks in Toodledo except the most basic and primitive.

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I know how to set up a shortcut in Outlook to point to the task list in Toodledo.

However when I try to point it to a specific folder, I am getting all sorts of script errors and half the time I get bumped back to the menu.

Is there a way to have it open a specific folder ?

Posted Aug 25, 2015 in: OneNote
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Perhaps this could be done with a 3rd party plugin that syncs Outlook with Toodledo. Onenote on the desktop creates Outlook tasks.

About the only other way would be to email the task to Toodledo.

And yes I'd love to have OneNote integration in one way or another but that depends on MS more than TD.

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Please consider adding a visual clue that a task's start date has been triggered (i.e. it's today or in the past). Similar to how it's done for the due date. Probably the simplest way is to make it's start date font italic once it's triggered.

Posted Aug 19, 2015 in: Todoist vs Toodledo -- Why I'm back.
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Toodledo graphics suck. Plain and simple. Which likely costs them first time users. Toodledo folks need to get some of the Wunderlist graphic designers ;)

I tried Todoist and Wunderlist at least a couple times and I just can't get past the lack of functionality. There's really very little to distinguish them vs Google Tasks. No Start date is the biggest killer for me. Most of my work related tasks take more than a couple hours to complete and often require 2-3 days to complete, with breaks for meetings etc. so it's vital that I can schedule both the start date and the due date for each task based on the amount of work it may require.

The lack of "Today" feature (e.g. Starred tasks) is another thing. I want to set a list of 2-4 tasks that I will work on today regardless of their due dates, and star is a perfect use for this. Wunderlist has this feature but I don't believe Todoist does.

Another big advantage of Toodledo is the Pocket Informant sync, which along with Notes helps me maintain both my task lists and my plain text notes on any of iOS or Android devices I use. I actually moved all of my notes from Simple Note to Toodledo because of this (now I only need one program instead of two on each device).

What Toodledo suffers from is the ugly GUI as mentioned above, the disconnect between different modules (can't link notes to tasks, can't create tasks from outlines), and some functionality quirks (can't export plaintext notes in plaintext format, can create a task by email but can't create a note by email - you'd think this should actually be easier).

Posted Aug 13, 2015 in: Why no plaintext export of notes ?
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That's quite a chore when you have many files and want to transfer them to computer that can't access TD directly. Or just have a local backup that can be used by programs other than Excel.

It would be really helpful if TD notes synced to something like Dropbox, Simplenote, QuickFox etc.

Posted Aug 12, 2015 in: Why no plaintext export of notes ?
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Unless I am really missing the obvious, there seems to be no way to export Notes as individual plaintext files. This seems to be a rather glaring omission for what's essentially a plaintext records database.

Posted Aug 03, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Being able to email to notes would be a huge improvement.

It's often that we need to take quick notes on the fly, at different locations etc, and want them to be synced across different devices and networks.

There's many different ways to do that, like Evernote or Onenote. But they are often just too much, too full featured, too elaborate for a quick snippet of information, and sometimes take too long to start on older devices.

Toodledo notes are very simple and accessible from any of these devices.

However, adding a note takes a few extra steps. It would be great if some existing text could simply be emailed.

Right now I just email as task and then when I have time copy it to note. Would be great if I could just specify that emailed text goes into a note.

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Adding lists is a very welcome development, but it is unfortunately incomplete without automatic sum addition, I assume this is coming in a future release ?

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Android - Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0, Toodledo v5.8.1 (132)

iPad - Mini Retina running iOS 8.3, Toodledo 3.2.14 (5031)

It happens the same way on both devices - actually I grabbed the phone after experiencing this on iPad.

I have a simple checklist (packing list) from my old trip.

I duplicate it and try to edit some items.

A lot of times - roughly a third of all edits - I click "save" and the edit is not reflected. I.e. I end up at the "old" outline..

Now, to be fair, this is the 2nd time I ever used Outline, perhaps I am doing something wrong. But it seems as a straightforward enough function.

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I use Toodledo on my Android phone and iPad.

On *both* devices, editing an item title & clicking "save" (iPad) or the green checkmark (Android) results in nothing happening about 1/3rd of times.

I.e. if I clone a checklist and then try to make some changes, about third of all changes have to be repeated twice.

This is very frustrating.

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This only works for a Google Apps account, not a regular GMail account, correct ?

Posted Jun 12, 2015 in: Family plan subscription
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Wunderlist Free allows attachments up to 5mb per task.

I prefer Toodledo overall and my business files tend to be huge anyway, but WL free could just work for you.

Posted Jun 11, 2015 in: Basic needs not addressed in any apps
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PI does have notes, contacts, todos and calendar events integrated into one app.

I personally did not have any stability issues with it. I've been using PI since my Pocket PC days. Every time I get a different OS device I try something else and end up buying yet another PI incarnation.

PI for iOS is very good, probably the best PI version. It syncs with Reminders, it syncs with Toodledo, it syncs with Google tasks, it syncs with Evernote. I use it on my iPad Mini Retina without any issues. It was a bit slow on iPhone 4s. However, a couple weeks ago I upgraded to an Android phone (Galaxy S5) and yet again, after trying a number of different calendars, ended up spending money on PI. My problem with PI for Android is the interface design, it looks rather dated, compared to the iOS version. But functionality can't be beat. Most of the other calendars out there either don't have a concept of tasks at all (in our day and age, a total idiocy) or they only sync with Google Tasks - a very basic and boring task manager.

And thanks to PI I can now use Toodledo to replace Simplenote for quick text notes. The Toodledo app isn't that good for it because there's a few extra steps involved before you can start typing (it opens in Tasks, then I have to tap Notes, tap new note, add title, only then I can start typing the text). After I set PI to sync notes with Toodledo, all I have to do is select a "new note" from PI widget, and start typing away. I think it works the same way in iOS (don't have my iPad near me at the moment).

Posted Jun 03, 2015 in: Quicker notes
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For reference, I just found that Pocket Informant for Android does this already - if Toodledo is set as the default Notes sync account in PI, you can start a new note from PI widget, start typing right away in the Note body, close the note (it has the Title field but you don't have to type anything in it) and it will automatically create note Title from the first line.

Since this was the only thing that was missing for me from Toodledo, I just migrated all of my text notes from Simplenote to Toodledo.

Still, since not everyone is going to spend $10 on PI, it would be great if Toodledo for Android had this option (start a quick note straight from icon or widget, that you can just begin typing in without worrying about title).

Posted Jun 02, 2015 in: Create task from text selected in note
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It would be extremely useful if we had an option to create a task from text selected in the notes. E.g. via a long-press in iOS or Android, or a menu item in Web client.

Posted Jun 02, 2015 in: Email a note ?
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Is it possible to email a note to Toodledo the way we can email tasks ?

If not please consider this a feature request !

Posted Jun 02, 2015 in: Quicker notes
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I use Simplenote because it lets me to just start typing.

I'd much rather keep all of my notes in Toodledo but having to type the title and the note in two separate field is just too slow.

Please consider an option to copy the first line of the note into title field automatically.

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I set up a folder in Outlook, using info from this forum, to provide web "slim" view access to Toodledo. This way I don't have to keep both my browser and Outlook open.

However, I can't seem to find a way to open the particular folder that has my business tasks. Using the shortcut from the browser does not work.

Setting "start in folder view" gives me folders list.

Trying to use regular (non-slim) web interface from within Outlook results in corrupted view.

Can anyone tell me if I can set up a shortcut directly to that folder ?
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