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Posted May 28, 2011 in: Frustrated attempting to use Palm TX
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Before I stopped using my own Palm T|X, I believe I was syncing with Outlook rather than Palm's software. Outlook would then sync with Toodledo.

That being said - I'm on an iPod Touch now, and it works great. Toodledo is available for iOS devices.

I suggest getting a modern device; they're every bit as functional as an old Palm device.

Move all of the PIM stuff to Outlook, then move it to a new device. That's my advice.

Posted May 28, 2011 in: Different statuses
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I dunno about anybody else, but the current "status" field doesn't really suit my way of thinking about my TODO list.

At my work, we use a system whereby there are statuses like "Work in progress" and "Scheduled." I find it to work well.

In Toodledo, I have "planning," "postponed," "waiting," and "someday."

When I have something scheduled, is it:

-Planning? Not really, as I've already planned it.

-Postponed? Not really, because it's probably on time, it's just not happening right now.

-Waiting? Maybe, but "waiting" tends to imply I'm waiting on somebody else, not necessarily waiting for the right time.

-Someday? Not really, as I take that to be an indefinite wait rather than a scheduled wait.

It's a rather minor thing I guess, as I suppose I can just use "waiting" for scheduled stuff and "hold" when I'm waiting for somebody else. But it would be nice if we could customize our statuses for our own workflow.
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