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Posted Apr 22, 2015 in: Color by folder
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I keep Work and Personal tasks in different folders. It would be great if in the browser app tasks in different folders (or with different tags) could be assigned different color for quick reference in Main view.

Posted Apr 22, 2015 in: Basic needs not addressed in any apps
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Pocket Informant does much of what you are looking for. It has a "Focus" view that can be programmed to only show (below calendar meetings) tasks that are due today, tasks that start today, and starred tasks. Or any combination of these.

Unfortunately, I am still on an ancient iPhone 4S and PI takes a few extra seconds to start. So I went with PlanBe that is considerably faster. It does not unfortunately allow filtering or starred tasks. My way around it was to use Priority (which I rarely use anyway) to bring the tasks that I plan on working on next to the top of the list.

If you tried both apps and neither worked for you, I'm afraid that's it.

I strongly agree, though, that all timed events - meetings, appointments, tasks with date assigned - belong in one Calendar view, and there should be a simple way to focus on Today's events. Unfortunately most calendar software makers don't seem to grasp this very basic concept.

Posted May 14, 2014 in: Question on the limits of free account
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Had a TD account for a while but haven't really been using it until very recently. A simple question - according to the info on TD page these are the free account limitations:

30 Items per List
30 Items per Outline
Simple Alarms
1 Week History
2 Support Tickets

Are there any limits on the # of tasks, notes, outlines or lists ?

Thanks !
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